May I Receive Adsense Money in My Friend's Account ?

It is very important and common question from many Adsense new users that - May I use my friends' account for Google Adsense payment? Or Can I receive Google Adsense money in Friends or family account Number? Then I would like to clear here all about it. Because you read many forums and somebody reply no and somebody yes and for this various types of answers you became confused yes or no. Am I right? Both answers are right but there is condition for it. 

Read:  In details in what case Yes and in what case No

Don't worry about this because I am going to clear this matter today. So I would like to share some Google Adsense terms and conditions here. In what case you can receive or what case you can’t. So read carefully and understand the points.

 First of all, I would like to confirm you that Google verifies your Adsense account when you apply your blog or website for Adsense. If your website or blog full fill the term and conditions then they approved and send verification and welcome message on your Gmail Id.  

Top 10 Historical Places in Bihar India | You Must Visit Once in Life

Are you willing to visit Bihar India to enjoy your vacation with family and friend then here are the top 10 historical places in Bihar where you must visit in life once. These places are famous worldwide for their beauty. Hope you would like to read some historical information before the visit there.  So read here the top historical and natural place of Bihar. Note -  The information is taken from Wikipedia

1. Gaya -  Vishnupad Mandir, Mangla Gauri Temple, Surya Kund, Devi Temple -  Gaya is a holy city beside the Falgu River, in the northeast Indian state of Bihar. It’s known for 18th-century Vishnupad Mandir, a riverside temple with an octagonal shrine. Close by, ancient Mangla Gauri Temple is set on a hilltop. To the north, Hindu devotees bath in a Brahma Kund pond before honoring their deceased ancestors atop Pretshila Hill. To the south lies the Hindu pilgrimage center of Bodh Gaya. 

best historical places in Bihar

2. Nalanda -  Oldest University in India, Large Buddhist monastery, the Ancient kingdom of Magadha -  The highly formalized methods of Vedic learning helped inspire the establishment of large teaching institutions such as Taxila, Nalanda, and Vikramashila which are often characterized as India's early universities. Nalanda flourished under the patronage of the Gupta Empire in the 5th and 6th centuries and later under Harsha, the emperor of Kannauj. The liberal cultural traditions inherited from the Gupta age resulted in a period of growth and prosperity until the ninth century. The subsequent centuries were a time of gradual decline, a period during which the tantric developments of Buddhism became most pronounced in eastern India under the Pala Empire -  wiki

How to Apply for Passport Online in India ? | Online Registration for Passport

If you wish to apply online for the passport in India then read the guidelines and follow some steps and fill the Passport details as required and submit it online. After payment, you get the receipt of successful transaction details. After approval, you receive your passport at home. You can also visit your nearest passport office and collect the passport if you need it urgently. see here the urgent opening time of your nearest office

How to apply passport online in India

How to fill online form for Passport 

Step 1. You need to register online on Passport Seva portal to submit the form. For Register online visit the official government passport website

Step 2. If you register successfully then log in with user id and password 

How to Apply For Indian VISA Online | Indian Visa Online Application

If you are planning to visit India and want to make VISA online then read here the instruction on how to apply online for VISA and what the documents you need to apply online.  As you know well India is full of historical places and millions of foreigners visit India to enjoy the historical and natural places like Taj Mahal, Red Fort, Qutub Minar, India Gate, Ellora caves, Agra Forts, Lotus Temple, Hawa Mahal, Goa beach, Mumbai Beach, and many such other places. So Here I am going to Share tips on how to apply for online VISA.

How to Apply e VISA  for India

There are many online websites where you can apply but here I am going to share online Indian Government  Official website where you apply easily and securely.  I would like to recommend to apply on Indian Official website only and keep away from third party website and agents who promise to send visit within few days. Hope you understand well my points.

How to Check PF? | How to Check EPF Balance Online?

If you are looking for how to check PF or How to Check EPF balance online (Employees Provident Fund) then it is the very easy step to check it. Just visit the PF government official website and login with your user Id and password.  After login in website you can see all the details about your PF amount, deduction,  Company share and your share. So Just follow the step below to check online PF : -

Check PF online

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