How to Improve Windows 8, 8.1 Laptop Speed Performance to Work Fast

Do you still use windows 8 and fed up some slow process then you are now at the right place. Here I am going to share some tips on how to improve Windows 8 laptop speed performance; so that you could work fast on Windows 8 PC. These tips improve your computer work performance; so don't be late and just follow the steps below -

Note - These Tips are also useful for windows 8.1 user. So windows 8.1 user also follow the step below to increase laptop performance.
Improve Windows 8 Laptop Performance to Work Fast

1. Always Keep Your System clean and Error-free- We frequently delete the file and folder so system store some information about these files and folder so we should always keep it clean and error free. So follow the step to clean system drive

  1. Just go to window search or press windows key + Q
  2. Search "defrag"
  3. Check the box "Run on Schedule"
  4. Choose the frequent option (Weekly, monthly or as you wish)

2. Always Check Drive Error - It helps to check the drive error and virus free. So scan it time to time do this follow the steps
  1. Just go to computer drive
  2. Right click and select properties one by one drive
  3. Now click the check button that is under the tool tab
  4. It scans you full drive and if found any error then message you.
  5. You can remove the error or fix it.
Check Drive Error in windows 8

3. Keep On Windows Built in Anti-Malware -  Microsoft offers built-in windows Anti-malware software that protects your PC free of cost. It is a free tool that comes with built-in windows 8 call" window defender" It helps you to secure your PC. So use this tool and improve your PC performance - to check the defender on or off follow the steps.
  1. Go to Windows Search option (Win +Q) and search "Windows Defender"
  2. Click on it
  3. It opens a dialog box
  4. Now you can see on and off mode
  5. You can scan your system here.
  6. You can update it too.
  7. To update this software you should have an internet connection
  8. So use this tool and keep your pc secure and fast performance
Keep On Windows Built in Anti-Malware

4. Use the Power Setting tool for Better Performance -The Power setting tool is very important to improve the work performance. It saves the battery, CPU, RAM and Hard drive performance. By default, windows set the properties well, but still, you can customize it and change the setting as your requirement. So here follow the step below to configure the power setting as you wish.
  1. Search it through Windows Search (Win+Q)
  2. Type "Power Option" in the search box and enter
  3. It opens a power setting pop up box
  4. Go to setting menu and click on "High-performance option"
  5. Here you can change the setting as you wish.
  6. So do your best change and apply it.

Use Power Setting tool for Better Performance

5. Keep the Visual Effect off Always - It consumes too much power, CPU, and Ram performance. You can say that Our operating system invests a lot of time and operation on Visual effect so that your picture quality display attractive and HD mode. So if you want to increase your PC performance and save power and memory of RAM then you can customize the setting. It is very useful if your PC is older than 2 years. You know well after two years CPU and RAM performance goes down therefor your PC work slowly. In this case, the Visual Effect setting is the best option to increase the performance to do this follow the step below.
  1. Go to Windows Search option (Windows +Q)
  2. Type "Advance System Setting"
  3. Click on " View Advance system setting" option
  4. Click on Advance tab-setting-Performance option
  5. Here you can check the box as below images or you can choose as you wish

6.  Frequently  Delete Cache and Temp File and Folder - This is the best idea to increase the performance of any Windows Operating system like window XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 too. So follow the step below and do it again and again after some days like 10, 15 or 30 Days or As you wish.  
  1. Go to Windows Search and Type "Run"
  2. In Run windows Type "Prefetch"
  3. and press enter button
  4. After this, it opens a dialog box that contains a prefetch file that is automatically generated by the system. 
  5. Now select all the files and press Shift+ delete button it
Frequently  Delete Cache and Temp File and Folder

Again follow the above step and this time type in Run windows " %temp%"
  1. It opens with temp file and folder 
  2. select all and delete it 
  3. Maybe your system ask admin password 
  4. so enter the admin password if you have
  5. If you have not set admin pass then press enter
  6. Delete all file and folder

Note  - Some time you are unable to delete all file and folder so skip it.

Again  repeat the above step and this time type in run windows "Recent" and press enter key
Delete all recent file.

Now I hope your PC work fast and provide you with better performance. If you have any question in mind then ask me in the comment section. If you want to get all the latest tips and trick about technology then subscribe to my blog. Thanks