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Are you looking to hire SEO Freelancer in New Delhi or the Gurgaon area? Then you are now in the right place. We offer freelance SEO and SMO services along with PPC at the best price. We promote E-commerce, Real estate, Education, tours and travel, Personal Websites. Mover and Packer, Housing and gardening, Ticket booking, Foods delivery, and so on. Don’t hesitate to call me any time at 8285241104 and discuss business ideas like – how to promote the website on Google, How many long times take to come website in the top ranking, how to develop an SEO friendly website and many other questions without any cost. We assist you free at cost so don’t be late and discuss all the things on the phone. For more, you can connect me on skype – amtsaxena 

What is Freelance SEO Services mean? Is a freelance SEO suitable for me if I have a new business?

Freelance SEO expert in New Delhi, Hire SEO Expert in Gurgaon

Well, First of all, I want to introduce freelance SEO work. Freelance SEO means working from home personally on your project and handling everything by yourself. We provide all the things the company offers you like web promotion content and some basic changes in designing and developing.  You can call and take advice free at cost for your business anytime. We are always available to assist you with your requirement.   I think you understand well freelance SEO work now.

Why did You Hire me?

Well, it’s the first question in mind why I should hire SEO Freelancer in Delhi, Gurgaon? So let me say something about me and my professional experience - Right now I have 8 years + of experience in SEO, SMO and PPC profile. I have done SEO work for more than 100 websites till today. First 4 years; I worked on well organized Digital marketing company in Delhi & Noida and now we start work from home. So I have all the experience on how to work on different types of websites. I have done SEO work for both Global and Local business websites both. We have all the experience to work on an E-commerce website along with services provider websites.  We know well to do SEO on Word press Websites, PHP websites, Magento websites, ASP.net websites, HTML websites. So you can say that we have no issues what the platform on which your website was developed. 

SEO freelancer in New Delhi, Best Freelancer in Gurgaon

How Long time you take for a website to rank in Google? Or how much time do we start to get traffic and response through the website? 

Yeah!! About 99% of website owners ask these types of questions to SEO experts. So frankly I want to say to you that it depends on business keywords and your area where you want to top rank in Google.  As you know that there is huge competition these days in digital marketing. A lot of company is already well ranked on Google so you should think by yourself. How can you imagine getting top rank in Google within 1 or 2 months only? So if you have started a long time business then you should also wait for a minimum of 3 to 6 months to get top rank in Google. But we can surely say that you can see the ranking on Google after starting the SEO on a website. Your website will visible in Google search and you get traffic on your website.  You can compare the web traffic between the last and the current month. So let’s start first then you must get the best result within a short span of time.

Do you work for only selected Keywords or manage all Website Keywords?

It is very important for Freelancers or website owners too.  So here I want to clear about both conditions.  First of all, I would like to recommend you manage all websites and unlimited keywords. As you know that a commercial website has many more keywords and keywords increase day by day if we add new pages & products on websites. So it’s better for you that hire for the entire website; not only selected keywords.  When we start SEO then we have to fix all the issues from the whole website. So I have to manage each and everything on-site because the better and top ranking website should be fully optimized and error-free.  If you have a static website and limit services then you can choose the limit keywords. But as you know that people can search different types of keywords about your business or services, so better is that; To hire for the whole website.

What is the monthly charge for freelance SEO Service? How do you get an SEO charge for the website promotion?

Very frankly we tell you the SEO charges after analysis of your website keywords, keywords competitions local or global.  I am telling you because; I don’t know what kinds of business you have and what are keywords on which you want to get ranked in Google. So call us at 91-8285241104 and discuss business and business keywords then I will tell you the charges of SEO.  You can mail us your website URL at  amitsaxena0503@gmail.com so that I could analyze the whole website and discuss with you what will the charges be for your websites. So don’t hesitate any more and call us directly 24*7.

Is charge more than a company or less than a company? What will be the method to pay for freelance SEO services in Delhi and Gurgaon?

Don’t worry about Freelance SEO Charges.  You have to pay only 60% to compare to a company. You can pay us via NEFT bank transaction without any tax. You can pay me in cash too. 

Do you also provide the work status and keyword ranking monthly as a company provides?

Yes! I will provide you monthly SEO work activities report in an excel sheet. You can check the live URL or different types of Promotion URLs like Article Live URL, Blog Live URL, PR Live URL, Social Bookmarking URL and many other work activity live URLs. So don’t worry about it. We provide the same work report as the company does. We provide all keywords monthly ranking which is manually checked in Google.  If you wish we can also provide a Google Analytics report monthly.

What is your work Strategy for Freelance SEO? How to start SEO on our website?

Well, it’s a very interesting question.  First of all, if you have already developed the website and live then we will analyze the whole website and make it SEO and user-friendly. If need any changes then you have to do changes in the website as we required for SEO, if you have a web developer then I will discuss it with him directly and do changes according to SEO strategy.  If you haven’t a web developer and web designer then we also offer Freelance website developers and designers at an affordable price. You have to pay extra for it.

What will be the work activities you will do for our website and how much?

It’s a very important question. So here I would like to say that first of all we do on-page SEO work activities like fixing Meta Title, Meta Description of all pages as business keywords targeted. If required extra pages then you have to add extra pages by the web developer.  If your website has duplicate content or is not SEO friendly then you will have to change the web content. The charge for web content will be extra. We offer professional freelance content writers too. After fixing all issues and making the website fully SEO optimized we will start off-page activities.  For pages promotion; we will write the promotional content by ourselves (my professional well experienced content writer) as we required for top ranking as soon as possible.  There is no extra charge for off-page content like articles, blogs, PR, and Social promotional content.

Hire best SEO freelancer in New Delhi, Gurgaon

Do you also manage SMO work activities like Facebook, Google+ Twitter, Linkedin, and others?

Yes! Of course; we will manage free at the cost of your all social media account. But if you want to special banner post then you have to pay banner designer charges extra.  Otherwise no any extra charges for SMO services.

Can you fix the meeting to deal with business ideas in detail in Delhi and Gurgaon?

Yes, why not? We can fix a meeting at your office or home as your comfortable day and discuss in detail SEO strategy and Business Ideas. To fix a meeting call us or send messages on my personal number @91-8285241104. 

Now; I hope you understand well about SEO freelance services and no doubt. If you have still a query then don’t hesitate; Call me anytime. 

What are the main benefits to hire freelance SEO compared to the Company?

At last, I think you have some questions like what are the benefits of hiring freelance SEO to compare to SEO Company in New Delhi. So I would like to say the following benefits to hiring Freelance SEO services in New Delhi and Gurgaon.

  1. All SEO work activities will be done by a well-experienced SEO expert who has more than 5 years of experience.  Generally in Company; Fresher and one year experience guy work on your project that has no knowledge of the current SEO technique. 
  2. You have to pay less money compare to SEO companies.  You will not have to pay any services tax for Freelance SEO services.
  3. Support and free suggestions at any time.
  4. On-time work report and directly discuss by me about SEO work progress report. 
  5. If any changes to the website; we will fix them on the spot. 

So hire a freelance SEO expert in Delhi or Gurgaon without any hesitation.  

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