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Amit Kumar from New Delhi, India, offers professional freelance SEO Service, PPC services along with freelance  Web Designing Services, Web Development Services, and Mobile Apps Development as per the latest techniques.

If you have read this far, I'm super easy to get along with, as are my colleagues. I'm also casual in my language (unless it involves writing or a proposal for you), open to projects and fun to chat with. I work hard and deliver exceptional work, and so do my team members.

Our strengths/skill sets include:

  • Developing Marketing Strategies and Personas in order to create content for each phase of the sales and marketing funnels.
  • Advertising - Google AdWords, Bing, Yahoo/Gemini, Facebook/IG, Twitter, LinkedIn - developing and executing campaigns as well as setting and tracking KPIs.
  • SEO - Constantly working on SEO (on and Off Page) to grow organic traffic to websites leading to awareness as well as conversion/lead gen. We have a variety of SEO audits to meet your business needs. 
  • Writing - Content writing for everything under the sun. If there was a marketing project that involved writing, we have done it. Some examples would be blogging, guest blogging, copywriting (website, social media, landing page, advertisement, etc) and also script writing. 
  • Email Marketing - Development and creation of email marketing campaigns, including lead nurture/drip campaigns. We prefer to work in Mail Chimp and HubSpot. Other platforms require a bit of time for on-boarding. 
  • Social Media - Developing and executing social media marketing campaigns - original and curated content, as well as advertising. We are quite skilled in Social Media advertising, especially Facebook Campaigns. 
These are just a few of my, and my colleagues, main skill sets, which I have described in a very high-level way. Please contact me at 8285241104 or add me on skype at amtsaxena to discuss in more detail. You can find more about me on LinkedIn  Upwork and there are many endorsements there from both peers as well as managers.

Roles and Responsibilities in digital Marketing  As an expert Freelancer

  1. Participate in forming effective paid search strategies 
  2. Launch and optimize various PPC campaigns 
  3. Oversee accounts on search platforms (e.g. Google AdWords, Bing) 
  4. Be involved in keyword selection and audience targeting
  5. Suggest and develop new campaigns across multiple channels 
  6. Keep pace with search engine and PPC industry trends and developments.
  7. Monitor and evaluate search results and search performance across the major search channels. 
  8. High levels of integrity, autonomy, and self-motivation. 
  9. Proven experience as a PPC or Digital Marketing Specialist 
  10. Experience in data analysis and reporting 
  11. Knowledge of SEO and digital marketing concepts 
  12. Familiarity with multiple platforms (e.g. AdWords, Facebook, Yahoo) is preferred 
  13. Working knowledge of analytics tools (Google Analytics, Tableau, Web Trends etc.) 
  14. Providing SEO analysis and recommendations in the context of the website and the web pages.
  15. Recommend and execute strategies according to the SEO goals- general and keyword specific.
  16. Administration of Search engine programs for the purpose of diagnosing projects.
  17. Helping in creating and supporting marketing content for social media and socializing (e.g. blog posts, customer video briefs, posts from analysts and customers).
  18. Implementing link building campaigns in accordance with predetermined SEO goals.
  19. Assisting in the development and execution of content strategies for social platforms in pace with SEO goals.
  20. Being up-to-date with recent market developments, SEO, SMO, internet marketing, industry trends, etc.
  21. Researching and administering social media tools keeping in mind social media strategies.
  22. Writing precise and creative content which will invite influential traffic.
  23. Monitor and observe search results and performances in different search engines and key search platforms.
  24. Constant communication with team and management regarding project development, status and timeliness report.
  25. Work closely with other team members to meet company goals.

 We aim to deliver outstanding work at the top quality agency level without the big agency price tag.

Looking forward to working with you!

Amit Saxena, Amit Saxena SEO Services Provider, Amit Saxena Web Designer, Amit Saxena Web Developer

I pride myself on using the latest techniques for SEO to craft modern solutions to my client’s problems. Also, understanding the problems of clients at a core level, I make sure that every service provided by us will be of top-notch quality, ensuring you to get the healthy rate of return on Investment from your services or products at the same time.

Web Designing Services, Web Development Services, Digital Marketing Services provider

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