Secrets of Top 10 Ranking in Google Search Engine

Are you a business owner and going to start the SEO of your website and thinking to hire an SEO company for it then you must be familiar with the real fact of SEO and Google term and conditions. Here I am going to tell you some things that are a reality in digital marketing and the fact of top 10 ranking of the website but you think it's a very easy process and can do this only short of time. Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engine have highly developed algorithms to show the user query results. All search engine keep their search algorithm secrets but they guide from time to time what to do for the best result. So let's take care of some points which are very important for the new business owner.

The fact of Google top ranking, Reason behind the Google top ranking

1. Don't be Haste - You know "slow and steady wins the race".If you have a new website for any kind of business like e-commerce, real estate, education, tour, travel or others then you must know today competition for this kind of business. If you want to promote global like this business then it is too much difficult to achieve ranking in a short time ( short time means only 3 to 12 months). We all know that a lot of business websites are popular already and have huge traffic on their website (organic and direct) so why can you think top ranking in short periods of time. Here I am going to compare a top-ranking website and your newly launch website. You can decide for yourself, why not your new website is visible in the top ranking. I think, after reading all points you may be clear of fact behind the top 10 ranking in Search Engine

Search Engine top ranking secrets, What is secrets of top 10 ranking in Google

2. Website Quality - If any website is visible in top rank its means the website quality is best for the user and search engine point of view. It has a lot of quality content Web Pages and all are available on the website which user really want. I mean design well professional and attractive website and make it very soon loaded. If you have an E-commerce website then your website should have thousands of products that should be listed category wise, price-wise, size-wise and in other short ways. You can see the top rank website feature and product quantities. You should also take care of the mobile responsive website.  I am not saying that you cannot develop such a website so try to develop and upload products more than already ranked website then you can deserve the top ranking, otherwise not.. (Don't be angry, it is reality) 

What is fact of Google top 10 ranking, How to achieve top 10 Google  ranking

3. Brand Visibility - I think you must aware of this point. Brand or name visibility means the website name and brand name is already popular among people. They search the website by their name directly because people know that, this website is famous for these services or a product like shopping - Amazon, Snapdeal, for ticket booking- IRCTC and such other Brand and website names which is popular local or global for services. So if you want to see the top ranking in search results then you must advertise your business website in various ways like on TV Ads, Banner Ads, and by well know star brand ambassador like any film star, players and such others well know personalities, So if you can do this then you can deserve the top ranking in the search result (Sorry to challenge you but it is truth)

Secrets of Search Engine. How to get top 10 ranking soon in Google

4. Times of Stability - If you really want to earn the form online through the website then you must be stable with patients in this technology age. You can see the website that is in top rank they are stable more than 5 years and they grow their business day by day. It is not done in only a few months, many business owners come and go within 3 to 6 months only because they want only earn & not invest and you know a business only depend on investment. So if you have money to invest without considering to benefits till 2 or 3 years then you can deserve the top ranking in search results otherwise you can dream only to be brand. If you want to earn through the website online and see the dream of earning too much like others top rank websites then it will be better than you should install your on the shop roadside and sell your products more ... (Sorry please don't mind, it is a bitter truth in business)

Reasons of website ranking in Google, Top secret of Google search algorithm

5 - Wait for Popularity - You know well that nobody gains popularity in a single day in business. They waste their time to become famous and always do something new. So do some things differently from others If you copy the other ways to attract the customers then you can never be a success. So try to do some extra like offer more than others, provide more facilities than others, handle the customers more polity than others and so on-- If you are ready to do such things with customers then you can think to see the top ranking in the search result because if you do not serve the customer well then customer never come again on your website to shopping or hire the services. If you succeed to satisfied one customer physically by-products or services then you can deserve 1000 customers more in future through that satisfied customers and if you can't do this then you can lose your 100 customers more-- (It is bitter to hear but it is true in business) 

How to achieve top 10 ranking in Google,  What to do to get top 10 ranking in Google

6. Hire Well Experienced Employee or Company - At last but very important before starting a business online through the website.  You know today is competition age and everybody does more quality base work to stable in digital marketing. So hire an only well-experienced employees for your business. Well experienced guys only do the best for you; you can hire only 1 experienced person instead of 5 inexperienced persons. It is not only for SEO employees, you should hire experienced developers, marketing officers, and other sales persons too. If you are going to hire the company for website promotion then you should take care of these points. So hire only professional SEO services Provider Company.

The fact of Google search result, Secrets behind the top 10 ranking in Google

You should keep patience to create quality backlinks on websites and you know well that, it's not the job for only a few months, as I have mentioned above you should be the waste time and money to achieve top ranking like others top ranked website.

All the best!!