How to Write SEO Friendly Content | Tips to Write SEO Friendly Content

Are you fond of writing blogs, articles, and web content? Read the tips on how to write SEO friendly content so that Google, Bing, and Yahoo index content soon and show in the top result if anybody searches by keywords.  Here I am going to explain how to write SEO and user-friendly content; so that visitors come on your website and read your full content. Google and another search engine like well informative and most relevant content. Search Engine robots find out the best possible answers for visitors and visitors also like full and best information. So let's see how to write blog and web content so that you get more and more traffic on your blog or website.

How to Write Google Search Engine Friendly Content

Write a most relevant title for your blog or Article - Title and description are very important for blog and website. So write the most relevant title for your blog that could explain what you are going to explain in a full blog. Choose title like everybody generally search in Google and want to most relevant content. If you are fond of blogging and want to more traffic on the blog then choose the title on which people are curious to know and search mostly to know the answer. I mean to choose the hot topic for your blog and explain briefly about your topic in the full blog.

Tips to write SEO friendly blog content

Choose the subject for your blog in which you know well and can explain everything with the right information - Choose the topic for your blog in which you are expert and know each and everything deeply about your topic. If you don’t know then, first of all, you should read from other’s blogs and collect more and more information so that you could write better than others. Keep in mind everybody wants to best answers and Search engines also provide only the best content. So you have to learn more and more before writing on any topic so that people get the right information and satisfied with your blog or article and give you a positive comment on your post.

Start with a full informative description of your Blog or Article - Always keep in mind; start to write your blog and article with an interesting and informative sentence. Try to write the summary in the first paragraph so that visitors could know that they are now in the right place and they get everything from your blog which they were searching and want to know actually. To write an informative and short description of your topic so that visitors could eager to know and read full content. You can take the example of any novel summary or film trailer.

How to write Google, Yahoo and Bing search engine friendly content

Write the full and well-satisfied answer which should be better than others - As I mentioned above you should write a full informative answer so that everybody should be satisfied with your answer. One thing always keeps in mind; I am not saying that you have to write a long story about your topic. Write only about your target topic. Avoid describing the non-relevant content and promotional content as possible as you can. You know well that nobody wants to read unwanted and promotional things. So only focus on your topic and write the right information. Blog writing is not easy; to learn more and more and gains the full information then write it.

Write in Simple Language - Many bloggers use difficult synonyms world in the blog and they think they are great and professional writers. So I want to share with you that uses the only simple word to write the blog so that everybody can understand well what you want to say.  You should know that most of the visitor's search for the local city and they are a learner. About 70% of guys are about under 25 years old who search in Google and want to know the solutions. So write a simple and clear sentence. Good education and the business person don’t have time to read your blog and they do not search to learn. So if you are a blogger and write informational content then you should write in a simple language. As for example, you can read any Google information content; everybody; even a teenager can understand well. So write about what types of content you are going to write.  Most of the visitors don’t know the meaning of difficult English word and for this reason, they exit from your blog because they fill boring to read and unable to understand then meaning what you want to say in your content. Hope you understand what I want to say.

Top tips to write seo friendly article

Write as you think - If you are the blogger then write the content as you think about your topic. You are free to explain your personal ideas in your blog. Write with the open heart and full interest what you think.  Always keep one thing in your mind that if you are a visitor and search for your topic then what kind of content you prefer to read.  If you are fully satisfied with your blog then I hope visitors also like to read your blog. So don’t afraid of anything and write as you know better. You should write when you feel good and your mood is the full swing to explain the thought.

Write like you are talking to visitors – A well expert writer writes the content like they are discussing the topic with a friend who is sitting before him and listing what he is writing. You can take the example of Great writers like Prem Chand, Rabindra Nath Tagore, Phanishwar Nath Renu, and all other great writers. So Always keep in mind visitors don’t feel bored with your blog.

How to write SEO Friendly content, Tips to write Search engine friendly conent

Don't write too much promotional Content - If you are writing the promotional blog then don’t use too much keyword in your blog. Use promotional content only in the first and last paragraphs and don’t insert too many links in the blog. Insert only related links in the blog. Avoid adding the UN-related link 

Don't forget to revise and fix the grammatical issues- If you complete the blog then don’t forget to revise the full content. Maybe some grammatical errors in the blog or unrelated sentence used. If you find any meaningless sentence then delete that or correct the sentence. You can write the blog in Ms.Word and you can fix all grammatical errors after that you can publish the blog.

Ask the feedback and tell the reason why you have written this blog or article - You can ask the visitors feedback in the last paragraph that how they feel to read. You can tell him to directly contact you and offer them to ask the question. 

top 10 Tips to write seo friendly content

I hope you like my blog and it may be helpful to get more traffic on your blog. There are the secrets of Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engine robots to provide the most appropriate content to visitors.  If you know and think other things then don’t forget to write in the comment box below.