Top 10 Natural Tips to Control over Anger, How to Get Rid of Tension?

Some people lose their temper soon and became too much angry and decide very critical decision, but after some time or day they repent very much for their wrong behavior, so let’s read some tips on how to control your temper naturally and feel peace in the angry mood.   There are many reasons for anger these days. We face many such situations in which we lose our temper and became angry soon. So; here we will discuss the reasons for anger and the solution for them. Hope these tips might be helpful to get rid of losing temper and control over it. So let’s start one by one the reasons for anger and their solution.

Why we lose our temper?

How to control your temper?, How to control my Anger

Answer - It very simple when we do not get things as we wish or unable to do what we wish then we feel anger soon and lose our temper. So we have shared below some conditions in which most people lose their temper and unable to control it and take the wrong decision.

We feel in this case that we are right 100% and others people are wrong; we want to pass our decision but failed to do it, in such case we lose temper and became very angry but when we think over it after some time when we feel that we were wrong; it is very harmful to our health and society too. Because there are many such accidents happens due to losing temper of any single person and we lost each and everything sometimes; so it is very important tips how to control over it. Hope you face one of the below reasons and here you come to know how to control temper; so don’t lose your temper and read the tips below (hmmm)

There are many reasons behind temper: The people mostly lose temper in these conditions:

When breaking up with Girlfriend /Boyfriend - These days break-up between girlfriend and boyfriend is a general matter to lose temper in life. Sometimes girls deceive the boy and get married or love some other guy without informing him; in this situation, the guys lose their temper and take the decision to do anything. Like a boy; girls face also some conditions in which boys deceive girls and get married or love some other girls. In this case, boys or girls lose temper and decide to do anything against them. Sometimes some boys or girls decide to destroy their full life or decide to kill them. Sometimes they suicide or such a big critical decision.

If you face such a condition and want to know to control over it then it very simple; do the following.

1. Think she/he was not best for you.

2. If she/he deceive you suddenly it means they don’t understand your feelings or they don’t want to live your whole life; then why are you run after him/her. Leave him/her; it’s better for you because you get rid of a bad soul. 

3. Don’t try to contact her on the phone, message, or meet with him/her. 

4. Think about what is better for your life; talk with friends and family who care about you too much.

5. Think you get better than him/her in the future; because God always does in your favor. So believe in God and don’t think anything about your past life.

6. Enjoy some comedy films and read your favorite book and listen to interesting songs. Don’t listen to the sad song in these conditions.

7. Visit some natural palace where you feel relax.

8. Try to ignore all the things which are near your x friend. Like gift and they're latter.

Hope you understand all the above points and don’t think about him/her. Think about your personal life and make your life better than before.

When quarreling with your wife/husband - These days many couple quarrel and get anger soon to each other; there may be many reasons behind it; some couple doubt to each other and think she loves some other; In this situations, people can’t control their anger and lose temper; Sometimes became anger due to some minor problem like, if her husband doesn’t full fill her demand like shopping, going to a movie or if come late at home;  Husband get angry because they don’t make food on time, getting late to go anywhere and some rude behavior; I think you know well about these conditions better than me.  So let read the following solutions for it.

Tips to Control Anger, How to control anger

1. Try to understand each other. If you feel anger and don’t want to talk with him/ her; in these conditions try to know the real reasons what’s the matter, you should ask the reasons and try to solve it and explain the reason before each other.

2. You should think that no other people help you as your wife/husband

3. Sometimes the wife became rude; in this case, the husband should ask with love what the reason and try to talk with a cool mind. If you think today your wife may be rude for some reason then you should take some romantic gift for her. 

4. If the husband became anger then the wife should make some delicious food for him, talk with affection and yes you should dress well and be romantic mood before him. Hope he feels cool to your romantic style. 

5. Don’t forget to visit some romantic place on holidays, go to the cinema or go to their relative if you have time. 

Hope you know better than me how to live happy married life and don’t get angry with each other. And whenever feel anger then control one another with a sweet smile. A sweet smile is enough for him/her.

