Top Natural Beauty Tips, Girls Beauty Tips, Teenager beauty tips, Women beauty tips and tricks, make impressive body figure tips, free Beauty expert’s tips, Actress beauty tips and tricks, Make up tips and tricks

Top Natural Beauty Tips, Girls Beauty Tips, Teenager beauty tips, Women beauty tips and tricks, make impressive body figure tips
These days all girls and women want to look gorgeous and charming body figure and she searches tips on the internet, a lot of websites available on the internet that gives you tip for beauty, but sometimes girls or women who does not understand very well due to hard English language and sometimes she is unable to follow the tips due to costly beauty products, and she fell some sadness, and think what to do now. if you face such problems then now you are in the right place, today I tell you very in easy ways all about beauty tips and you can understand very well because I have written in simple Language. So read all tips and tricks continuously. Maybe anyone of them is best suited for you and you always think about that, So Read  the followings carefully

The beauty of your body depends on many different ways so I describe it one by one.

      Well, Dressed- Clothes are the main factors for your beauty. today is the age of fashion, so a lot of fashion clothes are available in the market. Go to the Market and buy a Fashionable dress, choose your choice. These days young girls like jeans,  top, Skirt, Salwar, mini skirt, T-shirt, Shirt and many more. If you are a girl you know more than me. Buy such Clothes which is comfortable for wear and look gorgeous. You can buy tight-fitting jeans and a tight T-shirt which looks very impressive figure because it shows your internal body shape and structure, which guys want to look at every moment. So try to tight fit Clothes and impress anybody and be a beauty queen among friends.
If you want to look something special in clothes

then I want to suggest you wear some short dress, I mean buy some special design T-shirt and top; so that your some parts of Breast show to others. It makes you too much hot figure. All people (special Young Guys & girls) fond of such an attractive figure. 

  If you want to some extraordinary looks - Wear some special design clothes such as Actress or model wears in the film but I want to suggest that only wear this types of dresses on the eve of any marriage party or birthday party or only special events because it may be a negative effect on your character and people tell you wrong and many others. To avoid wear such clothes always.

If you have proud of your body figure and you want to show your hot figure to others, then I have some special tips for you. Wear Chester or bravery tight in T-shirt or skirt, use V-cup or D- cup types of bra, it gives you some special looks of your breast, these days many varieties of the bra are available in the market. if you are buying bra then never forget to measure your breast size or bra size. So don’t be shy and you can measure it in the dressing room which is available in the mall, if not available then you can measure your nipple size at your home then you buy. Always wear a fitting bra, not very tight or not very loose. I think a special bra gives you a very hot impression on others and makes you a beauty queen. If you girls you understand well. (if you guys You can suggest your girlfriend these tips before buy bra)

     Special Footwear-  Footwear is also a big part of your beauty, If you want to looks some tall then use high heel sandal (special who is short). It gives very impressive looks of your body figure. If you do not want to wear sandal then you can use shoes, these days available many different types of shoes in the market. If you are more than 5”4 feet then you can use sleeper it gives you a very impression on style. It is comfortable to use also. But if you want to impress Guys then use Sandal. If you use a stylish sandal then boys must see one time at your legs and hot figure and told you looks charming.

Women beauty tips and tricks, make impressive body figure tips, free Beauty expert’s tips, Actress beauty tips and tricks

  Hair style-(a.)The hairstyle is a big part of your beauty if your hair is long then it is a very positive beauty point you have. Because everybody wants long hair. It gives natural beauty automatically to your figure, Wash it a good Shampoo.  It provides silky and light in your hair. Use natural Oil for it, or you can use who is best suited for you. Don’t use different – different hair oils. It may be a negative effect on your hair. If you want some special looks on your hair then you use only two small hair clips and open it on your backside. It looks very impressive to people. You can fold it and give a special design as you wish.
(   b) If you have no long hair, don’t worry. I have special tips for you. Cut your hair on the shoulder size (I mean you should cut your hair that could reach the shoulder) and always keep it open. It makes your beauty too much impressive; you can use some special hair belt which is best suited for you. Always do comb in your hair

  Use lipstick- If you are fond of lipstick then use light lipstick on your both lips(upper & lower). You can use pink lipstick. It is best suited for each girl. If you want to go to any birthday party, any marriage celebration, or any other special events; you can use deep lipsticks, but be careful don’t’ use always deep lipstick because it harms your natural's lips. Because it is made by a chemical Particle.

  Now I want to tell you small tips but it also plays a vital part in your beauty. So Always take care of this too. These tips are also made special-

Use stylish and small nose ring- These days many stylish nose rings are available in the market in different sizes and designs. Buy your choice and try it. It gives you nice feelings.

  Use Ear Rings- You can wear a big size and small size earrings as your choice, but if u want to look something special I suggest u big size earrings because it attracts automatically eyesight on your earrings and I promise it cheats somebody soft heart. So try it once.

make impressive body figure tips, free Beauty expert’s tips, Actress beauty tips and tricks, Make up tips and tricks

           Use Google- These days Google is also a big part of beauty; it gives something special impression of your face.  Try to use big glasses. I suggest you big glasses Google because it provides special glamour on your looks. If you use Glasses due to some reason then I suggest you, use a small frame Google, and lightweight frame.

  Use Perfume- if you want to impress somebody then you should use some best quality perfumes. It gives you a special impression.

   Sweet Smile- it is a big Natural beauty on your face. Always keep sweet smiling on your face. If anybody talks to you; reply to him/her with a smile and by heart. It gives a very positive impression on others to keep a smile and be a beauty queen.

  Now I want to suggest some food for beauty - I think if you want to look your real natural beauty then you must follow some Natural rules; it provides you special beauty skin and glows your face before the people.

 Take bath daily with cold water

   Eat always light food

 Always eat seasonal fruits, like banana, guava, Grapes, Mango, watermelon, Coconuts, pineapple, cucumber lemon, etc. it provides you vitamin c and keeps your skin healthy.

 Drink milk, curd, eat butter and Ghee, It provides you energy.

Teenager beauty tips, Women beauty tips and tricks, make impressive body figure tips
Eat Green Vegetable

  Sleep well, Minimum daily 8 hours at night and two hours in the day (if possible)

         Don’t watch too much TV.

  Drink too much water.

     Always do exercise Play games indoor or outdoor.

Now I think you will be happy to read these tips. If you have any more tips and tricks then you must share, Comment your tips below. I will publish your tips with your name. Thanks.

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