SEO Expert Interview Question And answer 2018

Here I am sharing with you some special SEO Question and Answer, which is asked if you have 1 years and above Experience in SEO, because A interviewer do not ask easy question to experiences person, he always ask technical question which we always read but not remember  So if you wish to switch your job and do search new job then you must study these types of questions which i explain here. if you face any difficult question during interview then must share with me. I will publish your question and answer with your name. Here i provide Question And answer which i face some times in interview. So read and comment. I write Continue in this section so visit again and again and read new updtes. Thanks for stay here. .With best wishes!!!

SEO Expert Interview Question And answer 2014, Expert SEO Question Answer

1.What is Google Webmaster? Why do you use Webmaster tool . Tell me something About webmaster Tool.

Google Webmaster web tool that is provided by Google for Analysis the website and provides all information about occur any types of event such as any robots regarding error, Sitemap regarding error, Indexing regarding information and many more. It tells about what's going on the site this time, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month and 1 years structured data of all information of website. If any problems on site then Google send a message on the webmaster tool.we can  know the problem on the site and remove the occur errors. so it plays a vital parts for all website. For more Information Visit the webmaster tool website here : and log in your email id which you create for website.

2 .What is cloaking in SEO?

Clocking is method that have two different content for a separate URL. It is done for instance ranking of the site. it means, we get different content on site but search robots get different content on site. For example. if any body want to tell about the adult information ,or any illegal information on website,then  they write content for visitor about Adult or Illegal but tell the robots through good Keyword phrase or good anchor tag title tag or meta tag. because robots search the content through these. but visitor got wrong information about wishing result.Now you understand well with this example.

3. What is Google Bombing?

Google bombing is practice of  create a thousand of links for website that help to page ranking. it contain low quality link through Sub domain, low page rank link, and other adult links, it is done for comical and satirical purpose by some Special Group or organization. but is not good for website. After sometime Google banned like these link. it is also a black hat seo.because the links comes from unrelated keyword phrase or different theme website.

 4. What is link farming in SEO?

Link farming is a technique that is done by  special group of websites that is developed for  link providing purpose to other website. it means it is a collection of links only, not any detailed content on the is done by some Automatically generated link (java script) that occur automatic if any visitor visit the site. it is done by hand to hand by a group. it is done for instance ranking of the site, but is not good for Organic search. Search engine penalize like these link. so avoid this type technique.

5. What is keyword Stuffing in SEO.

Keyword stuffing means there are many keywords are used on website content for the ranking purpose. it is not good for Seo organic search result. After some time we penalized but Search engine. So we should use less keywords phrases compare to content. it is also a example of Black hat seo.

6. How many kinds of SEO Technique? Explain.

There are 3 types of SEO technique as following:

1. White hat SEO:- It is a good practice to SEO purpose. in this technique we follow all terms and condition of Search engine  Guidelines. First of all we read the rules and condition of the related website and post content on the specific website. we follow the General rules that is made for all people. we do all activity true as our business, and provide legal information that is related for our Services. If we Do white hat seo then it is best for our website, it take some long time but perfect for organic searches. so do more white hat seo for your business website and enjoy your Services.

2. Black Hat SEO: It is not a good practice of SEO . it is called unethical seo too. In this technique we do not follow the term and conditions of search engine Guidelines and do apposite of rules. As for example, give a link with white text as page color,(hidden text) give a lots of keyword on the site, Link with Adult site and others sub domain links.  here some example of black hat seo ,  keyword Stuffing, Link farming, Google Bombing, hidden text, Poor content, link with low page rank website etc.

3. Gray hat seo: it is Not bad and not too good for SEO point of view. Because we can say that it is method between white hat seo and black hat seo, Some time we follow the rles and sometime not. it does' not harm too much for our website. Some example of Gray hat SEO, purchase paid link, PPC Services that is done only for visitor purpose. it does not help in organic Searches.Facebook like and comment on blog etc.

