8 Reasons to Hire a Professional SEO Consultant

Search engine optimization is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies available today. It can increase your visibility on search engine results pages and draw more people to your website. SEO is a complex, multilayered strategy that involves a number of different techniques. If executed well, it can get your website link to the first page of Google search results. This strategy seems simple on the surface, but it is always a good idea to hire professional SEO consultants for the job. In this article, we discuss why it is important to hire a professional.

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1. Accurately Identify All Flaws in Your Current Platform 

Assessment is one of the first things professional SEO consultants do when they take on a job. They will carefully examine all aspects of your website and identify the flaws that are bringing your ranking down. Some of the most common flaws include:

  • Slow and lagging website. 
  • Poor choice of keywords. 
  • Thin and low-value content. 
  • Poor quality links. 
  • Poor mobile performance. 

These are just some of the many factors that can bring a website down. Experienced SEO experts will comb through the entire website to make sure they don’t miss any fault and fix everything to ensure your website ranks high. 

2. Study Your Industry and Product

Experienced SEO consultants

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Experienced SEO consultants know that there's no one size fits all when it comes to SEO. Every client belongs to a different industry and has a different product. For example, a consultant will approach a dental practice website differently than they will approach a retail e-commerce website.

Consultants study big data from third party sources and small data from your website to get a clear understanding of your industry and product. This knowledge forms the foundation of all SEO endeavors, which is why it is important to obtain it from the right sources. An experienced SEO consultant will comb through the data to find what is most relevant to you and make decisions based on that. 

3. Study Your Target Audience and Competition 

SEO experts will also study the more transient factors that influence SEO, which include competitors and target audience. You can learn from the competitor’s triumphs and mistakes, and use that information to further your own interests. Consultants will create a list of your best competitors and analyze their website. This allows them to extract data regarding their traffic, link profiles, and successful keywords. Studying competitors can be especially beneficial for new companies that are just finding their footing in the industry.  

No marketing campaign is effective without good information on the target audience. If you don’t know what your audience prefers, it is difficult to create a marketing campaign that will appeal to them.

4. Familiar with The Best Techniques 

Experienced SEO experts know which techniques yield the best results. They have worked on several SEO campaigns over the years and know what works. This reduces the room for error and improves your chances of ranking high. For example, an experienced marketer will know that small-form or thin content doesn’t provide the best results and won’t waste time on it. 

SEO experts create a lean and straightforward strategy that is results-oriented. They don’t waste resources on techniques that won’t work out for you. Inexperienced individuals often cramp every SEO strategy they can find into the campaign and get disappointing results. 

5. Know How to Avoid Illegal Techniques 

Google wants its users to have a good experience with the websites it recommends. That’s why the company has more than 200 ranking factors to assess the quality of the website. The search engine also has a number of algorithms like Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird, RankBrain, etc, to weed out websites that don’t live up to established standards. 

Experienced SEO professionals know how to avoid penalties and stay within Google’s guidelines. They are familiar with all blackhat techniques and will stay clear of them. Whitehat techniques provide more consistent results and protect your website’s reputation. 

6. Understand Different Types of SEO 

Search Engine Optimization

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SEO is a vast field with different kinds of strategies. You need to determine which approach is ideal for you before planning a campaign. If your company is small with a local customer base, you need local SEO. If you have an international reach, you need global SEO. Some experts specialize in different types of SEO and will be able to deliver superior results based on their expertise.

For example, an SEO expert that specializes in local SEO will be able to help you establish a strong presence in your sphere of influence. Most SEO professionals are familiar with different types of SEO and will be able to help you reach the audiences you want. 

7. Know The Importance of Keyword Research 

Keywords are the backbone of any SEO campaign. They are the hooks that draw the search engine’s attention and showcase your website’s relevancy. However, incorporating keywords into a website isn’t as easy as it used to be. Modern search engines are designed to look behind the search query and understand user intent.

SEO experts take time to understand user intent and research keywords accordingly. They only use the most relevant keywords to find the best audience. 

8. Keep Their Ears to the Ground 

SEO is a very fluid landscape and it changes regularly. Every algorithm update introduces something new, which means SEO experts need to keep an eye on the industry to ensure they have the latest information. If the consultant isn’t aware of the latest algorithm changes, regulations, and trends, they might inadvertently create campaigns that will bring your ranking down. Experienced SEO experts never stop learning and collecting information. 

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As you can see, there are several reasons why you should consider hiring a professional SEO consultant instead of handling this marketing campaign without assistance. A poorly executed SEO campaign is just a waste of time and money, which is why it is best to hire a professional for the job. The initial investment is well worth the amount of revenue you will earn.