8 Best Digital Marketing Trends to Improve your Business in 2020

In this digital era, digital evolution and rapid advancement in technology is a common phenomenon. There are over 4.5 billion internet users worldwide, which is 10% higher than in 2019. With such progression, online businesses are required to adapt to this evolution and change to stay ahead in the competitive marketplace. Digital Marketing is at the forefront, and this ever-emerging niche has several new trends to look for in 2020 to improve your virtual business. Read to check the latest Digital Marketing trends in 2020 which businesses must focus on to succeed virtually! All the trends are increasingly used by SEO services companies in Gurgaon for their clients as they are proven to augment the online business performance in 2020.     
The Top Digital Marketing Trends in 2020

1. Video Marketing

Users are increasingly switching to mobile devices in 2020, and because of the scarcity of time, the consumption of video has increased significantly. Videos are likely to become the most successful and crucial strategy for Digital Marketing. Live videos are gaining immense popularity. Many brands are using video marketing to promote their business and services, like behind-the-scene fun, product demos, work culture, and product launches. Live videos get three times more views as compare to the pre-recorded videos.

2. Voice Search

Voice searches are adding convenience to our life. The voice search enabled devices and assistants are becoming quite common these days. According to studies, 50% of online searches conducted today are voice searches, which is likely to increase in 2020 and beyond. 

3. Browser Push Notifications

Push Notifications are simple text messages that can reach wider audiences across the world anytime. New web portals are also using it to reach out to larger visitors on the website, even when no visitor is available on the portal. It has a CTR of more than 30%, resulting in a 25% increase in web traffic daily. 

8 Trends in Digital Marketing in 2020

Customized push notifications are in the latest Digital Marketing trends and likely to rule 2020. It comes with a personalized call-to-action button that maximizes conversions. 

4. Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence 

According to research firms, the AI market is likely to flourish by 2025 and become a $190 billion industry. AI technology is the latest trend to look for in 2020 as it analyzes customer behavior, searches patterns to get a deep insight into customer profiles, predicts buying habits, and understands the customers' buying voyage. It helps marketers to save money incurred for user experience and sale forecasting while minimizing the cost used to target the Digital Marketing strategies. On the other hand, Chatbot can revolutionize conversations with consumers by combining text, voice, and messaging.   

5. Interactive Content and Personalization 

Over 94% of online customers believe in interactive content as it works better than normal content, which never resonates. More than 92% of consumers prefer brands to create immersive content or make them feel like a story. Businesses have already realized the significance of experiences and stories that resonate faster than other formats of content. The switch from conventional content to engaging, dynamic content is noticeable now, and customers are looking forward to having immersive experience online.

6. User-Generated Contents

User-Generated Content is the effective Digital Marketing trend in 2020 to look for as it helps to connect with millennials and boomers. More than billion of contents are shared daily, and brands attract youngsters to share content in return for exciting gifts and rewards. As a result, the content gets shared increasingly, and the brand is advertised. User-Generated Content can be anything from photos to blogs, videos to testimonials, and more. 

8 Digital Marketing trends to keep an eye on for 2020

7. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a simple word-of-mouth advertising or marketing. Here, influencers are the famous social media personalities or celebs who share experiences with others. Influencers have larger audiences and fan followings, and their followers easily trust their videos and messages. So, it can be more impactful as compared to traditional online advertisements. Brands have realized the importance of influencer marketing, and it is widely included in the SEO services in India.

8. Marketing Automation         

Marketing Automation is another important Digital Marketing trend to look for. It can do a lot for businesses, including improving lead time for service delivery, improving customer retention, improvising experience via AI-generated content, chatbots, optimization of voice search, and more. It is quickly replacing conventional marketing methods and proving quite effective for digital marketers in 2020.