Tips for Impress School Girl/College Girl

Unique Tip For Impress School Girl/ College Girl.

How to Impress School Girl/ College girl, Tips for impressing school girls/college girls,
 We always want to make a girlfriend who reads in school, because she looks very cute and charming. You think about how to love school /college girls so I provide you with some tips that may be useful for you. You can try the following ways to impress her-

Be charming

Have witty conversations with the girl. Questions you can ask her are: “Where did you grow up?” “What do you want to do when you grow up?” “What do your parents do for a living?” “Do you have any brothers or sisters?” or “Have you traveled anywhere interesting,” to name a few?

Find a way to compliment her.

 Don’t compliment her all the time, because it will become obvious that you’re really into her. But try to give her at least one nice compliment. If it’s done in the right way, it’s guaranteed that she’ll remember the compliment, and remember you as well. If you’re really confident, give her a compliment about her

looks, like “Your eyes are a pretty color green,” or “Your hairstyle makes you look really pretty.”If you’re a little nervous about complimenting her, say something like “I really like how you stick up for people,” or “You’re really smart; where did you learn all of that?”

Find out what you’re smart at.

Girls like guys who are smart. That doesn't mean you have to be Einstein to get a girl, but it does mean that you have to be smart about something. Find out what you’re smart about. Maybe it’s sports, maybe it’s stock car racing, maybe it’s American History. Be proud of what you’re smart about and don’t be afraid of hiding it.

Make friends

Making friends is a social sign that you have a lot to offer, and that people generally like you. If you don’t have too many friends and don’t want to make more, that’s fine. But if you’re a social guy and you enjoy the company of others, put yourself out there and start making friends. She’ll see the attention you’re getting from other people and wonder what she’s missing.

Make friends with cool girls, especially. 

If you make friends with other girls, which tells her that she can trust you because other girls trust you. Pretty soon, you’ll grow more comfortable around them. Making friends with girls is especially smart because you might hear information about her — what she likes, what she doesn't like, who she’s interested in — that could be valuable later on.

Be the guy who everyone wants to be around.

Be an all-around guy. Be able to talk to the Goths, jocks, popular kids, geeks, and everyone else. She will feel way more comfortable around you knowing that you are cool with everyone you know, instead of being the lonely guy in the back of the classroom who has no friends. Start slow, though. You don’t need to be friends with everyone all of a sudden.

Impress her with your brains.

Act smarter and more mature than those other idiots. But don’t come off as a geek or nerd. If you REALLY want to impress her, be interested in her, find her fascinating, listen to her, and encourage her to tell you what her opinion is about things, value her input and show sincere respect for her as a person. Do this.

 Impress with your eye contact:

 Try to get her to know that you notice her. Girls love it when you have intense eye contact. Wait, now don’t just stare. Learn how to impress a girl with your eyes. Converse through your eyes. Let your eyes tell her that you’re enjoying her company and you love being with her. When you feel it, trust me, it shows. Concentrate on her face, however hard it is. You can stare at her awe-inspiring cleavage when she turns around to talk to her friend. Involve yourself in the conversation, and add in a few nods every now and then, and let her know that you’re totally interested in the conversation.

Make friends with everyone.

 especially girlfriends, but DON’T flirt with every girl you see Girls might get discouraged and think you like someone else, and then they will stop trying. She will feel way more comfortable around you knowing that you are cool with everyone you know, instead of being the geek in the back of the classroom who has no friends.

Make her feel really comfortable around you.

Make sure that she knows that she is able to come to you with any problems that she might be having in her life. Also, make sure that she knows that not only can you listen to her problems, but you can also solve her problems, or maybe at least just come up with ideas to help her solve them. Be warned, however. Offering advice is one thing, but girls don’t talk about their problems to someone because they want that person to try and solve them all. They want someone who will listen, first and foremost.

 Now here’s the big step

say “I like you” first and then ask her out to a movie, or to lunch If she feels the same way that you feel about her, then she will most likely say yes. Girls usually think that the guy will make the first move, so ask her out whenever you feel like she’s close to you.

Can you touch a girl?

Obviously, you can. But don’t. Unless you want to be charged for groping an innocent girl in public. There’s a right time to touch and a time when you pretend she’s an 11,000-volt live wire. She might not show her displeasure when you mildly molest her But I can assure you that if she doesn't like it when you touch her, this could be the last conversation you would ever have with this girl.

Find out what you both have in common

and make sure that she knows that you two have the same likes and dislikes.

Never try to be physical

with her, She might get uncomfortable around you and get scared away.

Know the latest fashions.

 trends, music, movies, and TV shows Pick up a newspaper or a magazine and read through all of the sections. Get a general knowledge of what is going on in today’s teen world so you will have a lot to talk about.

Be yourself and show

her who you really are Note one thing that every girl has different thinking so try to understand her, and don’t over-limit yourself.

Asking Her Out On a Date

The wrong way to ask: ”Hey, would you want to go on a movie date with me next weekend?” She might be a little put off that you’re asking her on a date. The right way to ask: ”Hey, I got two tickets to that movie that we were talking about last week, would you want to go with me?” If she asks you whether it’s a date, then you can say “yes.” You’ll have a lot more success asking for a date if you don’t call it a date.

The little signs that show she’s impressed

There are these little signs she shows you that can pretty much be understood as a Go signal to touch her occasionally, and that you've done a good job brushing up your skills on how to impress a girl.

I think Now it is easy to make a girlfriend. You must try these steps if you want to really make a girlfriend. Best of luck.