How to Remember GK and Current Affairs for Long Time, How to Increase Memory Power Naturally

Do you want to increase memory powers naturally? If you are preparing for the Indian Government competition Exam and want to learn tips: how to remember the General Knowledge (GK) and other short question and answers then this article is for you only. Most of the students learn the 1 number questions and answers and forget the answers after 2 or 3 days. In this case, if you want to remember all the questions and answers for a long time then you must try these top 20 tips to remember GK for a long time. Here we have explained how to increase memory powers naturally. Hope these tips are helpful for you to prepare the competition exam like IAS, UPSC, SSC, Railways, Air Force, Banking, and other many competition exams preparation.  So let's start.  

How to Increase Memory Power Naturally

How to Learn and Remember GK Questions Answers for Competitive Exams for a Long Time

1. Scan the Question and Answers in Mind

When you study the question and answer on the book then see carefully and try to scan the question with answers in mind. So that when someone asks that question then your mind finds out the answer easily. Suppose you read the Capital of Japan then See carefully the answers on your book page and try to scan in mind with the book page. Then the answers will never delete from your mind.  It's not an easy first time but after some efforts, you can do it. So try and say me what happens with you. Because this is a real example of one of my friends. He remembers as it is printed on the book page. So you can try also.

2. Repeat the Questions and Answers Again and Again in Mind

How to Remember GK and Current Affairs for Log Time

Repeat the question and answers in mind which you read recently. when you are sleeping, eating, walking, even working in the room. like cleaning clothes, brush, etc. I mean your mind should be on books page where you have seen the question and answers. Especially the questions which you forget easily after some time. So you should try to repeat those questions again and again in mind. after some time you must remember that question for a long time. So try these tips. Hope you could learn and remember for a long time.  So do try. 

3. Write Down the Difficult Name and Date of Answers 

If you forget some hard answers to questions again and again then you should write down those questions and answers on a notebook and repeat when you doing something like eating fruits, cooking or waking, etc. When you see again and again answers then you can remember the answers for a long time. So these tips also might help you a lot. So try this.

4. Try to Go Early on Bed and Early to Rising 

Try to sleep on time and wake up early in the morning daily, Because morning wind increases memory powers a lot. So you should go for a morning walk daily basis. Morning walk helps to maintain a healthy mind. So if you want to learn and remember the answers for a long time then you must wake up early and go for a walk.

 Tips to Remember GK and Current Affairs for Log Time

5. Do Yoga and Gym Daily 

Yoga and Gym can help your memory powers. So follow some Ramdev BABA Yoga tips and do daily 30 minutes. If you like to go Gym then it also helps to increase your memory powers. So If you do not do yoga and GYM then you should start from today to enhance your memory powers

6. Play Out Door Games and Avoids to watch too Much TV or operate the Mobile Phone Games

You should play outdoor games like crickets, football, hockey, Kabaddi, and other Games. If you are a girl then you should try to play badminton, tennis, and some other motion games. It provides activeness in our body and increases memory powers. 

Avoid too much play Games on the Mobile phone or watching too much TV or work on the Computer, because our mind became tired to watch continuously on screen and the radioactivities rays also affect our memory powers. So try to avoid these things if you want to learn GK for a long time.

7.  Group Discussion is Necessary 

As you know that for the competition exam to learn and discuss in a group is very important for the competition point of view. In the group, you can compare with other guys where is the position to solve the questions. So you must learn and discuss in groups. when you do the discussion the question and answers then the answers can be remembered very easily.  It is the best way to learn and remember GK for a long time. So if you are not going for Group discussion then you should make a group of guys who are preparing the competitions exam and study along with for 3-4 hours. It helps to clear the exam very easily. 

Tips to Increase your memory powers and remember the GK

8. Don't Think about Other Stuff When you Study

You should never think about any other stuff during the study. You should consecrate on your mind only in your study material. Many guys think a lot of things when they remembering the GK. In this case, you could never remember the answers.  So avoid the thinks when you learn. If somebody disturbs you during the study like a mobile phone, loudspeaker, TV, or people noise then you should go to some peaceful place and study with mind consternation. So please try these tips when you learning the GK.

9. Drink Water Too Much and Eat Light Food

You should drink water too much all day. Drinking water is good for a fresh mind. So you can drink water when you study. Always eat light food, avoid eating too much one time. When you eat too much when you feel sleepy so your mind never remembers the things which you study. So light food is good for your learning General knowledge and preparing the exam.

10.  Never Feel Jealous for Anything.

You should never feel jealous about anything with anybody. Because when you feel jealous then the mind can not be concentrate on study material. So live calm and happy always. Respect others and obey your elders. 

11. Don't be angry at any cost. 

We should not get angry at anybody at any cost. bcoz when we become angry when we lose our sense. So please keep smile always and learn to accept the things easily. 

12.  Talk politely with other

We should talk politely with others. When we talk politely with others then they also talk to you politely and behave well. So you can feel good all the time. A happy mood is very important for study. So try it. you can feel the change in your memory powers. promise. 

how to increase memory power in students

13. Listen Carefully 

When you attend any lecture or listen to the news on Radio or TV then listen carefully and try to grasp the news points. If possible then write down the headlines and repeat them after sometimes. So that you could remember the points for long times. 

14. Always watch the meaningful and tech movies

Watching a movie is good for memory powers. But you should prefer the knowledge worthy movies like scientific, patriotic, and biopic movies. You should also watch the discovery channel and watch the morning and evening new daily basis. 

15.  Believe in God and yourself

You should believe in God and your self. It gives you positive energy. So you can remember the question and answers for a long time. You should also pray for some time. So you can go to worship in the temple or your favorite God shelter. You feel the positive and energetic mood. Promise for this. Try it. 

16. Don't think negative 

Never think negative like too much remaining for study yet for the exam. Think always that which you have learned that is enough for the exam.  because when you think about all course material along with then mind feel tired and you too. So don't think negative that exam questions will be hard or out of the syllabus.

Some Tips to develop your memory powers

17. Eat a Brain-Boosting Diet

A healthy diet is very important for long-term memory powers so don't Igorne to take care of your daily diet. Always eat Green Vegetables, fruits, Cow milk, Ghee, Egg, and fruit juice. If you are healthy then the mind will be also healthy and you know a well healthy mind is important to keep remember the General knowledge. So don't ignore this point. It is a very important tip to increase your memory powers. 

18. Avoid Drink and Smoke

You should not drink wine and smoke, because it is injurious for health and mind too. You know well everything command by the mind so keeps your mind always fresh and healthy if you want to remember the question and answers for a long time. You can see the live example- if someone drinks at night and he does a lot of misbehaving and talk nonsense. But the next morning, he forgets all the things that happened last day. So you can understand well what I would like to say. 

19. Release your erotic mood if you have GF or wife. 

It is a very big matter these days in youth. It applies to girls and boys both. If you are in the relationship or if you are married then don't ignore the intercourse when you feel. because the mind always thinks about erotics things automatically more than study material, So in his case, you should do it when you wish and keep your mind fresh.  I think you know well what I want to say. 

how to increase our memory power naturally

20.  Avoid watching Porn -  

Most youths are addicted to watching porn these days online on the smartphone. because it is available easily on the internet. To watch P---rn is a very bad habit and it affects your memory powers. So if you are unmarried then Ignore this. Always focus on your carrier, You can try to read epic books and watch Epic serials like Ramayana, Mahabharata, etc to get rid of such bad habits. 

Hope you would fully satisfied with all the above tips and tricks to increase your memory powers and remember the GK and current affairs for a long time.