Benefits of Touchless Biometric Attendance Systems

Modern technology has paid a huge role in helping businesses grow the way they have been over the past few decades. Technology helps businesses in several different ways, which combine together to give them the level of success that they want to reach and have always hope for. Some technological innovations are aimed at helping businesses improve the productivity of employees. And there are other innovations as well that make businesses better prepare for the challenges thrown at them by the world they are surrounded with. 

Touchless Biometric Attendance Systems

Biometric attendance systems have helped businesses in several different ways. Previous to the development of touchless biometric attendance systems, we had most businesses using fingerprint-based biometric systems. And they were doing their jobs quite well until the pandemic hit and made touch-based attendance systems useless, so to speak. This is why we are seeing such an enormous shift in the way businesses capture and manage employee attendance. Most of the businesses, if not all of them, have already started using touchless face attendance systems not only manage employee attendance seamlessly but also to ensure the safety of employees at the workplace. And those that haven’t are planning to switch to touchless attendance systems in the near future. 

Touchless biometric attendance systems provide businesses with a great way to monitor the in and out times of all the employees working with them. And these touchless attendance systems are have become so popular in recent times because they help save time, reduce human labor, and are very easy to install and use. These are only a few of the many advantages of using a touchless attendance system at the workplace.

Biometric Attendance Systems

There are different types of biometric attendance systems available in the market these days. These include fingerprint-based systems, which are now almost globally banned because they facilitate the spread of coronavirus and other diseases caused by other microorganisms, such as bacteria. Then we also have voice recognition systems. These are not as popular because the technology doesn’t promise the accuracy that other systems deliver. Finally, we have touchless face attendance systems that have gained huge popularity over the years, especially after the pandemic. Touchless biometric systems all have one similarity – they are safe for all employees. However, not all of them are as efficient and accurate in attendance capturing and management as face attendance systems. 

Face attendance systems are biometric machines that are safer to use for everyone. Also, they are highly secure as they come with industry-standard encryption, which means that they keep employee information confidential. Also, these machines can’t be hacked by even the best in this field. So, it is figuratively impossible for someone to steal all the information that these systems carry. 

Biometric  Face Attendance Systems

Another advantage of using touchless face attendance systems is that they are very accurate in the work they do. Every person has different facial features so these systems carry a unique identity for all of them. This helps these systems in eliminating overlapping and providing perfectly accurate employee identification. The technology works to make tracking employee time and attendance easier for employers. It also ensures that no employee leaves the office early or enters the office late without the permission of their respective supervisors. The complete control of employee attendance remains in the hands of employers.

Like any biometric attendance system, touchless face attendance machines as well help in reducing human workload considerably. Employers can utilize the freed-up time of those employees in other areas. This will help companies in improving the productivity of their employees. So it is not just about reducing workload but also better utilizing the available resources. 

Also, touchless face attendance systems make the job managing attendance a lot easier than it usually is. They can generate different reports based on available employee data in a very short span of time. The different data points available in these reports can help employers in many different ways. It can help the payroll team calculate the payroll of different employees depending on their number of work hours. It can also give employers an insight into a different time and attendance aspects, which they can use to create better attendance and leave policies. 

If you are looking for such a touchless face attendance system, then you should definitely take a look at KENT CamAttendance. It comes from KENT, which is a reputable brand in India when it comes to water purifiers and kitchen appliances. KENT CamAttendance uses AI face detection and computer vision technology to capture the attendance of employees. All the attendance data is stored on the cloud and can be accessed and managed via a comprehensive cloud app. Employers also have the option to go for a mobile app, which their employees can use to mark and manage their attendance from any location. Supervisors can use this app to see and approve their team’s attendance and leaves.