Can your savings get the desired benefit? Fincare 101 Account Hai na…..

Benjamin Franklin once said, ‘A Penny saved is a Penny earned’. This statement couldn’t have been more correct when it comes to the real life of a common man. Basically, it is tantamount to saying that the more we save, the more we can live comfortably in our later years. Undeniably, there is an almost universal consensus with this belief, so much so that the majority of earning human population is inflicted with the concern of saving enough. The ubiquitous nature of this belief is evident through the Banking Industry rising to the occasion and bringing some lucrative savings plans for this populace.

Save Money By Fix Deposit

But the Banking Industry has come a long way since then, rendering savings as one of its integral services. And in order to effect major improvements in the existing saving plans even further, much research has been done. Owing to this, banking is getting smarter day by day with the entry of some new players as well. Most of these new entrants have proven themselves to be disruptive to the Banking Industry since they have paved their own paths which in no way have aligned with the existing ones. Though, the bigger players in the banking industry have thrown scepticism at such ways of these players since they have entered this market only recently. However, what these new entrants are trying to do is to introduce a revolutionary savings plan, at a very low initial deposit, or with zero balance and to put maximum focus on a flexible approach towards a long-term savings plan.

Fincare is one of those new entrants who has steered clear of the set norm. This approach is substantiated by the fact that while most of the banks focus upon the urban segment of the society only and track their lifestyle in order to meet their requirements, Fincare Small Finance Bank devotes its attention and care to the rural Indians as well. In Fincare, we call this the “Rurban Approach” which considers both the rural and the urban segments of the Indian society.

priority fixed deposit

And at Fincare, we believe in empowering our customers digitally and with smart banking gaining ground, the bank has shifted its focus to KYC. Since through this, the bank can getter a better understanding of its customers, which in turn can help it in tailoring better savings plans for them. Even though this is very true that maintaining an end to end digital account is a herculean task. No wonder there then that the digital account acquisition capabilities of most of the financial institutions are almost similar.

Though as far as the customers are concerned, their prowess about the benefits of the savings account is lacking because of which they always root for fixed deposit. So, it is necessary that the customers are well acquainted with where they are putting their money. As an attempt, let’s try to understand a few striking features of the savings account of Fincare: Fincare 101 account.

The Zero Edge:

Fincare101 account holders will be eligible for availing a whole lot of zero edge benefits such as nil charge on the issuance of the debit card and no maintenance charges will be levied for the first year. Moreover, the number of ATM transactions for one month is capped at eight transactions along with free online transfer facility.

Automating your account

Since when it comes to technology, Fincare makes sure to adapt to it as early as possible and thus, this trickles down to the services we provide as well. The testament to this commitment of ours is that with Fincare101, you can enjoy hassle-free maintenance of your account. This is achieved through the deployment of smart techniques such as usage of biometric authentication and simple easy-going KYC techniques.

Earn a good Interest

These days people focus not only on earning interest but also an APY (annual percentage yield). Fincare101 has raised the benchmark by offering an interest rate of 7% on savings accounts and 9.5 % on fixed deposits for senior citizens. With Fincare101, you can grow your savings with better interest rates.

smart fixed deposit

Priority and fixed deposits

You may not believe your own ears, but it’s a sweet truth….Fincare offers you the highest interest rate of 9% p.a in the country. Not only that, but it also gives a choice to choose between two of its new features smart fixed deposit or priority fixed deposit

The very reason for Fincare offering wide benefits to its customers is to foster a healthy relationship with its customers. There are very few banks who offer such a diverse range of benefits such as zero charges, high-interest rates and a choice between the fixed deposit and savings plan. With Fincare101, you need to invest just 2 minutes of your time, to get the best action savings plan.