When Argument with Boss / Senior in office – About 50% of people lost their temper due to office work; Some time if you don’t fully fill your target in private-sector job then your senior or boss do bad argument on your low work activities of production, But you do 100% best for the company but your boss is not happy; In this case, we lose our temper and decide to resign from the job or start an argument with a senior;

How to win over temper, How to control over temper

In this case, you should do the following:

1. if you face any kind of a problem then don’t hesitate to share with your boss or senior and tell the reason; Hope they get solutions for you. So keep patience and try to listen sometimes

2. if you feel bad at that moment then go for some walk or tea break

3. If you feel anger then read or watch some romantic song or comedy short film or you can read news 

4. Don’t take an instant decision to resign from the job because you know well how much difficult to search new job; So think before your next job then decides to leave your current job.

5. you can think about how to manage your daily pocket money if you left the job. So don’t be angry and try to be happy in the office.

6. You can share your problem with your best friend and discuss what to do for the best result. Maybe they suggest you good ideas.

How to get rid of temper, How to control anger

When the Electronic Device Not Working Well - Sometimes we feel anger when our electronic device not working properly; like mobile, laptop, car, bike, Television, and so other electronic and mechanical devices. In such condition we feel very angry and want to break or damage the device; sometimes we break the devices too, but after some time we repent on it, but we don’t get back; so do the following in such conditions

How to control my anger when face issues in device

1. Try to know; what’s the reason behind it and solve it

2. Sometimes electronic and mechanical devices also require rest, so stop or switch off the device for some time and then you can try it

3. Some time may be any temporary issues in devices so better you should wait and feel relax

4. you should think about the price of the device because you will have to repair or buy the new one; so think before breaking the device. Maybe your anger disappear to think about price hahahhaha

5. If you face such a situation again and again then you should contact the device repairing center and repair it before work on it.

How to control on anger, How to get rid of bad anger condition

Hope you get my point and take the right decision before damage your device and machine.

When You Waiting Somebody - Sometimes we lose our temper when we wait for somebody in a park, railway station, at home, in the office or another place but they don’t come on time and we wait longer and longer then we feel very angry with them; in Such situation do the following to control over temper

How to control my anger when waiting somebody

1. if you have a mobile phone then you can contact him/her and ask the reason why you are late. Maybe they busy with some other work or traffic? So better that you ask the reason

2. If you wait for somebody and they are late 30 min, 1 hour or 2 hours then you can play some game on your mobile phone.

3. If near the park or mall then you can go there until they come. You can spend some time in the mall and walk in the park

4. If you have to meet in an urgent case then you should wait otherwise you can go back and fix the meeting some other time

5. If you wait for somebody at the railway station or bus stand then you can read some magazine or newspaper to spend time and you don’t feel anger

Tips to control anger. tops tips to control temper

Hope you now feel relax and you can wait some more--

Now I am going to share some universal work activities which help you to control your temper; There are many reasons for anger so here you can do the following when feeling anger

Universal Tips to Control over Temper or Anger

1. Watch Comedy Movie or Show - If you feel too much anger then you should be left the current situation and watch some funny/ laughter show. You can watch your favorite comedy film.

Universal tips to control temper

2. If you feel very anger just live that place and go to the natural palace and enjoy seeing the natural sight like trees, clouds, birds, animals, rivers and many other natural things. It gives you peace of mind and makes you happy.

How to control on temper naturally

3. If are feeling stress for more days then you should plan to visit some historical place and romantics palaces. You forget all the things and you can enjoy your life once again.

Tips to control temper naturally

4. You know well time changes constantly. So your bad days also end one day and good days will come in your life. So be positive always and try to enjoy your current life.

top tips to get rid of temper

5. If you believe in God then you can go to the temple, church or where you worship your lord. Worship provides us spiritual peace. You feel amazing like this palace and feel good. You lost your all stress here. So believe in God always.

6. If you feel stress then you should go for walk or go to play the outdoor game like cricket, foot-bool, hockey, tennis, and so on

top tips to get rid of anger or temper

7. If you feel anger then don't live alone, talk to your friends and family and enjoy some funny topics so that you feel good

How to control bad temper, tips to control your tamper

8. Always think positive and feel some things new. You know well anger is not good for health and you cannot do anything in an angry mood. So try to leave these conditions

Always be positive and live happy life with smile

Hope you get all the solutions to control over temper; Thanks for staying here and read the tips, if you want to say something about this; you can comment below. 

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