Advance Reorder App - Save Customers’ Time in Reordering Product

Advance Reorder is the simple way of putting your past order again without wasting much time of your customers in reordering the same product.

This Shopify App is particularly helpful when complex shopping cart contents are required again and again. Customers can place the goods/products they have already ordered in the shopping basket directly.

What is Advance Reorder?

Advance Reorder is the best Shopify Application for placing your previous order again. 

It has turned out to be totally consistent every-day to shop online in our personal lives. We approach to order everything and anything digitally, whether that be the week by week grocery shopping, holidays, gadgets, clothes, cosmetics,  jewelry and so forth. The list is no end.

There are not a few products or services we can’t purchase online. We do this constantly and we do so with confidence. We have little time for websites that don’t offer a decent experience. Product reordering is not just about the customers purchasing products. It is likewise about the way stores are able to reorder their products effectively and conveniently.

If your customers want to repeat their order and place it in their shopping cart again then, this Advance Reorder Shopify App will let you do this. 

For example: When you shop for something online, you add it to your cart, place the order and your work is done. But sometimes you went through the product which you like the most and you are willing to re-order. It doesn’t mean that you login first, then look for it again and place an order. You just directly go through re-order tab and hit, Bingo! You placed an order again. 

What are the benefits you will get from utilizing the Re-order function?

1. As a matter of first importance, you can significantly save time for your customers in re-ordering products. Rather than returning back to the products page, login and place order of the products you wish to repeat the order again, customers can now totally re-order the entire products in only a single click.

Additionally, it will provide Ultimate Reorder within one click

2. It will allow you to make changes to any options in the previous order

When customers will click on the “reorder” button, all the products of the particular order will be shown to the customers in the shopping cart and obviously, they are allowed to make any necessary changes related to a product order.

3. In Advance Reorder Analytics you can see all repeat order total and revenue count, additionally, you can see all order listing in an analytic page.

4. Reorder based on past purchases saves time and eliminates the effort required to search for products once again.

5.  You will be also provided live chat Support after installing Advance Reorder Shopify Application

Outstanding Features of Ultimate Reorder

  • Separate "reorder" section
  • Enable customers to reorder products as they wish.
  • Easy to use configuration
  • Fit all Shopify themes
  • All device responsive
  • Analytics of complete order and revenue generated with reordering
  • Give a discount on repeat order with your Discount coupon
  • Display the reorder product with a popup and a sticky footer
  • Note option available now with new reorder
  • Product property pass with reorder
  • New appealing UI/UX Improvement front and app admin

Main functionalities of Advance Reorder:

One-click reorders: Customers can instantly make changes and correct mistakes without the frustrating and slow back and forth in one click.

Reorder whenever you want: No restrictions on order status, orders with any status can be added to the cart again.

Custom reordering: Exclude certain products when placing a similar order again, give your customers the advantage of customized selections.

Show ongoing purchase products with the product name, image, cost, and quantity in “My Recent Product” section held in “My Account Page”, customers can undoubtedly discover all details of their previous product and add to cart in not more than a second.

How does our Advance Reorder Shopify App Works?

Reordering: At the point when your customer clicks on the reorder icon, the individual will desire to go on either a checkout or a shopping cart (depending on your settings) that contains each item which you have previously ordered and need to repeat the order again.

What Advance Reorder Application comprises of?

  • Easy installation, detailed instructions included in the package
  • Give support for free
  • Provide free bug fixes
  • Also, give free updates 

Overall, product reordering has made some amazing progress for both customers, distributors, and retail stores alike. Utilizing this Advance Reorder Shopify Application it will provide a simpler and more seamless experience that can simplify the lives of everyone.