8 Tips For Innovative Web Design To Increase Your Conversion Rate

 Web designing is a vital aspect of web development. Designers and Web design agencies work on the appearance, layout and other features of a website that directly influence the experience of customers. So, web design plays a significant role in improving the conversion rate of every business. A high conversion rate dictates the success of your business and vice versa. But, before starting designing your website you need to know the ways of increasing the conversion rate. 

Tips For Innovative Web Design To Increase Your Conversion Rate

What Is Conversion Rate? 

As a business owner, you may have the aim of convincing your users to buy any product or service or letting them leave their contact details. But how do you measure the success of your business objectives? The answer is conversion rate. It indicates the number of visitors who have completed your desired action out of the total number of visitors on your website. Therefore, improving the conversion rate needs knowledge and skill that you will know in this article. 

8  Website Designing Tips To Increase Your Conversion Rate:- 

1. Use Big Bold Typography:- Typography becomes the Identity of a brand. Hence, choosing the right kind of typography is necessary to grab the attention of customers. You can use bold letters as customers to read and understand the message effortlessly. It has been a trend for a long time in the market. As first impressions matter, you can start working on the typography to make it alluring for visitors. 

2. Remove Multiple Calls To Action:- Paradox of choice brings confusion for people. Customers can not make decisions quickly and this, in turn, leads to frustration. So, having multiple calls to action buttons is not necessary to improve the conversion rate. Rather you can remove a few of them or rearrange them to help your customers in reaching a possible solution. 

3. Optimising The Functionality Of Your Website:- Having less attention span of the consumers have become a matter of concern for business owners. Therefore, you need to be efficient enough in designing your website. Make sure the speed of the website is good so that users can get a potential solution without leaving your page. There are a few free tools that can help you to improve the functionality of your website. Otherwise, a top web design agency can make it easy for you. 

Tips For Innovative Web Design To Increase Your Conversion Rate

4. Show More Product/Service Images:- Images and screenshots of your products and services can help your visitors in making purchasing decisions. This can give them the look of the product. In addition, customers get attached to the products and emotions emotionally. That's why show more products and services on your landing page. Your visitors will know the new products easily. Enhancing the engagement will help to improve your conversion rate. 

5. Provide Lots Of Whitespaces:- Clutter disturbs the visitors. They can turn to another website quickly if you do not provide white spaces. So the mantra should be to make your site simple yet effective without any clutter. Users will get space to pause, think and analyse before purchasing a product or service. 

6. Fix Navigation:- Designers usually do not focus on fixing the navigation of a website. But, it is very important for improving the conversion rate. After setting the business objectives, you need to fix the navigation. This will help your visitors know where they are and where they could go. Focus on the grouping of similar products and services. Customers will be happy visiting this kind of sorted navigation of your site. 

7. Do Not Miss Out On Social Proof:- Social proves to act like magic to draw the attention of your visitors. When new visitors get to read the experience of your earlier visitors, they can get a glimpse of the quality of the brand. In addition, this will help in building trust.

8. Video Landing Pages:- Texts and images attract customers. But, nowadays videos work well for this purpose. Visitors will like it if you use video landing pages. You will be able to stand out in the market effectively using the video landing pages. 

Conclusion:- In short, website design is very crucial in increasing your business success. You can file the steroid we have discussed in this article. There are website design agencies in the market. If it is challenging for you, you can take help from them. 

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Hermit Chawla is a Marketing Manager at Sprak Design. He would love to share thoughts on Web Design Company India, Lifestyle Design, Branding Firm, Exhibition design etc.