Why The “Biometric Attendance Machine” Has Become Obsolete In 2020?


Touchless Face Attendance System

No doubt, the biometric attendance machine came in the market to fix the drawbacks associated with all other attendance machines used to date. But since its launch, many technical experts have already cautioned us regarding its error-prone susceptibilities. The working procedure of this biometric attendance machine is based upon matching the biometric information like fingerprints, iris, palm vein, and more, of an employee with the already stored data on the master server. 

This biometric information is always vulnerable to get leaked. As in this digital world, everyday software developers get a breakthrough in increasing online security. Similarly, hackers too always remain in a look to develop some bypass and infiltrate that secured digital services. So this may create havoc in the life of any person, as it can leak his/her financial details, which are linked through the Aadhar card. 

The above difficulties have generally been overlooked the employers as there were no other alternatives to the biometric attendance machine in the market. And majorly all employers were forced to use the biometric attendance machine at their workspace. But since the global outbreak of the corona various governing bodies have banned the biometric attendance machine from the workspace. And they are asking companies to handle the recognition logs TOUCHLESS and manually.  

Nowadays, the demand for a TOUCHLESS attendance system is exceptionally high. And going back again to the primitive manual attendance system will be a sudden and abrupt break to the fast-paced business world, which is incessantly rushing towards an automated world. In the wake of this watershed moment, KENT RO SYSTEM LTD. has come up with yet another cutting-edge technology, KENT CamAttendance. This advanced attendance system comes with lots of user-friendly features which makes it a panacea for all problems attached to any attendance system developed to date.

 The breakthrough linked with this product is its direct linkage with the 24*7 available cloud server. It uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) based computer vision to detect the face of the employees and then compare it against the stored photo. After successful matching of face, the “cloud time and attendance system” pops up the message that the attendance is marked successfully. The cloud attendance system works flawlessly with > 99.9% accuracy and stores complete information with end-to-end encryption with the standard of AES 128-bit.

KENT CamAttendance outpacing the biometric attendance machine in every field

Artificial Intelligence (AI) based computer vision-
The high demand for this Kent CamAttendance is linked with its AI algorithm. It is a facial recognition attendance system, which works entirely on a TOUCHLESS basis. It compares the face of an employee with the already fed data on a real-time basis. The software developers have taken good care of the patent issues and have used the patented algorithm to differentiate between a real person & a photo. And unlike the biometric attendance machine, there are no chances of data leakage. It stores data entirely on the end-to-end encrypted cloud with AES 128-Bit & HTTPS. Which is next to impossible to infiltrate, and here the information is only the faces of employees and not any critical personal data.

Mask compliance- KENT CamAttendance system is a cutting-edge system, which can be customized in terms of the offices located in the COVID containment areas. These are the locations where the spread of coronavirus is high, and there one cannot take off the mask. So under those conditions too CamAttendance works perfectly well. It recognizes the employee even with the mask on the face. The device takes hardly a few seconds to recognize the face with an accuracy of >99.9%. 

Cherishing #Atamanirbharbharat and Make in India program- As we all know that KENT RO Systems Ltd. is purely the Indian company. And the KENT CamAttendance is one of the most cherished products which is entirely designed, developed, engineered, and manufactured in India. Entire data on the cloud server is saved and resides in India. 

Works properly even in all odds- The most significant problem associated with any biometric attendance machine before the coronavirus outbreak was linked with its malfunctioning with the season change, and with network blackout time. In the winter season, usually, when our hand skin becomes flaky and dry, the biometric attendance machine faces issues to recognize the employees. And during the network blackout, it has no backup program for storage. However, KENT CamAttendance has solved both problems. It is facial recognition and a fully TOUCHLESS attendance machine. And here the system works even on offline mode and saves the data in its in-built storage, and later stores the data on the cloud server on coming online again. 

So KENT CamAttendance with fixing all problems associated with the hitherto biometric attendance machine has become an invincible attendance machine. It has become the best choice available product existing in the market, with long lists of benefits. The KENT CamAttendance will the entire face of the attendance system in the business world. With the AI-based computer vision, it has in-built cognitive abilities and can work automatically of its own.