How to Impress Woman and Beautiful Girls

Unique Tips to Impress Indian Girls

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 I think sometimes that any girl like me also like other boys. But I think Girl want only rich strong body boy and high profile guy. Girl likes which boy who spends a lot of money on her but it is not true completely. Here I tell you some steps to clear this matter by my experience.

India is a traditional country. Although people are becoming modern with every passing day still there is a traditional touch in them. The same is the case with Indian girls. They are becoming modern but still having that Indian touch. I had spent a huge time surfing on the net and books to get tips and techniques
for attracting girls. But most of them didn't work for Indian girls
. So I decided to find it myself. And now after 2 years of hard work I can say that being successful with girls.

Some Suspicious In Guys are: 

Guys generally have this misconception that they will not get girls because they are not good looking, they are not rich, and they are short, and so on many problems.

All is wrong these so:

Have you ever noticed that a worst looking guy is hanging with a real babe? What do you feel at that time? Most of the couples in this world are not made for each other; always there is one who's better. So please, throw this creepy thinking out of your mind.

There is nothing like this

So, the first thing that you have to believe that you are attractive and you can easily attract girls As men we're primarily attracted to the stereotypical "Hot Girl”. And according to popular men's magazines, all guys desire thin, fair, and large-breasted models. (While you might have different Tastes, this type of girl is statistically found to be the most popular type of woman among men.)

Now what's interesting is women are attracted to different things than men. First off, each woman has varied tastes in men. What they find attractive really depends on their personality. Some love large hulking men, while others are attracted to thin, intellectual types.

In addition, women are primarily attracted to traits that are not based on personal appearance. Things like confidence, goal orientation, and humor are all traits that can attract a woman. Obviously, this is good news!

No matter what faults you might find in your own appearance, you can still be very successful with women. If you know how to demonstrate an attractive personality then it becomes easy to succeed with women. So the moral of this post is to STOP worrying about your looks.

There are two ways that attract girls/women:-

Have you ever been completely frustrated when it comes to attracting the type of girl you like to you? I think we've all been in those situations where you admire a girl from far, and wonder what it’s going to take to get her to fall in love with you and we all want to know how we can make her attracted to us.

Major factors in being an attractive man are:


As it is rightly said that CONFIDENCE is the most important thing in life to become successful. The same is the case with girls. I can tell you how to meet girls, how to approach them. but I don’t know that whether you have enough confidence or not to follow them or not. The more confident you are, the easier it is for you to do what needs to be done with women.


I don’t think that it is required to tell about personality. But let me tell you one thing personality does not mean that you have to be tall shaped body etc. It means how you show your confidence. It depends on your on you ability to present yourself in front of people.

The more personality you have, the easier it is to gain attraction

Most guys want to impress a girl so she will like him, but most of those guys come about it all wrong and instead of impressing her, he turns her off. Although all girls are different and look for different things in guys, there are a few tips that:-

You can use it to get a girl to look your way more often. Impressing a girl can be the easiest thing in the whole world if you know just two things.

Firstly, be sincere and genuine. Secondly, read this guide on how to impress a girl.

Find out how to turn heads in your direction. How to impress a girl and make her fall in love with you

First One - Find out if she is single

2nd One - Let Your Personality Shine

Impress her

with your personality: Having a great personality and being repeatable is an important part of getting a girl to like you. Let’s face it: Girls look for different things in guys than guys look for in girls. So let the great parts of your personality shine through to her, and work on fixing the parts of your personality that you don’t like.

Be funny.

Girls love funny guys. If you can make a girl laugh, then you have a good shot at making her fall in love with you. Practice jokes on your friends (guy-friends and girl-friends, because there’s a difference of what they find funny) and keep the jokes that work and throw away the jokes that don’t. Be playful. Studies have found that girls are attracted to guys who are playful. Being playful is attractive because it shows youthfulness and the ability to have fun. So find your inner child, throw away all the ideas about what you think you should and shouldn't do, and play around, especially when you’re with her.

Be interesting-

Girls like guys who have interesting lives, and who do cool things for fun. As long as you’re passionate about something and you get involved in doing that or learning about it, you’ll be more attractive in her eyes. No girl just wants to sit around and watch you play video games all day.
Be mysterious- A little mystery goes a long way. Don’t let her in on every little thing you’re doing. Hint more than you usually do, and downplay things instead of being really excited. The mystery will make you a puzzle in her book, and she’ll want to solve you.

I think you can do such work then you must succeed to make a girlfriend. I wish you that you fall in love as soon as. Best of Luck.