How to Get Entry in Bollywood Film Industry as Actor / Actress

Are you fond of Bollywood film Industry and want to make a bright carrier in the Bollywood then you have to do a lot of struggle for this but you know everything is possible if you have full determination to do anything at any cost. If you have full self-confidence and ready to work hard then that day is not far away, you may be also famous as other film stars. So read some reality, how to get the entry in Bollywood. Here I am going to discuss some tips and suggestions for it. I think if you are doing these all things then you must be famous. There are following things which are very important to be stars; so read the tips below carefully- 

how to enter in Boollywood, How to start make carrier in Film Industry

1. Passion - If you have passion to do acting by childhood then it is great to sign to get entry in Bollywood, If you think each and every time about acting and do the acting any time in real life then you must be stars one day, So don't be shy and do the acting in front of family, friends, relatives and unknown persons too. It is not important that you act only like action hero/ heroine. You can act like dance, cry, laugh, sing, and copy the others stars voice (called mimicry). You can see the stars they can copy easily others film stars voice and acting. If you do this then you are a great sign to get an entry in the film. So don't hide the passion of act before people and do it openly any time anywhere. 

Tips to get entry in Bollywood Industry, How to entry in Boollywood easily

2. Take Role in Play -  I think if you have the passion to do acting then you must play role in drama and stage show in school, college and village’s event show or any marriage or party celebration. You should take part openly in these occasions and show your talent of performance to the audience. You can win the heart of people to singing, dancing, and acting and you can become famous as soon as locally. Once you famous local then you will be well known in your city, state soon. So don’t waste the chances to take part in any events. You should perform anywhere without any hesitation and fear. I think you know some history about local actors and actress who are stars today in film. So don’t be shy and to do rock everywhere. It is also the sign of film stars.

Easy tips to get entry in Boollywood, How to entry in Boollywood first time

3. Take Right Decision - It is very important that in which field you would like to make carrier and what is your intent and what is the special ability in you. If you are fond of dance then focus on dance only, if you are fond of singing then you should try to do the best in singing or if you are found of acting then try to do some extra acting. Like as singing, dancing, and acting there are various types of opportunities in film Industry like as Music player, story writing, direction, music composer, cameramen and many other areas in Bollywood film industry in which you can make your carrier bright. Choose only in which you are well interested. You can famous in your field only if you perform best and do something new. So try to choose your best and interesting areas in Bollywood. It is the also way to get the entry in the film industry. I think you know well some famous music composer and director and story writer, (Here I cannot write the name of the person because there are many personalities in Bollywood who are well known for their activities).

How to make career in Boollywood? How to start career in Bollywood

4. Choose your Icon - If you choose the certain field in Bollywood then you must choose your favorite Icon/Stars. I mean you should follow the daily life of your superstar's activities. You can learn lots from his/her past and inspired lots. It provides spiritual strength and encourages you internally.  Think always do some extra than your Icon. It is also the sign of entry the Bollywood.

How to make career in Bollywood? how to stars make career in Bollywood first time

5. Education -   Education is also an important part of Bollywood. Many Girls/Boys think that Education is not necessary for film Industry, only acting is important. But forget this. Education is very important these days along with acting, so don't drop your study and continue it till graduation at least. You know well today is technology age and stars have to go anywhere in the world to the suit the film. In this condition Education in the only way that helps you each and every step of life. You should be a well expert in English, Hindi and regional language. Do you know the singer can sing the song about 15 to 20 different languages? So don't neglect the education if you are really fond of getting the entry in Bollywood cinema.

How to entry in bollywood cinema? Tips to entry in Bollywood

6. Keen Learner - If you are fond of acting, dancing, singing or others then I think you should be a keen learner. The stars have great memory power. They remember all things and observe soon new things and do easily after some hints of direction.  Because director tells only clue or do something but the stars do extra acting by self and win the people’s heart, So you will have to be the keen learner of new things and remember the old lesions. If you are versatile then it a great sign to get the entry in Bollywood film industry.

How to start career in Boollywood, How to entry in bollywood film industry

 7 - Fashion - Yes! Fashion is very important in Bollywood film Industry; we can say that film is nothing without glamours. So you should change yourself on the basis of the modern fashion age. In Hindi you know well this sentence -  "Jo Dikhata Wahi Bikata Hai"    It means you should be good looking personality, healthy body, Smile face and charming looks are very important, If you have then you are lucky Boy/Girl. The God gift you like this property for Bollybood Industry to get entry easily. I think 50% chances are short out if you are well rich in attractive personality especially for those guys who dreams to be of Bollywood actor or actress. So try to be the Smart boy or beautiful girl and look in some different style in this modern age because 90% people are mad behind the fashion and glamours. I think you know better than me about Bollywood fashion. 

How to easily get entry in Bollywood, Tips to easily entry in Bollywood

8. Money -   We cannot ignore the importance of Money in Bollywood. If you have money to invest the first time then you can get the entry in the film Industry. It is the bitter truth of Indian Bollywood these days. There are lots of guys who dream of entry in Bollywood but they have no money, then they are unable to get chance in the film industry.  But here I want to suggest that don't lose heart, start with the small role, once you achieve name and fame then nobody prevents to go ahead.

Top tips to entry in Bollywood film Industry, How to easily enter in Bollywood

9- Reference - It is one special thing to get the entry in Bollywood industry. If you belong to Bollywood stars family then it is very easy to get the entry but if you do not belong to such kind of family then you have to face some problems but don't lose heart. Try to show your performance best and differ from others then you can be selected by your hard working. There are many such Bollywood stars that were nothing when they are struggling to get an entry but now they have all things.

How to get entry in Boollywood as actors, How to join film industry as actress

Cautions for New Guys - There are many fraud men and women who cheat the newcomer. So beware of such persons. Don't believe unknown persons who tell to get the entry in Bollywood easily if you pay money. I would like to suggest that don't trust soon even you know somebody since last 1, 2 or 3 months only. If any relative or friends also telling you to offer the chance in film after deposit money then you should not give them money. After pay money, they deceive you any time and tell you any fault reason in you and they never return your money. So please keep away such fraud person. Believe in your self and try to best your level.

How to start career as boollywood actors or actress

10. Luck -   Yes, Luck and God are also present today, I think so. If you are lucky boys/girls then Nobody prevents you to achieve stardom at any cost. There are lots of stars are present today who made their carrier by God grace even if they have no money, No good personality, and No any reference. They have only blessed of God and they achieved all that things what they wish. So believe in God and never lose heart and do hard working continuously. You will achieve your goal one day. Because we all know God never cheat anybody. They do all things in your favor. So trust him. All the best!