7. What is different between Domain Authority And Page Authority?

Domain Authority is measured by MozRank, MozTrust, It calculate how much quality link of your website? What is page Page popularity, how much is Domain strength over all time from hosted on server. How much Quality Content on your website? which type of domain you have etc.It is calculated by 0 to 100, You can check your Domain Authority of your website by this tool:  it is easy to 30 to 50, if you have then your site is good condition. Domain Authority between 50 to 80 is Excellent and 80 to 100 is super Excellent . Facebook and Google page authority is 100/100 .  Now you would understand well. 
Where as page Authority is same term and condition as Domain Authority but is measured only 1 page of your website not whole website. it is also measured in 0 to 100.  you can check same tool.

Friends we will provide all the answer of the below Question so read once again after some days.

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8. What is keyword stemming ?

 Answer -  SEO point of view keyword stemming is the process of use the main keyword many times to add some prefix and suffix. Suppose the main keyword is SEO services but you can use it best SEO services (prefix) SEO services provider (Suffix) you can make many keywords to add like this word. It is useful to use in Article and blog but take care the number of keywords. If you use many time keywords to add this suffix and prefix then it is harmful for SEO Point of view. So too much keywords used in website to add like words in main keywords is called stemming and it may be harmful to SEO ranking. But if you use 1 or 2 time in article or blog then it's OK. Now I think you are clear about keywords stemming.

9.What is keyword density ?

Answer -  It is most frequently ask question in SEO Interview. It is generally asked to fresher and expert too. So here I am going to clear properly here-   Keyword Density is percentage of  keywords (phrase) compare to all words that is used in single page (Webpage).  It mean how may times of keywords are used compared to all words in single web page. 

If anybody ask you the calculate the keyword density then simply follow this mathematics formula as told above in definition -    Total Number of Keywords / Total Number of words in Single webpage *100  ( Take an Example - Total Number of Keywords =5, Total Number of Words in Single Web page is = 500 then Keyword Density =  (5/500)*100 = 1%  )   So here called Keywords density is 1%  Now I think you are very cleat about it. 

10. What is the difference between search engine marketing and Internet marketing?

Answer -  Yes it very technical question in interview question and it generally asked if you have more than 1 or 2 years experience in SEO. Many guys are confuse about it and they told sometime that both are same But is not good and interviewer understand that you are not expert so don't be confuse about it. lets see the difference -  Search Engine Marketing refer to SEO and Internet Marketing Refer to Digital Marketing (SEM and PPC and some others). Now in Details -  If you do the activity for website like ON page and Off Page and follow the Search engine Guide lines and make the website User friendly and search engine friendly so that our website rank in Search Result on keywords  then is Search engine marketing. And for website ranking we all know that we do many activities like update meta tag, content optimization, check broken links, URL structure, submit sitemap and so on and promote it by article , blog , press release, classified, business listing and many others.

Now Internet Marketing - It means do Extra activities for business sale and traffic on website direclty or indirectly. As for example for business conversion we send direct mail to client, call by phone, Skype or chat online and other one major activities that is online advertising called PPC. It mean we advertise our business derectly on Popular search engine like Google, Bing, AOL, Facebook and other sites. These all are come in Internet marketing. You can say that Internet Marketing is for business conversion any way and search engine marketing mean Website Ranking in Search Engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing and others. 

Now I hope you are clear about it and you give the answer in interview with confident and your interviewer impressed by you and hired you. and may be it will last question for you and you can be selected if you reply very confidently of this question because all  is includes in this one question.

11. How will you solve Canonical issue or what is .htacess file?

12. What is the difference between Indexing and Crawling?

13. What is Google Analytics tool, Explain.

14. What is different between Business listing and Local Listing?

15. How do you analysis the website?

16. What the technique you apply for SEO Ranking?

17. what can you do for our ( give website URL) so that our website Ranking in Google First page?

18. Tell me something Google New Updates?

19. Why  we hire you for this SEO Post.

20. If you know Some Extra in SEO Tell me ?

21. What is Data structure in Google webmaster?

22. What is Data Highlighter in Google webmaster ?

23. What is Goal in Google anlytics

24. What is AMP updates?

25 .  Tell me some latest update of SEO and explain it

ETC........... Friend if yo have any new question then Ask me. I will try to give you proper answer with my best.  So please comment your Question.

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