What is definition of love, what is love? How many types of love? Definition of love, How to love

Love is such things in which we feel  affection for others and ready to do anything for them, Love is the name of sacrifice, forgiveness and sweet feeling for others. When our heart can't see to sad to love one and never think to heart him/her then it is love. Here I have tried to define the different kind of love below. Hope you like and enjoy!!

What is love? difination  of love

Love which we always want to know about and search on the internet, we all want to know about love, what is love? how to love? definition of love and many more about it.. During search regarding this topics you get a lots of website or blog, and many different kinds of definition of love.

I want to say you that there are different kinds of love is available in the world, I describe here one by one so that you got all answer and stop to search now on other site what is love? Here I describe Girl Friends to Boyfriend Love, Husband to wife Love, Mother to son/daughter love, Father to Son/daughter love, Sister to brother love, Friend to friends love, Teacher to student love, Man to Animal Love, Man to Nature Love, and Human to God Love.

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Girl friend to Boyfriend Love: - I think it’s only love for lust. We believe each other only for entertainment, learn something’s and enjoy  movement, it happen between only youth specially 15 to 30 years old girls and boys. They love each other because of opposite sex and just believe on each other and get started flirting, It is made by nature to attraction between opposite sex. Boy or girls generally attract to body structure and beauty of each other. There is a Harmon in our body that produces attraction power in our mind humor and gets lust soon to see the opposite sex.  We began to love each other and believe on one another. But the Girl friend and Boy friend Love is not too much durable, about 5 % love is true in 100%. We always face this problems in our youth life, I thinks about each boy and girls fall in love about 10 to 25 times during 15 to 30 if he or she Unmarried. Boys are more affected like this love, this types of love begin during School college, party, Games, Show, Marriage occasion and in office and these days on social websites. Boy and girls get touch during this time and if sometimes talk to each other, look at each other and any types of help each other then fall in love, if any boy and girls spend sometime with each other then fall in love automatically. This types of love is not durable because a after sometimes they apart from each other due to their further study or business and marriage. One things more for this, this is nature in boy and girls in this age that he/ or she get more beautiful and more rich than before girl friend or boyfriend then lust before new one. And any one of both start deceive other and want to hide reality, after some times he or she know the reality and say good bye each other. Other things is that, there is no capacity to bear any more competition, and this is full of competition, suppose one of them get Good job and other not get good job then the began to start hate each other and last all is over.  Other thing is that if she or he  look his/her girl friend/boyfriend to other boys and girls to talk and look at other then she/he loose his or her temper and say good bye each other.
What is definition of love, what is love? How many types of love? Definition of love, How to love

So I want to suggest you that only Make boyfriend or girls friend when then you faith in full confident each other. Better that don’t hide anything to each other’s and tell always true, don’t ignore wish each other. Try to fell desire each other what to think about him/ her. If you want to marry with your girlfriend or boyfriend hen never forget to tell your parent about you lover or beloved. Share all thing to your parent and try to agree to get marry each other. If your parent don’t agree to this relation -ship at any cost then I want to suggest you that forget each other slowly and slowly. Try to understand your parent situation, because parent takes better design than you. I think your love is true then your parent must agree with you. So try to understand   your parent well and tell all term and condition. And if agree then get marry to each other, otherwise it is not good for your future. You lost your future and repent after marriage, so friend try to understand.

Husband And Wife Love---- This Love is very Pure. Husband and wife love each other by heart and soul. there is no any confusion in love between both. They can do each and every thing for each other.
Husband and wife love, How to love with Wife Love between husband and wife
Wife always take care of her husband and his wishes. you heard a lots of story about true wife who also fight against the Death God, "Yamdut" so i told you that this is great love. If you are married then believe on each other and enjoy your life well. I suggest you don't keep any suspicious in your mind about your wife/ husband. always think positive about each other.Help each other and listen each other before take any serious design. Give some extra time to your life partner and share every thing with open mind.take care of wish each other at night. and talk romantic and do all well. Never neglect choice of each other, so think positive, do positive, and live positive and spend a happy life with life partner..

Mother Son/daughter Love-  Mother is one of the best example of true love for Child. No other love compare to Mother and child love.. It is really a rare love in the world. Mother love her child more than her life.
Mother Son/daughter Love, love mom pics, mother love her child
Mother can do everything for the safety of child, he can live without food, but she never want to see that her child be hungry. you learn first off all from parents. then we learn others persons. So we should always respect our parents and full full their choice, we should never heart  parent. we always miss our mother love who used to wait our when return from school and ans said wash your hand and come soon, you launch. dinner is present now. If we get something illness mother ask first , what happened?  so friend i would like to say that kindly never heart your parent and love them specially Mother....

Brother And Sister Love- It is one of the Emotional love. Brother loves his sister too much. he want to see safe his sister completely. He never want to that anybody tease his sister and make fun. he take care all time and always want to see smiling face his sister. He is always ready to help at any condition, you know well the history of "Raksha Bandan" which is famous for brother and sister love. Brother can do anything for his sister. Sister loves her brother too. He always want that her brother progress day to night.One Eve is famous for Sister and brother love, sister have fast to safe her brother which is called "Karma"So we can say that A great love between sister and brother.

Animal And Human Love- If you have pet like as dog, Bird, cat, Cow, horse, rabbit etc then you can think the love of these kinds of animal and birds. you always search your take care of them and if they wound then you do treatment immediately. we always want to live with them.why because we love them too much. Animal and birds also love Human. You hear a lot of story about Human and animal love. you must have read "Baba bharti" story in 7 class Hindi Book. How much Baba Bharti love his horse "sultan" You would know about the Parrot who can speak as human, You would know very well the friendship of Elephant and Man, Dog and man and so on. You also might read many story of "Phanishwer Nath Renu" Who describe a uncountable love of Animal and Human. So we can say that Can not live without Animal love too.

Wait for further definition of love---- Thanks

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