How to Fix Windows 7 Boot Problems Using Startup Repair Tool Easily

Fix Windows 7 Boot Problems Using Startup Repair Tool

Are you facing issues in windows 7 like-  Corrupt boot configuration data, File system metadata corruption, your Registry become corrupted, Having issues installing problem or incompatible drivers and others then you don't need to worry about it. You can fix it by windows 7 "Startup Repair" tool very easily and quickly. It is just repair all the missing file and driver which is left during windows installation. So let's see step by step guide how to troubleshoot windows 7 boot problems using startup repair tool.

How to Fix Startup Problems with the Windows Startup Repair Tool

Windows 7 offers very easy graphics step to repair missing files.It automatically load startup repair tool and scan your full P to find out the issues and repair automatically everywhere found the missing files and driver. during this PC might reboots many times so don't worry about it and let's complete the process.

Some times windows 7 not boot automatically. In this case you have to do the following. 

Now follow the steps below

1. After reboot the PC. You have to press any key to start boot from CD, DVD or USB

How to Fix Windows 7 Boot Problems Using Startup Repair Easily

2. A few second windows show "Windows is loading file". So let complete it.

3. After some times you see the install windows screen.

How To Easily Repair Windows 7 Boot Problems Using Startup Repair

4. Now you have to select language, keyboard/input panes and date and time format.

5. After select these option click on next button

6. Now you see the install now and Repair your computer option that is available below (See in PIC)

7. Now click on "Repair You Computer" link.

Repair Windows 7 Using the Startup Repair Tool

8. In the next windows Select operating system and select use recovery tool that can fix the problems
In next windows you can see the many tools like startup repair, system restore, windows complete PC restore, windows memory Diagnostic tool and command prompt options

9. So you have to choose "Startup Repair Option"

How to run a Startup Repair on Windows 7

Startup Repair might take several minute to check  the missing files and drivers  and PC might reboots many times so let finish all these automatically. 

After Some times your PC is ready to use. If startup repair find any missing things then it complete it and finally you see the fix all issues and now you can use  your PC normally. 

Hope you fix the issue to follow the above steps. If you still face any issue then let me know. comment below. I will try to  fix the issues. 

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