Benefits of Working with a Remote Team

There was a time when having an office was considered a pre-requisite for running a business. An office or a physical space where people from your team could be housed and they would carry out business activities from there. 

You as an entrepreneur would of course visit from time to time to check on how everything was going. That seemed an ideal way to run a business at least back in the 20th century when almost every serious business had an office.

Working with a Remote Team

However in the 20th century today, the concept of a physical office and physical teams is up for disruption. Thanks to the advancement in technology, you don’t need to have a physical office space. You can hire remote workers, communicate virtually using digital means. 

Sounds too good to be true? Well…it is! All you need is an active internet connection, a fully functional modern laptop or computer and some tools in place to make it easier. That’s it! 

Where to Hire a Virtual Personal Assistant

If you are a CEO, you’re probably familiar or have been in a situation where you have too much to do with too little time. You are so caught up with mundane administrative tasks that often the more productive tasks take a backseat. That’s where a Virtual Personal Assistant fills in.

Virtual Personal Assistants are pretty much like your regular employees or your regular PA only virtually. They can help you with a variety of tasks like scheduling appointments, managing emails, taking calls on your behalf, travel bookings and a host of other administrative tasks that a CEO may not have time for.

Virtual Personal Assistant

 A lot of CEOs and entrepreneurs I know understand and feel the need to hire a Virtual PA but very few are ready to take the leap.

Thoughts like “it’s difficult to find the right person’’, ‘’how can you trust a third person with your business working remotely” etc cloud their mind.

Well…the fact is that hiring a Virtual Personal Assistant to help you with your daily tasks can actually turn out to be one of the best decisions of your life provided you do your homework well and hire from a reputed source.

Lost Your Phone? Here’s How to Find it?

Have you lost your phone? Almost everyone has experienced the panic of reaching for their pocket and finding it empty. Many of us have found it after a few minutes of searching. But a few unlucky ones will find their frantic searching efforts to be fruitless.

How to find my phone now?

You might begin to imagine your life without a phone - you’d feel completely naked. Or maybe you’re calculating the cost of a new phone to replace the one you just lost. Before you jump to conclusions though, why not read through this article first?

The good news is, there are plenty of ways to find your missing phone. If it’s an iPhone or Android, chances are the software you’ll need to hunt it down cooked into it already.

Apple and Google work to find your phone through the account associated with your devices. Are you an Android user? This is your Google account. Use an iPhone - this will be your iCloud account.

What is Causing my iPhone Screen to Crack and How to Fix It?

If you are an iPhone fan, chances are that you’ve dealt with a cracked screen at least once in your life. Smartphones are generally made of acrylic or glass which aren’t impervious to damage when they receive the impact of a drop. 

Yes, having a cracked iPhone is embarrassing, but did you know there are risks associated with using a cracked phone screen? 

What is the reason of iPhone Screen Crack?

The Touch Screen Might Stop Working 

If your iPhone has a broken screen, it’s not going to get any better with time. The first function that you will likely use is your phone’s touch screen capacity. This may mean that your phone takes longer to respond to finger gestures, or even stops responding altogether. 

Cracked screens also allow debris, finger oil and dust to work their way into the cracks, damaging the phone even further. 

How to Ensure Safety of Women in Taxi ?

Women have always been targets on the road, whether as a driver or a passenger. To prevent women from any danger, here are a few safety tips to keep them safe when they are on the go.

Girls Booking Taxi Online

Stay Connected 

Install a personal safety app on your phone and also keep your emergency numbers on speed dial to make emergency assistance calls instantly. Make sure your phone is always charged as you will need it to get help should anything happen to you. 

Can your savings get the desired benefit? Fincare 101 Account Hai na…..

Benjamin Franklin once said, ‘A Penny saved is a Penny earned’. This statement couldn’t have been more correct when it comes to the real life of a common man. Basically, it is tantamount to saying that the more we save, the more we can live comfortably in our later years. Undeniably, there is an almost universal consensus with this belief, so much so that the majority of earning human population is inflicted with the concern of saving enough. The ubiquitous nature of this belief is evident through the Banking Industry rising to the occasion and bringing some lucrative savings plans for this populace.

Save Money By Fix Deposit

But the Banking Industry has come a long way since then, rendering savings as one of its integral services. And in order to effect major improvements in the existing saving plans even further, much research has been done. Owing to this, banking is getting smarter day by day with the entry of some new players as well. Most of these new entrants have proven themselves to be disruptive to the Banking Industry since they have paved their own paths which in no way have aligned with the existing ones. Though, the bigger players in the banking industry have thrown scepticism at such ways of these players since they have entered this market only recently. However, what these new entrants are trying to do is to introduce a revolutionary savings plan, at a very low initial deposit, or with zero balance and to put maximum focus on a flexible approach towards a long-term savings plan.

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