May I Receive Adsense Money in My Friend's Account ?

How to Receive Google AdSense Payment in Friend or Family Bank Account? 

It is very important and common question from many adsense new users that - May I use my friends' account for Google Adsense payment? Or Can I receive Google Adsense money in Friends or family account Number? Then I would like to clear here all about it. Because you read many forums and somebody reply no and somebody yes and for this various types of answers you became confused yes or no. Am I right? Both answers are right but there is condition for it. 

Read:  In details in what case Yes and in what case No

Don't worry about this because I am going to clear this matter today. So I would like to share some Google adsense terms and conditions here. In what case you can receive or what case you can’t. So read carefully and understand the points.

 First of all I would like to confirm you that Google verify your adsense account when you apply your blog or website for adsense. If your website or blog full fill the term and conditions then they approved and send verification and welcome message on your Gmail Id.  

When you run the adsense ads on your website or blog and reach 10$ (USD) then Google ask to verify your address details and Bank account details. for this you have to go your adsense account and Go to payment option - Add Payment Method- Add new wire transfer details

May I receive Google adsense payment in my friend account ? how

When you add your bank details successful and reached your AdSense earning 10 USD then Google send verification pic code in postcard on mentioned address.  So you have to verify the pin code in your AdSense account. After verification your account is ready to receive the Google AdSense payment.

Now when your reach the payment threshold 100 USD, Then Google send the payment in your verified account. 

Point should be noted-   If you are form India then - Many Indian private Bank verify your Identity to receive the wire transfer money. (For other countries depend their country bank' term and condition) So first time you have to contact your bank to verify the wire transfer method. for this Many banks  fill a verification form and two photographs and your signature.  For this process you will have to visit your bank branch and follow this verification process. 

Note - Some Bank no need to verification. Just you receive your Google Payment to add your swift code and bank details. But most of Indian private Banks need to verify the identity for foreign currency payment. 

Once your account is verified by the end of bank then you can start to receive your Google Payment successfully. And after that you don't need to verify again and again.  This is full process that you will have to follow the Google AdSense payment by wire transfer. 

Now come on our main question.  Can we receive Google AdSense payment in my friends or family bank account? 

Here there are two condition Yes and No - 

Yes - When your friends or Family bank account is verified by Google AdSense and Bank. It is possible when your friend or family members have Google AdSense account and they followed the above methods or process to verify their account.  If your friend or family is verified Google AdSense user then you can add your friend or family member account details as a new payee as above mentioned image. In this case Google Check your friends or family bank account details and if they found in their database as AdSense verified user account then they transfer your AdSense payment successfully. Your friends or family member receive payment within 5 working days after you receive payment emails. If they didn't receive money then wait 5 days more or contact to their bank and ask about wire transfer money. 

No -  Google never transfer money in to the unverified bank account. So you can't receive money in your friend or family account if he/she does not have Google AdSense verified account. Because Google check their account and if not found in their database. So your payment will be failed and update in your AdSense account after 2 or 3 weeks. 

Important: You only receive the payment when you or your friends account is verified by Google AdSense and your bank

Now Some FAQ - 

1 Question - I have no bank account but I have AdSense account and reach 100 USD. Now How to receive my AdSense payment?

Answer - If you have no bank account then you can open a bank account with the same name and address as mentioned in your Google AdSense.  

Note - Always fill the real address and name in Google Gmail and AdSense account because Google verify the address and bank details. If they found unmatched then they reject your AdSense account or payment. 

2. Question- My friends or Family Member Name should be Match in my AdSense account?

Answer - Yes! If you want to verify your friend or your family bank account as AdSense payee then create a new email or add their email as secondary email in your Google AdSense and follow the all verification process as I have mentioned above. 

3. Question- How to add new email id in AdSense account so that I could add as payee and verify new email and bank account of my friend or family.

How Can I receive Google adsense payment in my friends bank account

Note - To add other email in your AdSense account follow the below steps- 

Go to Setting - Account - Personal Setting - Account information - Use different Email

Important - Here you have to enter their Name as Bank account

Follow the above steps and add your friends or family Gmail Id as secondary emails. 

 Very important - Now you can login in AdSense account with new added email id and passwords. So take care. When you use the friend or family Email id then you should have to full trust on them. Otherwise I would recommend open your account with the same name and address.

4. Question- My friend or family don't have Google AdSense but they have bank account. So Can I add as payee and receive the payment?

Answer-  you only receive the payment when they have Google AdSense verified account.  So follow the above steps to add and verify their account. After that you can receive the payment successful otherwise not. 

5. Question- My friends use Google AdSense and he/ or she is receiving Google payment, so May I use their Account to receive my Payment? 

Answer-  Yes it is very simple methods to receive the Google AdSense payment in friend or family account.  Just you have to add new payee details as I have mentioned how to add new payee in AdSense account.  In this way you can receive the payment without any verification. Because your friend follow all the Google payment process already and their account is verified by Google AdSense and bank. 

So best way to receive the Google AdSense payment is that use any verified AdSense user in your new payee. But you must take care that you have full trust on him/her. 

Now Hope you are very clear in what case you can receive the Google AdSense payment in friends account.

Note - I have written this article when I have full proof and face such issues when i was new user. Now I am 3 year old AdSense user and I have my own verified AdSense account with verified my own bank account. I face same issues with my bank and I followed the bank verification first time as I mentioned above. 

In recent time one of friend face issues to transfer the payment and he use his bank account but unable to verify the bank account details with Google AdSense. So Google failed successful transfer money. At last he contacted me and As I have mentioned above, I have verified bank account with AdSense so I received their payment successfully without any issue. 

After all the above verification I have written this post and now I am clear about the Google AdSense payment process. 

If Still if you have any questions and face any issues then comment below or mail me your question. I will try to give you full suggestion.  Thanks to visit my blog.

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