Why Choose Wireless Home Cameras Over Wired Ones?

 The home security cameras we have these days are a lot different from what we had more than a decade or so ago. And the changes are not only a few and far between but quite significant ones at that. Changes are not only in the hardware but also in the features and functionality. Nowadays, the home security cameras we have do a lot more than recording videos. That is why their popularity is increasing by the day. 

Why Choose Wireless Home Cameras Over Wired Ones?

People are concerned about the security of their homes and people are taking measures to get the much-needed peace of mind. One of the best ways to do that is to buy a Wi-Fi home camera. There are different cameras available for different purposes. And Wi-Fi camera price also varies depending on the purpose it is going to serve, the features it has, and how advanced it is from other cameras available in the category. 

We now don’t have those cameras that used to come with long cables that ran across walls and floorboards. More than anything else, they used to ruin the d├ęcor of the house they were installed in. Also, they were not as effective as the cameras of today. Now we have wireless home cameras that use Wi-Fi connectivity to facilitate communication between a router and the camera device. Most of the wireless cameras available in the market these days are quite easy to install. Most of them can be installed by device owners themselves. This reduces the total Wi-Fi camera price for the customers as they don’t have to pay anything to any technicians for installation. 

Also, the newer version of Wi-Fi home cameras offers you more flexibility than their older counterparts, mostly when it comes to the placement of the camera. These wireless cameras can be installed almost anywhere in your home. They can be placed on a table or any other flat surface. If you install cameras this way, you will be able to change their position, if you want, more often without having to disassemble anything. You can also mount these home cameras on the wall using a wall-mount stand.

Why Choose Wireless Home Cameras Over Wired Ones

 You may get this wall-mount stand with the package or you may even have to buy it separately from the camera. Whatever the case, you will be able to move the camera around with the help of the wall-mount stand. Also, some cameras can be installed in an inverted position on the ceiling as well. You should install the camera in such a way that it helps you accomplish what you wanted to when you bought it in the first place.

As we already mentioned, when security cameras for homes first came around, they had a cable that was used to connect them to a power source. It made the entire thing a little messy and disorganized. And we still have cameras that work this way. However, not many people use them because of the disorganization they can bring to their homes. Some of these cameras also use a wire (LAN cable) to not only connect them to the internet but also transmit video signals to a television or computer monitor or any other viewing device. There are others that don’t need a cable to transmit video signals. 

On the other hand, a wireless camera does all the signal transmitting, whether these are video signals or audio signals – through Wi-Fi connectivity to your phone or other viewing devices that the camera is compatible with. These videos can be saved on the device in SD card or optionally on the cloud as well. In most cases, you will have to buy SD card separately from the device. Cloud subscription is also a paid service.

It is important for a camera device to have access to high-speed Wi-Fi internet for it to function to the best of its capabilities. If there is a problem with internet speed or interruptions in connection, the device will not be able to function as they are supposed to. Also, the connection between the camera and your phone will not work as smoothly as it should. 

Wireless home security cameras are way better than their wired alternatives for most people with different uses. So if you live in a rented property, wireless cameras are your best bet to guard your home and people at all times. They are also great for people who have been recently introduced to the concept of home security. In addition, Wi-Fi home cameras are the right choice for those that have budget restrictions.

KENT CamEye HomeCam 360 is one such wireless camera that is far better than wired cameras every way you look at it. No matter what your use case, you will not have any problem in buying, installing, and using this home camera.