How to Forget X Girl friend,How to forget X Boy Friend?

Friends Today I am sharing with you a very heart touching topic. If you love someone and now she/he has deceived you now, I mean you broke up your girl friend/ boy friend and you want to forget all about your past but you are unable to forget the spent moment then in this condition how to forget all about your past life this is really hard for everyone. But don't worry i am sharing some tips that may be help you to forget your x girl friend or boy friend. So read the following tips below:

how to forget girl friend, How to forget boy friend, How to forget  friend

Note: (This article is both Boys and Girls so I have indicated each time with Her/him)

Live In Group or Family - In this situation you should not live alone, live with your family and nearest friends. Doesn't talking about your past time what happened. It's better that talk on some educational matter or other like as any interesting games, Cinema or other interesting events. If you will live with family or friend then you would be busy with them and no time to remember your past time. So after some days, you can forget her/him. If you live alone then you always think about her/him and then Love will increase and now it will be harmful for you. Some boys/ girls start to smoke or drink in this condition, they think we can forget to drink or smoke, but it's not true. It will be more harmful to health and you life too. So don't waste your valuable time, health and money to do it.

how to forget girl friend, How to forget boy friend, How to forget past friend

Read Some Holy Book. - In this condition holy books may be very useful for you. Read your holy book as for Example - If you are Hindu then read the ' Ramayan' 'Mahabharta' ' Gita' and some others. I you are Muslim then read your Holy Book 'Kuran'. If you are Christian then read 'Bible' and so on. You can read about great men biography or Scholar thought as for example, 'Chanakya Niti' and others. Books are our best friend so it may be very helpful to forget your X- friend.

Top tips to forget  girl friend,boyfriends, Tips to forget girl  friend

Don't Watch Romantic Film - Yes it is good idea too. If you watch the romantic film then you think about as film story and began to remember your x -friend. So avoid some month to watch romantic film. In spite of it watch patriotic movie, Cricket match, Comedy show, or holy Serial. I think it is best way to forget x -friend. In this situation never watch adult film or talk adult. Avoid like these things as much as possible.

Top tips to forget  girl friend, boyfriends, Tips to forget  friend

Don't Keep the Present - Keep away from the gift which you receive from your x- friend, because it increase her/him memory. So spoil the gift or you should give it other people or child. Don't use gift like watch, chain, ring, clothes and so on.

Suggestion to forget  friend, How to forget our  partner

Behave Like as Unknown - Yes it is good idea to forget your x friend. If you work in same office or read in same college, or live in neighbor then you may see him/her again and again but in this condition you should behave with him/her like as unknown people. Do like as you never meet her/him before. Don’t jealous or think wrong about her/him. But you should be respect her/him decision. You should tell her/him thanks because she/he save your future. You should never love that people who does not love you. So think that Now she/he does not love me then why do you love her/him.

Suggestion to forget x friend, How to forget our lover

Don't Lose Heart - You Know well. Time change frequently may be you meet some other who love you more than her/him. So don't be loose heart. If you want to make a new friend then you can. But this time you should not be haste. First of all understand well before make new one that is good or not for you. 

How to get rid of past boy friend? how to forget all about past love

Don't Run After - I think about 60% love break up due to marriage decision any one of them. Suppose your family decides to marry somewhere else in this condition it may be your partner decide to break up helplessly, so talk with her/his family regarding this. Her/his family doesn't like you then you should respect their decision and understand your mind as I mentioned above. Some Guys Run after her marriage or some girls run after him marriage. It is not good for her/him.  If you really loved her/him then you should forget her/him and let her/him live her/him life happily.  You should also marriage somewhere else and enjoy your life.

How to get rid of  friend? how to forget all about past love

Now I think you understood well how to forget your x friend. If you want to share your view then write in Comment box. Thanks to stay here: 

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