How to Use WhatsApp on PC / Computer

Hello Friends, Do you know? You can use WhatsApp on your PC very easily. Now you can Chat WhatsApp on desktop or laptop. If you are using windows 7 and above version then you can enjoy the world famous and most used messenger Whatsapp. It has the same functionalities as mobile WhatsApp. So follow the steps below and enjoy the WhatsApp on Computer.

How to use whatsapp on PC? How to use whatsapp in Laptop

Note -  Some Important things.-

1- Internet connection should be available on both mobile Phone and PC.

Now Follow the step below -  for easy understanding I have provided image too.

Step 1 - Go to Google Search  Engine homepage  and search   Whatsapp on PC

How can we use Whatsaap on Desktop, Tips to use whatsapp on PC

Step 2 -  Open the Whatsapp website - (You can copy this web address and open directly)

Steps how to use whatsapp in Desktop

Step - 3. Now the following Whatsapp web will open  - 

How to set up whatsapp on PC

Note -   Scan code will valid for 1 minute so keep ready your mobile phone to scan this code - 

Now I am going to tell you the step of scan this code  - 

Step -  4   Open your Whatsapp on Mobile phone and go to option menu -  and click on WhatsApp Web Option as below Image.

Tip to whatsapp chat on PC/ Laptop

Step 5 - Now After clicking the WhatsApp option Mobile Camera in On automatically. Now you have to capture the full  Scan Code which is showing on your Computer Screen - 

How to start WhatsApp Chat on Computer

Step 6 -  it can take 5 to 10 sec only. If the Image code scan then WhatsApp open Automatically

Now WhatsApp activates on your PC.  Yahooooo !!! ----------- Now you can enjoy the chat and all facilities like Mobile.

See the live chat screen on PC -

How to use whatsapp chat on PC

Note - 1. First time A pop up open and ask you for enabling notification so enable the notification option. Now if you work on another tap then you got a notification message as Facebooks. So you can open the chat tab and see your friend message.

Note 2 -  Take care -if mobile internet connection off then your PC Whatsapp will close too. So don't close the net connection on the Mobile phone too.

Note 3 -  If you want to close the chat simply close the Whatsapp tab. 

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