How to Know your Lover / Beloved Love you or Not?

After a long time, I am going to share a romantic information of life. It may be very import in your life. So today I am going to share with you on the topic - Know your lover/beloved love you in real or not. this question apply both Boys and girls. So It is good for all youth who love someone and don't know she/he love or not in reality. Some time Love is one side so it is important to know first he /she love you or not. If love is both sides then it is good for you otherwise it is not good for your life.

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In this modern technology age, we have affected too much. About 80 % of youth do the job in private and government sector and in that about 60% of youth are unmarried. Boys and Girls work in an office or company along with. In this condition, young mind diverts automatically towards love. To do love is not bad but you should have to know that whom you love, he /she love you too or not. 

It does not only occur in a company or office it may be your relatives or neighbor too. I think about 60% of youth in love one side and don't know about his/her partner wish. Love began through friendship. Some youth take it only friendship way and no other. But some youth began to love and don't know about opposite partner wish. he or she always live in doubt and want to know the reality but afraid of asking him/her.

How to know My lover/beloved love me too or not, How to check my girlfriend love me or not

Now I think you understand well what do I want to say you. So read here some tips to know about your lover/beloved love you or not without asking him/her. Here I am discussing some situation that tells your partner views clearly without saying. So take care of this point and decide self yes or no. Now let's start the point:

Do Plan Self

If your Partner does any plan without asking you, as for example, go to market, do small work without asking you, Go to cinema self and not ask you about it and other activities like as this without your suggestion then think, he or she do not love you anyway. so you should not think about him/or her.

Know girls friends wish, she loves you or not, how to know your lover love you or not

Don’t Support Emotionally

- If you feel about him or her very emotionally but he or she ignore it and make it fun then she/he do not love you at all. You should think that it is one-sided love. only you love him/her. If he/she support you emotionally too then think he/she love you too otherwise not. So you can guess clearly to take care of this point. Suppose you tell him/her suddenly regarding your feelings and he/she don't like to tell you like this then, this is one side love. So try to avoid love to him/her. 

Know girls friends wish, she loves you or not, how to know your lover love you or not

Hide the Love

This point is very important to take care of it. these days many boys or girls do false love I mean only for own benefit. These days I think about 60% love is false and that is only for self-benefit, They love each other for money, times pass or Physical relationship. So it is big problem for boys or girls who want to search real love. So I have one idea that is very suitable and true 90%. So One who love for selfish then he/she always want to hide love. he/she don't want to share their love with others like as friends or family. She/he don't want to tell about their love anybody and hide. So if you do love in real and your partner wants to hide love then 90% he/she does love for only self-benefit whether for money, time pass or physical relationship. So if you are thinking about your love that is true then you are wrong. She/he deceive you anytime. So try to keep away from such partner if you want to really love. Because One who love in real then they do not afraid of any problems and live with you in happiness and misfortune too. If you are suffering from such a condition then you can decide your love is true or false.

Tips to know about partner though about love. What's the though of your partner about you?

Be Angry Again and Again

Sometimes your lover/beloved want to get rid of you then she/he come angry again and again on a little mistake. if you see such behavior in your partner then understand that she/he do want to love you. So you should forget him/her too. because one side love is not good. you know well.

Girl friend  angry and break up, top tips to know about partner thought

Don’t follow too much

One thing that is last but important. if your lover/ beloved don't follow you now then you should think he/she don't love you in real. suppose you go any party and there he or she don't care what you do there and do fun self with other girls/boys then 100% he/she do not love you in real life. So I want to suggest you that don't think about him/her too much and you should also ignore him/her.

how to decide you partner love you too or not?

Now I think you are clear to decide that your partner love you or not. One thing I want to say you, friends, I am not a professional writer so I am sorry for a lot of grammatically mistakes or low quality using words. Because I want to share my thoughts only. What you think I don't know. So if you like this post and think it is true then must comment your view here in the comment box. you can share your thought with me. you are most welcome.

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