How to Find Lost Windows 7 or 8 Product Key Easily | Quickly

Are you looking for help to find out the lost windows 7, 8 or Windows 8.1 product key then you are now in the right place. I have shared three methods to find the windows product key quickly free at cost. So don't worry now if you don't know your OS product key and now want to re-install it. So; just you have to follow some steps.  Let's start one -by one-

First of all, I want to remind something. It might be helpful for you.

1st- If you purchased the windows 7, 8 or 8.1  then the product key are available on CD/DVD. So If you keep your CD/DVD then check it. The product keys are available there so you don't need to go further steps. You can reinstall and use the product key which is on the CD. You don't need to buy a new one or find the product key. Remember - The product key validation date.

2nd- If you download windows 7, 8 or window 8.1 through Microsoft Website then Microsoft send you an email with the validated product key. So you should check your Email id and find that email. Most cases people save it for future use. So might be; you also save this mail. From there you can copy the product key and use it after re-installation.  

Are you one of above then you don't need to follow the below methods. If you have remaining product key validation time then you can re-install your OS successfully and use without any issues. But you don't have CD or Email of Microsoft Windows Operating System then you will have to follow the step below. 

As you know Product Key is very essential things so Microsoft keeps it secure and don't share with anyone. If you are a registered user of Microsoft then you can call Microsoft for Help. But if you are not the registered user then you have to download third party tinny software to find out the windows product key. Don't worry these are free software and you should have download only form their website only.  

Howto find out the lost windows 7 product key

Here I am going to tell you two software that is very useful to find out the key.

1. Asunsoft Product Key Geeker to Find the Product key

It is very nice software to find out the all Microsoft product key like windows vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, 8 or Windows 8.1. It also finds the Microsoft office product key. It is an available to trial version and paid version. If you want to use it all features then you have to buy it. Otherwise, you can go with the trial version. So here I am going to share how to find with the trial version. Note: It might work only on the same day. So you have to follow the step on the same day. Otherwise, it might not work. Follow the step below
  1. Download Asunsoft Product Key Geeker
  2. Install it on your PC which you want to find the product key
  3. After installation, the software open it
  4. Click on Start Recovery
  5. After some time you get the list of some other Microsoft Product key and Product ID
Note: In the trial version, it shows only first 5 char on Product key. So if you want to see the full key you have to purchase it.

To find the Windows Product ID of windows 7/ Windows 8 just follow the step below
  1. Open Run Command (win+R)
  2. Type in box  "regedit"
  3. Click on Ok
  4. Now you have to go to this directory -


and find the product id (Ctrl+F)

Find windows 7 product key

Here you get the product ID information.

2. To Use "Belarc Advisor" Software to find out the Windows 7 or 8 product key

This Software is also good to find out the windows 7 or Windows 8, 8.1 product key. It's totally free. Follow the steps below
  1. Download Belarc Advisor
  2. You can download it form Filehippp
  3. After download, install it in your PC
  4. You have to wait some time, it automatically open with pop up windows
  5. It asks to check new adviser security definition
  6. Check it and click on Ok button
  7. Wait some time
  8. After some process, it shows 25 Chars Windows 7 or your OS product Key
  9. Write down it in the safe place and use it when you re-install the windows 7 or other OS.
Note One another tips to find the Windows 7 Product key. It is easy but it's not worked each time. But you can try it once to get easily windows 7 product key. Follow the steps below-

Method 3. Through Command Prompt

  1. Open Windows Command Prompt (Win+X) 
  2. Type the following
  3. wmic path SoftwareLicensingService get OA3xOriginalProductKey
  4. Just you have to type above all bold text
  5. And hit Enter key
  6. It shows the product Key Information
  7. Write down it and use it when re-install windows 7
Note  - Sometimes this command doesn't work. So you can use any one of the other methods as I mentioned above.

Hope you get the right solutions to find out the Windows key and Happy to use the above method. If you have any questions or want to share your Idea then comment below. If you want to get other latest tips about technology then don't forget to subscribe to my Blog. Thanks