How to Add Flipkart Affiliate Advertising on Blog

Today I am sharing here, how to earn with Flipkart advertisement? This is a very simple and easy way to earn online techniques through the ads. I think you would like to join this program and earn through your blog or website. So do the following steps and earn the Flipkart affiliate advertisement program.

How to Earn flipkart affiliate Ad, How to Add Flipkart ad on blog

1. Open this Flipkart website URL - (See the Screen Shot)

How to join Flip-cart affiliate program, How to earn with flip-cart  ad online

2. After Open This Page you should create an account on this.
3. Fill up all information as required.

There are two Important Steps in this program when you fill up Information:

First: -  In the website Address option: (Enter the Website or Blog Full address with Http:// on which you want to add advertisement banners or Text ad link)

Second:  Give the Pan No Option (It means you have to fill up your Bank account No on which you want to transfer your earning Money through add.)

4. After filling up all information you have a unique User Id and Password.
5. Don't forget to verify your email Id on which you fill.
6. Now you are a member of a flip-chart affiliate program.

Now Log Out this page. (It is important for further Steps)

Now Open the Same URL- 

Here:  Now login with your user Email and Password; then you will get the following dash-board  (see in the Screenshot)

How to join flipkartaffiliate program, How to earn with flipkart  ad online

Here I have indicated the following things

1.  Link URL of Flip-cart Page
2. Your Log in Emil Id

And Two Important things

3.The text box in which you have to enter any flip-cart product URL and generate Banner code or Text link  

Important: -  In this text box you have inserted that specific product URL which you want to generate banner and add on your blog or website. Suppose you have a fashion Related blog or website and you want to Add a T-shirt Ad banner the first you have to go on flip cart website and choose the  T-shirt which you want to sell/add a banner. Click on that T-shirt Image then you are now the T-shirt Page.  Now  Simply Go to address bar and copy the full URL and paste it in the URL Box as I mentioned Above Screen Short. see the Screen Short how to copy URL

How to join flipkartaffiliate program, How to earn with flipkart  ad online

After Insert, the specific product URL click on generate  Code  (see the screen Shot)

How to Earnflipkart affiliate Ad, How to Add Flip - cart ad on blog

Now on the Above Image three-button is provided.

the last button is given for short Long URL - So you can short the Long URL and after that copy the URL and paste this link on your blog or website where you want to Advertise the product

4th Indicate your Quick earning Status that how much you earn.

Now Very Important, you want to know how to add banner Add for specific product So do the Following Step:

1. Just the Text box below see the other Box -  Search  for Product    (See in the Screen short)

how to joint flipkart advertisement program

In this search box you can search the specific Product with keyword - Just Enter your product keyword and click on Go button you will get the list. here you have to choose the product which you want to add on your blog or website as a banner.

In the right-hand side, you see the two Button Get Link and Get Banner (See in Screen Short)

How to Earn flipkart affiliate Ad, How to Add flipkart ad on blog

2. Now you have to click on Get Banner Button. After 5 to 10 Sec Generate Banner Link.
3. Now Copy the link and add it on your blog or website where you want to See on your blog/website.

Note: I am telling you here add on Blogger how to add it like a banner.

1. Just Log in to your Blogger Account.
2. Go to Layout 
3. Add New Gadget
4. Add Java/Html
5. Give a Title 
6. And Last Paste the Copy banner Code in the text box and Save it.
7. Arrange it as you wish where you want to Show Ad.
8. Save your blog.
Now Open the Blog. You See the Flip-cart Advertisement Banner.
Keep it up.

Note: I think you have the last question in your mind how do you get money and how much.

So I want to tell you here. the earning depend on how much visitors click on your ad banner and purchase online the product on flip-chart website.-  for more About it. Visit this Flip-card Earning details -     see the Screen short - 

How to Earn flipkart affiliate Ad, How to Add flipkart ad on blog

Now I think. You can join the Flipkart affiliate advertisements and earn many more as you wish.

Thanks for staying here.