KENT CamEye: An ideal solution for Efficient Fleet Management

The success of a fleet business lies under its overall management. Fleet management helps in minimizing the risk associated with the investment and productivity. It assists in making the business operation cost-efficient and thus maximizing the profits. However, there’s still a challenge to manage the in-transit vehicles because once the vehicle leaves the place, it becomes difficult to stay connected with it. Therefore, many fleet companies these days are adopting fleet management software.

KENT CamEye:

In this race, the topmost choice of fleet owners is KENT CamEye vehicle tracking system. It incorporates a dashcam cum GPS tracker device with its monitoring facility at the fleet management portal. The device is designed with artificial intelligence technology and offers advanced features to monitor the vehicles from anywhere. It uses M2M SIM for 4G connectivity which helps in seamless tracking of the fleet.

KENT CamEye dash cam cum GPS tracker is a plug and play device and doesn’t need any internal wiring. So, fleet owners don’t have to compromise with the manufacturer's warranty on vehicles.

Read below to know why KENT CamEye is an ideal choice for fleet management:

User-friendly Fleet management portal: KENT CamEye offers a user-friendly fleet management portal, which makes the vehicle tracking system much convenient. Fleet owners can add as many devices as they can, even then, the dashboard would not look over- cluttered. Every information will remain there in a well-arranged manner, so the fleet owners or managers won’t have to scratch their heads to find particular data.

why KENT CamEye is an ideal

The dashboard shows data of devices either individually or in a group. It depends on the requirement of owners or managers on how they want to get the information. The dashboard offers trip wise data of each device in chronological order. It has been kept simple with menus like Devices, Map, Alerts, Trips, Reports and Accounts, available in a single click.  

The facility of Computerized Reporting: Reporting is an essential part of fleet management. It gives insight into the entire business operation and helps in planning the strategy to increase revenues. But the report needs to be accurate with no discrepancy.

Earlier, reports were created manually, and fleet owners have to rely on them in the absence of any other sources. Manual reports use to take a lot of effort, and the data still was not much reliable. Therefore, computerized reports through fleet management software come in as extremely helpful. KENT CamEye fleet management portal offers an automated report for every trip the fleet’s vehicle make. It offers the details under each device name with data like the place of origin and destination, travel time, distance covered, average speed, maximum speed, number and types of alerts generated, etc. The report can be downloaded from the portal, or the managers can schedule the report on the email id of fleet owners.

Live monitoring features: It has always been a challenge for fleet owners and managers to trace the vehicles already in transit. Therefore, one of the reasons why KENT CamEye is popular among them is the features of live monitoring it offers. This vehicle tracking system offers live video streaming and real-time location tracking, which helps the fleet owners or managers to stay connected with the vehicle throughout the journey.

KENT CamEye is a dash cam with GPS tracker incorporated with dual cameras to capture the views inside and outside the vehicle. It offers live video streaming of either of the views so managers or owners can watch the activities going in and around the vehicle. It is very helpful in monitoring the conduct of drivers on duty. Further, like a GPS tracker, it allows tracking the real-time location of the vehicle over the map. Managers can make sure that the vehicle travels only through the designated routes and not detours. It can help in preventing pilferage of consignments.

KENT CamEye is a dash cam with GPS tracker

Smart Alerts: KENT CamEye offers a variety of smart alerts which help in maintaining the efficiency and avoiding redundant costs. Certain activities of the drivers like keeping the engine idle for a long duration or putting the AC-On in parking leads to the superfluous consumption of fuel and impacts the health of the vehicle. It thus adds to the cost of maintenance that fleet owners have to bear.

KENT CamEye helps with alerts for engine idling and AC-On in parking.  When the driver leaves the engine idle for more than set duration or switch on the AC in parking, then alerts for these situations is sent to the owner or manager. They can immediately contact the driver and can take action as required.

Long story short, KENT CamEye offers the best solution for efficient fleet management. You can get a free demo to know more about the product. Call at +91 95826 12345 and book the demo.  

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