How Fleet Management Software helps in Maintenance of School Buses

School buses are the key strength in running a successful educational institution. Proper and systemic maintenance of school buses with advanced vehicle tracking solutions helps school administration in providing safer transportation to students. Earlier, GPS tracking apps were commonly used for managing the fleet, but they were of limited access. Therefore, schools that own a small or large fleet of buses, fleet maintenance software, or app will be of great help. It is a fresh and improved way of maintaining and managing a large number of vehicles.

How Fleet Management Software helps in Maintenance of School Buses

Several challenges occur while maintaining the fleet of school buses. Fleet managers often remain concerned about the health of buses, shortage of drivers, fuel or other expenses, and secure transportation of school children. Therefore, for the effective operation of school buses, the right tracking and collection of data are crucial. Proper maintenance is important in tracking fuel usage, vehicle servicing date, and scheduling preventative maintenance. These different issues can be solved with one solution, i.e. fleet management software. It can help in a complete assessment of costs and keeping track of all aspects that the school buses requires. Users can also enjoy diverse benefits such as real-time updates, enhanced driver safety, and consistent fleet performance.

Most fleet management software comes with advanced features to perform diverse functions, including:

GPS Tracking:

Like a standard GPS tracking app, most of the fleet management software also offers GPS tracking facility, which is quite helpful in increasing the security of children in school buses. It helps in tracking where the buses are and through which route they are moving. You can ensure they move in the right direction and provide timely pick-up and drop off facilities to students. In case of a breakdown, they can be reached with assistance in a quick time. Parents can be also informed accordingly to avoid any panic situation.

How Fleet Management Software helps in Maintenance of School Buses

Management of Maintenance Activities:

School bus management keeps the record of driver, buses, and daily routes, but somehow they ignore the vehicle’s maintenance. With advanced vehicle management software, fleet managers can focus on service as well as preventive maintenance of school buses. The software allows managing all sorts of activities like keeping track of warranty data, daily trip records, the performance of bus, maintenance schedules, and vehicle’s lifespan tracking.

Fuel Management:

Keeping track of fuel usage is critical to saving costs. For fleet managers, it’s a challenge to keep the redundant costs under control while managing the operations of school buses. Thus, software for fleet management comes as a huge sigh of relief. It lets the fleet manager keep watch on the activities that consume fuel such as engine idling, taking longer routes, harsh acceleration, etc. They can even see in real-time to get a clear idea about how the buses are handled by drivers.

Staff Monitoring:

Staff monitoring is key to manage the numbers of school buses efficiently. Fleet management software provides the driving behavior of drivers for each bus. It provides details like speed, events of harsh braking, hard acceleration, etc. to determine the unruly drivers in the fleet. It helps in enhancing the safe transportation of children in school buses.  

Now when it comes to choosing a particular fleet management software for your school buses, then KENT CamEye comes up as the most reliable choice. KENT CamEye offers a user-friendly fleet management portal that helps in tracking a large number of buses over a single platform. It uses a dashcam cum GPS tracking device that can be installed in each bus to collect the entire information of the trip.

The device comes pre-installed with an M2M SIM that provides 4G network connectivity for data transmission. It takes care of both the security of buses and the safety of children in it.

KENT CamEye fleet management portal allows real-time monitoring of the buses through live location tracking over the map. Moreover, the dash cam provision allows streaming the live video of inside or outside view of the bus, which is crucial in ensuring the safety of children on the bus. The portal offers automated reports which give insight into the productivity and efficiency of the buses. Using the reports, fleet managers can check the issues of expenses, frequent maintenance of buses, driving behavior, and safety of children. Hence, to maintain the smooth operation of buses, the school administration needs to switch to fleet management software.

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