How to Change Domain and Keep Your Rankings?

If you want to rebrand your business then you can change domain. Else, you can change your long domain name into a shorter one. 

But, if you have worked hard on SEO and gathered raking from search engines on your existing domain, and it is really difficult to keep your rankings intact while you change your domain. In this regard, you can take help from a reliable web development company in India

How to Change Domain and Keep Your Rankings

Why would you change the domain name? 

Before you change the domain, you need to know the reasons for changing it. There are two probable reasons for changing a domain such as rebranding the business or to make the existing domain shorter. 

Top 10 Dashboard Cameras in India

Do you know top 10 Dashboard Cameras which have multiple features and available on affordable price in India? Here we have shared such Cameras list and their features. I hope you like to purchase it next time.

Dashboard Cameras

1. Procus Convoy:

Works kind of a CCTV for your car, Procus Convoy gives you complete peace of mind while driving on Indian Roads. It records everything automatically after a simple setup once. FULL HD 1080P - PROCUS CONVOY has Full-HD video resolution 1920*1080, using H.264 photography compression technology and Smooth Image Processing. It is a superior night-vision by class A lenses and a unique Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) video system. Procus Convoy has crystal clear full high definition video quality, high video quality even when driving within the dark. SMART SAFETY DETECTION - G-Sensor, Motion Detection and Parking Monitoring systems are inbuilt our Sentry Dash Cam for cars, which might automatically detect ignition/motion/crash/vibration. G-Sensor will keep the important fragment recorded by G-sensor in your Micro SD Card, but not overwrite them by the Loop sound system. Parking Mode triggered by the G-sensor could also be considered as a sentry, recording any motion and significant impact happen around your car after you allow.

Procus Convoy

8 Practical Entrepreneur Skills that Help Build Profitable Companies

Some people set up companies without any administrative skills, motivated by the need for a moment or profit, sometimes a nice idea. Their behavior is very spontaneous. Other people delay setting up a company because they still say that this is not the right time. In practice, they don't have any administrative skills or even good ideas. In both cases, the biggest problem is a lack of knowledge. Let's think about what elements you should know before you decide to run a business. You can have a peek here at Zoetalentsolutions to know the list of entrepreneurial skills to build your business profitability.

The Skills of an Entrepreneur to Be Successful

Realize that running a business is not a full-time job. Here, no one will motivate you, train you or take responsibility for your moods. You are responsible for your level of motivation.

Top 500 High DA & PA Profile Creation Sites List 2020 With Page Rank

We have shared here high DA and PA Do-follow Profile Creation Site List of 2020. You can create your profile and share your Article, Pr Release, Blog, Document, Video, Image and bookmark your link on these sites for creating link building for your business websites.

As you know that high-quality do-follow backlinks are very important for website ranking in search results like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. So just you have to sign up and verify your email to create a profile on these sites list. You can share the relevant information long and short, video or audio is supported.

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