7 Digital Marketing Trends for 2021 | Top Digital Trends in 2021

We have started the new year, and top companies are already starting to model their action plan for this year. If you have already started planning the online marketing strategies and budget for 2021, be prepared to face the questions related to the tactics you are going to use with your clients. And the most important thing, is which of those tactics can help you get a more efficient conversion.

What is Digital Marketing Trends of 2018

Here are the 7 Digital Marketing Trends for 2018

To plan a good marketing strategy, we present the 7 Digital Marketing trends for 2018 that you can implement to your planning process with personalized, more visual content or implementing data analysis. Next, we discuss the best strategies to get leads, conversions, and engagement.

1. Micro-Moments

The gadgets of the mobile have proven to be a great influence on customer interaction and commitment to brands around the world. But the most surprising thing is the concept of "micro-moments", which has driven the change to mobile phones, from long-term plans such as buying a house, or something small like meat in a nearby store, or even locating the ingredients of a recipe from the mobile, etc ... many of these micro-moments stimulate the use of our mobile phone.

According to Google, micro-moments are critical and allow us to evaluate the points where customers expect brands to meet their needs with relevant information, regardless of time and location.

Smart Phone Digital Marketing Trends

At the time when the consumer has the need to consult something, most users will use their smartphone to do a search instantly. Only successful brands have the tendency to anticipate the exact micro-moment to offer the user the correct information at the precise time in which the consumer needs it.

Access to information quickly and in a single click is the basis for achieving consumer confidence and building a long-term relationship.

2. The Visual is more Important than ever

Any interesting detail that we can find on the Internet, whether it is a pair of puppies playing or an advertisement whose protagonist is a top model, always has a visual element that accompanies it, usually a video. With a video, people tend to accept and take things to a higher level. The use of visual elements and interactive elements convey an adequate and rich message. Therefore, we encourage the audience to participate by giving like, sharing the content, etc ...

Over time, brands have managed to introduce very attractive video content on different social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, or Instagram.

Mobile users tend to spend more time than ever with their smartphones in their hands, wanting to watch online videos. Consumers are attracted to the videos because they have a better experience with a visual element. Considering this, the tendency to promote quality video content is very likely to grow in the future.

3. Better Visibility with Native Ads

To convey a clear image in front of the right audience, native advertising has become one of the most recurrent marketing methods. Most users find intrusive advertising frustrating and irrelevant. For example, finding a pop-up out of context at the beginning of a website can cause the user to leave the page immediately.

Against this, we have native ads. It makes it possible for brands to offer their products in a less intrusive way, easily mixing with the environment in which the user is comfortable.

Native ads blend so well that consumers can not even detect it as advertising, instant content, search advertising, or recommended content. Instead of being aggressive with advertising, the key is to show the information to the user at the time he needs it.

4. Say yes to Personalized and Customer-Centric Content

If something has defined online marketing strategies this year has been the content, which will continue to be the main element in marketing plans. Its objective is very important: to offer a personalized experience to the consumer. The question is clear: how can we know the specific needs of each client?

customer-centric content for Website or blog

The key is to escape from the traditional static content and prepare a more dynamic and information-rich one. The best practice is to create dynamic websites and a good automation marketing plan with which we send our most relevant content. This will help us create a unique experience for the client that will reflect their needs and preferences.

What is smart content? It is that content that is intelligently personalized in terms of the needs of our clients. The creation of intelligent content helps us identify the different buyer persona, and thus create a customized communication for each client and their needs.

Why should we personalize the messages? Because they will give us better performance! When brands tend to associate with people, a personal link is created so that the personalization of the content also makes sense. It is the most powerful way to reach your customers and get the desired conversions.

 5. Create a Team of Influencers

If we have a customer who loves our brand, he or she can spread it by word of mouth and brand awareness can spread. But, how do we convert a client into a powerful influence?

Although there are several ways to achieve this, the basic roadmap is the same: recognize and provide the needs of customers. If we offer solutions that really understand and solve your problems, it is easy to get your loyalty to the brand. To get a team of influencers that become an additional weapon for the promotion of the brand, marketers must first understand the benefits that can bring a group of influencers.

Top Marketing Trends in 2018

If the client is happy with the performance of the brand, it is very likely that he/she promotes it in his circle whether it is his workplace, group of friends, or a social network. The objective is to express the opinion and positive experience of a brand. This will create a chain reaction as the consumer will tell his family, friends, and other people in his circle that they will be curious about our brand and products.

In addition, converting consumers into influencers is one of the ways to reduce the budget and an indispensable way to enhance brand recognition.

But what happens if we want to have more control over the whole process? There is also the possibility of using an ambassador of the most popular profile brand to promote our brand, products, or services. The return on investment and the diffusion of the brand into the hands of an influential and well-known person are undoubtedly positive, but not all brands can afford it.

We can have a product equipped with state-of-the-art features that are beneficial to our target audience. But when there is a recognized and well-valued person who promotes the product, an additional impulse in the interaction and public response is achieved.

 6. Invest in Content Developers

It is about creating content that is easy to remember, unique, and personalized. How do we do it? Hiring an experienced writer who can not only write unique and creative content. Your knowledge base should be powerful enough to write fluently on different topics in order to impact a large audience in different sectors.

Smart Digital Marketing Trends 2018

The plan is to develop and promote content that strengthens our current customers and encourages them to continue counting on us, as well as attracting new ones. An experienced writer knows how to play with words creatively. It will develop a story/case study related to our brand that will create a link with the client at a more personal level.

The objective of the editorial team should be to produce content that facilitates a conversation that encourages the audience to trust that we will provide them with up-to-date and authentic information on the different topics of the sector.

 7. Convert with the Correct Data

If we have the right data, a digital marketing professional can understand the exact behaviour of the consumer and their needs. With this year's trend of providing real-time answers to consumers is increasingly crucial, the association of data with the right tools will be vital.
Why is there a need for Big Data?

Way of Digital Marketing Trend for 2018

Big Data is one of the most common issues in terms of data management and is always accompanied by a large number of questions. Due to the amount of data involved and its great emphasis in different fields such as digital marketing, professional marketing, native, etc ... its implementation in marketing strategies is quite complex and impossible to summarize.

Equipped with the right marketing arsenal, any digital marketing agency can use Big Data.   Posted by Mr. Amit Saxena