Advanced PPC Campaign and Landing Page Optimization to Increase Leads and Sales

If you are searching how to optimize the landing pages for Google ads and how to optimize Campaigns for better ROI, then read the following tips below. I have shared here for my one of the client. Hope you like it and optimize your landing page and campaign too.

Advanced PPC Campaign and Landing Page Optimization to Increase Leads and Sales

So, Let's start here: 

According to my experience, I have analyzed the following points that should be implemented in the website and Ads campaigns.

Changes in the Landing page –

(As we know that Landing pages have a big role to generate leads, if our landing page is not user friendly and full of services Information then our campaign budget will waste without any conversion, If the landing page has no relevant keywords in the title, heading tag and web content then we could not achieve good ads quality and we know well, how much important quality score for our ads ranking.

Advanced PPC Campaign and Landing Page Optimization to Increase Leads and Sales

The following point I have noticed in your campaign: 

  1. The landing page (https:/ is not well designed for customers' (Users) point of view. Instead of it, we can use the home page ( as the landing page. Because customers might have different choices of services. And Google also give preference to low CTR Landing page
  2. You can also add a live chat facility on the landing page. It helps customers to ask (FAQ) questions. And highly chances to convert in real leads.
  3. On the current landing page, only contact forms available in the header area, it should be also in the footer area. 
  4. I want to give examples of landing pages that I used for the campaign, You can see full of call to action buttons, like the contact form (header & footer) phone call button (Header and footer area)  in the Mobile version, and desktop version (,  

Note: Whatsapp and Chat facility depends on business and client; if he wishes to chat and respond on Whatsapp then we should add, otherwise not. 

Now Some Important settings in the Campaign which help to increase ads quality score and traffic in minimum CPC

  1. Need to add some more generic keywords which are more search volume. 
  2. Use DKI (Dynamic keywords Insertion) method in Ads title and description, it increases the ads quality score and decreases the CPC rate. It dynamically changes the keywords in the title and description as customer search queries.  It helps to improve ads quality score
  3. Use Ads Customizer – If we have target more cities in one ads campaign then we can use ads customizer, it dynamically changes the city name in the title of the ad. It also helps to improve ads quality scores.
  4. We can also use scripting code to change dynamically title and heading tag on our landing page.  It helps to increase ads quality. 
  5. Use all types of Ads extension as much as possible on account base, campaign base, or Ad group base, it helps to increase ads quality score.  

Note: As we know that ads quality is very helpful to decrease CPC rate and increase ad position. 

How to Reduce Cost/ Conversion (CPA optimization)

How to Reduce Cost/ Conversion (CPA optimization)

We do the following things to optimize CPA

  1. Analyze the location - See which location CPA is high, and then go to the city postal code option and choose the highest CPA postal code and (Exclude) block them. In this way, you can reduce the CPA
  2. Analyze Demographic Data- it is very important to optimize demographics data. It depends on business types. Select the age groups which have the lowest conversion and highest CPA and exclude that age group, you can also do bid adjustment (increase 30-50 %) on performing and lowest CPA age group.

Note- Please takes care- Sometimes 18-24 and 25-35 Age groups have minimum CPA. But leads quality is not good always. It depends on business type, so it is important to take feedback to the client about leads quality

Target Audience-  Audience is very important for us, it is very important to target relevant audiences according to business type.

  1. According to business, we can target, in-market audience, Affinity audience, and Combined Audience our campaign.
  2. If we have good website visitors of Google ads, and Organic then we can also target our audience list as re-marketing 
  3. We can create our audience on topic base, search keywords base, and placement base, so it depends on business types.

Note- We should create separate ads groups for different audiences and analysis them regularly basis of 7 days data, 15 days data, 1-month data, or more. Who performs well, then continue on that ad group. 

Some Advance tips: 

Tips to optimize Google campaign

  1. If you want to target epic location then set geofencing  (longitude and latitude)location targeting
  2. Block the IP which is fake
  3. We must analyze the campaign Auction insights data on different levels, like campaign, Ads group, and keywords, and do some changes where ever required. We can also analyze our competitor data through Auction insight. 
  4. We should analyze our keywords search terms and find out the unwanted keywords list and block them.
  5. Do the AB testing of the landing page, audience, and ad copy, if required 
  6. Take care of bid strategies, if we create a new campaign then we should keep manual bidding, after 50 to 100 conversions, we can choose smart bidding like CPA, Maximize click, Maximize Conversion, ROAS, etc.  It can depend on campaign type and campaign conversion history, so do the best bidding which is best suitable for you.
  7. Adjust CPC on the device level, age group level, location level, audience level; increase the bid which is profitable, and providing more conversion in the lowest amount.
  8. Don’t forget to use Phrase match keywords (if you have a low budget then never use broad match keywords)
  9. Don’t forget to analyze regular basis on Ads performance reports. 
  10. Analysis of campaign is not for a 1-time job, we should analysis regular basis, like weekly, fortnightly monthly and all times performance. We should do the changes where ever required. 
  11. We should also take advantage of Google opportunities/suggestions/recommendations (optimization score). But sometimes we should not do according to Google recommendations.

Hope you like the above points for analysis of the Google campaign, Rest of the things depend on business types, campaign type location, and budget.

Apart from Google, We can generate quality leads from Facebook and LinkedIn also. 

Facebook and LinkedIn Lead quantity and quality also depend on the following things.

1. Ad copy

2. Headlines

3. Call to action button

4. Landing page (if campaign type is Traffic)

5. Ads Creative (Image)

6. Most important target audience. 

7. We can set target audience on the basis of demographic, interest, and Behavior (there are various types of audiences in these groups)

8. We can create our audience like – Custom Audience, Lookalike Audience, Special Ad audience

9. If we want to improve leads quality then we can add custom questions in the contact form (As required). it helps us to generate quality leads.

10. The result types depend on business requirements, so we set up the campaign according to our client's budget and needs.

Note: if you wish to ask me anything in detail about Facebook and LinkedIn Ads, we will discuss them on the call.