Trade License Renewal in Dubai, UAE

Businesses in the United Arab Emirates are already familiar with the licensing procedure. No matter if you're selling goods or services or everything in between, you'll need a license.

A license is not something you can get and keep in one go. Failure to renew trade licenses can result in severe consequences ranging from fines to blocklisting to firm termination.

Trade License Renewal in Dubai, UAE

Importance of Trade License Renewal in UAE

If you wish to run a business in Dubai, you need to know the regulations for renewing your trade license. As a result of its strategic position, UAE has become a leading business hub for the Middle East and Africa region. The city's increasing commercial operations may contribute to the city's economic diversification program.

In UAE, all sorts of items have a thriving trade industry. However, if you wish to invest in the market, you'll need a trading license. In the same vein, it's essential to renew your license on schedule.

For doing business in Dubai, you'll need a trade license. Trade license Renewal Dubai of a company license requires the processing of a large number of papers. Also, renewing a business trade license may be a lengthy procedure if you're not aware of the rules and regulations around it. Late submission of a trade license renewal incurs a penalty, and in the worst-case scenario, the business license is revoked, halting all commercial activity. 

Do You Need To Renew the Trade License in Dubai?

To find out when your license expires, read your original licensing documentation or ask your company's setup agent. Renewals are granted a grace period as long as you are still in the process of submitting your application.

Process To Renew the Trade License in Dubai

Both mainland and free zone businesses must renew their licenses. A different authority issues your renewal.

Contact the Department of Economic Development (DEED) if you are a Dubai mainland company (DED). Send your renewal application to the relevant free zone body if you work from one.

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Keep All Documents in Order

To renew a trade license, mainland firms must provide an attested tenancy contract. There is a minimum one-month validity requirement.

Make Renewal Application

For your BR-1 form and lease agreement, you'll need to provide a photocopy of your trade license. Also passport photocopies for each of your co-workers. Submit all these documents over the website.

Make Payment for Renewal

A payment voucher you will receive after you submit your renewal application successfully. Be careful to pay as soon as possible. You'll receive your renewed license as soon as you've paid.

Trade License Fees

The cost of renewing your UAE trade license will depend on a variety of factors, including the sort of business you have, as well as the size and industry of your company. Additionally, the kind of license you possess and whether or not you need extra permissions might significantly impact the price you spend.

Types of Penalties If You Fail To Renew the Trade License

Renew the Trade License

Anyone who does not renew their license promptly will be subject to harsh penalties. It might result in hefty fines and penalties or possibly the license revocation and a restriction on future commercial activities. Each day after the license expiration date, the DED charges a fine. Sentences come in a variety of shapes and sizes:

Monetary Penalty

Forfeitures can be imposed on a business when its license expires. It is possible to be fined AED 5 000 for operating without the proper permit and AED 250 each month for failing to renew your license on time.

The loss of a business license might result in hefty fines for your firm. In addition, any payment delay might result in penalties for the firm concerned. As previously indicated, companies might get fine every month. The fines start piling up as soon as the expiration date passes. 

Company Blocklisting

A firm can be banned if it continues to operate without renewing its trade permits. Visas and sponsors within the company's control might revoke.

Restriction on Business Expansion

When licenses expire, firms prohibit from expanding. To grow, companies must have a clean background.

When you establish a business, there are several things to consider. There is a lot of administrative work to be done in the background as well. However, even if you start well-organized, there is a good possibility that things may slip your mind after a year or two as the work piles up.

Ruin Your Company

Make sure you know when your license expires and plan to renew it, if feasible before it runs out. You may delegate the task to a trusted employee inside your firm. In either case, maintain your license current, or your business will suffer, and you might lose it all if you don't.


Keeping licenses up-to-date is crucial for firms because losing them may lead to the demise of a whole business. Your transactions may confiscate and any visas or sponsors mentioned by the firm.

As a result, organizations employ someone expressly to handle trade licensing. Business companies often outsource these tasks since they know they will be done with the highest care and refreshed throughout time without jeopardizing the organization's future.

The business consultants in Dubai firm will assist you in renewing your licenses on time every year, allowing you to focus on your primary business. Regularly, they'll keep you informed, and they'll also file the paperwork as necessary. When papers are inaccurate, they will amend them as well.