Top 500 High DA & PA Profile Creation Sites List 2020 With Page Rank

We have shared here high DA and PA Do-follow Profile Creation Site List of 2020. You can create your profile and share your Article, Pr Release, Blog, Document, Video, Image and bookmark your link on these sites for creating link building for your business websites.

As you know that high-quality do-follow backlinks are very important for website ranking in search results like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. So just you have to sign up and verify your email to create a profile on these sites list. You can share the relevant information long and short, video or audio is supported.

How to Use Advance URL Option at Account Level in Adwords

Do you know how to set up the Tracking Template advance option in Google AdWords at the account level? Lest see here how to set up and how to track information in Google analytics. We have shared step by step guide to using Advance URL option in Google Adwords Account on a group level, Campaign level, and Account level.

Most of the guy knows only track the on ad group level and campaign level but here I will share to setup account level tracking. It is very important for interview point of view. So you must know about setup advance URL option tracking in Adwords account. 

How to Use Advance URL Option at Account Level in Adwords

It is some technical setting in Adwords account and Google Analytics account because the result is shown in Google Analytics so you have to do the following setting to track the information.

Step by Step Guide to Create Gmail Ads in Google Adwords

Here a full guide on how to create a Gmail ad in Google Adwords and how to target the audience and how to bid.

Create Gmail ads

Gmail ads are shown at the top of your inbox tabs. Some of these ads are expandable. When you click one of these ads, it may expand into an email-sized ad with videos and images. This expandable format can help you meet different advertising goals. When someone clicks an expandable ad, the following clicks on the expanded content are free.

This article tells you how to create Gmail ads, and set bids for them. It also includes information about how to measure your results in reporting.
Advanced users may want to jump to Create Gmail ads with custom HTML.

Full Guide to Create Video Ads in Google Adwords Account

If you want to promote your services and products on the youtube platform then Google provides a video ads campaign for it. to see a full guide about Video ads here step by step.

Create a video campaign

Video ads are an exciting way to reach and engage your audience on YouTube and across the web. You can create and manage your campaigns in Google Ads, using the “Video” campaign type.
This article explains the steps you’ll need to follow to set up a video campaign and ad group.

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