How Many Type of Government Jobs in India , List of Government Jobs in India

If you are eager to know how many types of Government Jobs in India then your search end here, we have shared the top and all Government Jobs list in detail. Indian Government and State Government announce the vacancy time to time each year. Qualified Students apply online or by post for these vacancies at a sort amount of examination fee.  If the student passed the exam, physical and oral test then Government sends them a joining letter.

Government Job in India, How many types of Government Job in India

Here we want to tell you that there are different kinds of the Government sector and the exams are taken by different processes and different kinds of syllabus basis. You can know more about examination questions and syllabus through their official website or daily employment newspapers. Here we have shared only all different types of Jobs and their scope in the future; I can't share all the things because it changes from time to time. Hope you understand my point.

The Benefit of Government Job – Once you are selected in the Government Job then it's your luck and your life totally changed. All Government Jobs are secure and permanent. It means the Government pays monthly salary and provides the PF, Medical, Home, and many more.

So let's see all the different kinds of Government Jobs list below;

Defense Job – There are many kinds of Jobs in the Defense lines like NDA, Air Force, Navy, CRPF, BSF, Army, and so on.  It means you can join as the force to secure India anyways. It’s a very royal Job in India. Every Indian is proud of India Force and love them. The government provides all facilities for him like food, a house, and their children's education and many more. So you can choose your carrier in defense and make your future bright any royal. The government announces the vacancy 1 or 2 times each year for different positions. You can apply for this post after 10th, 12th, or graduation. For more updates read regular employment newspapers and keep updated you. For this post, you should have good knowledge of GK, Math's, English, and physical strength. Hope you have all these qualifications and able to achieve this goal. Visit the Indian defence official website

List of Indian government job, How many types of Government job in India

Banking Job – This type of Job is very impressive and professional. As you know that there is many Governments approved banks in India like SBI, PNB, ICICI, HDFC, and many more.  So you can apply for the banking Job after 12th’ or graduation and a Master's degree curse for different kinds of Positions in bank staff. For Banking Job you must have knowledge of maths, English, Reasoning, and GK. You have to qualify the highest mark in the exam and you have to face normal oral tests too. For some positions in the banking sector, you need typing skills too. So if you are found of a banking job then you must apply for this post. You have a nice chance to join in banking sectors because many banks need more and more employees each year as public demand, so don’t be late and start hard learning for this. I hope you are able to qualify for this exam.  There is a great package in the Banking sector and you would know well; you will work in the luxury office, so don’t worry dear friends you have to learn some more and after that, you can achieve this job easily. Best of luck…  you can visit the Indian finance official website here

Hospital or Medical Job - It is a very high-quality job in India and you will have to learn more and more to achieve the Job in Medical. You will have to choose some specific subject and study well for this. You have to qualify very hard medical examinations; after that, you will get a doctorate degree.  In this, you have to learn more and more and invest good money to study in high qualified university. Many Medical colleges are available in India and foreigners. So if you want to make a carrier in Hospital or medicine then have good luck. Study well and keep updated with the latest technique. As you know that working in Hospital a doctor is a great job and you can say it is a highly respected position in society. We also call second God to doctor on the earth.  So, friends, it is your choice to choose a medical job to get respect for people. All the best!! Visit here the Government health official website

Government Job list of India, How many kinds of job in India

Engineering Job - Yeah! There are many fields of engineering like civil engineering, technical engineering, electronic engineering, Information technology engineering, and many more. So if you want to choose an Engineering job then you have to learn a 3 or four-year engineering course in your selected subject. So choose which kind of engineering fields job you like most. A government Engineering job is very hard to qualify but it not impossible. To learn hard and keep updated with the latest technology. Today 30-40 % of student choose Engineering sectors after 12th class. So don’t be late and choose the engineering field in which you take an interest and want to do some new things. There are many vacancies announced every year Government and Private sector too. As we talk about the package of an engineer then it not depend on Position, It depends on your knowledge of work and work experience. You can earn a million and billion per year so don’t be late and learn more and more. The future is in your hand friends. So make it as you wish. I wish you by my heart and soul you achieve your dream job. All the best!

The list of Government Job in India

Management Job – A management Job means a very high position in any sector. It means you manage an organization on how to work and how to manage all activities. You have to manage manpower and work efficiently. You take care of the work quality and manage your client or customer. So you have to learn a management course for this. There are many management colleges in India these days. Many students study Management courses in Australia, London, the USA, China, and other countries. As you simply said that work as a Manager in the Company is called a management Job. So if you have the mind to manage the people or employee then you can!!  You should have the best knowledge of the related field for this. To learn more and more deeply and apply for the management job. You can’t imagine the salary of a Manager. So it’s a very royal and richest position job in India.  Best of luck for a management job. You can visit the management website of India

Management Job in India, All list of Government job

Police Job – State Government announces this vacancy each year and chooses the qualified candidate to secure the local area. The selected candidate joins in the Police station and serves their state. All state announces this vacancy and anybody can apply for this post. 10th and 12th class passed students can apply for this post. You should be qualified in physical and some educational. So prepare well physically first of all and apply for this post. It is a very nice opportunity for medium-class students. So don’t waste time and prepare for this job. For more information about this job, you can see the official website or Employee newspaper. All the best!

Types of Job in Government sectors, Police Job in India

Academic Job / Teaching Job – It is a very respectable job in India. Teaching Job is a professional job. You can take the example of the university, college, High school, primary school professor, and teacher. For this, you have well educated and highly qualified so that you can teach the student and make their career bright. If you have done a PhD then you can apply a professor's post. The government announces vacancies from time to time, and B.A.D students apply and passed easily for this post. Because; they have a teaching certificate. B.A.D is a course that is done specially for a teaching job. So if you are fond of an academic job then prepare B.A.D. Hope you like this job and prepare well. So best of luck!! You can visit the Government's official website

Academic job in India, How many kinds of Job in India

Insurance job - This type of job belongs to health, property, casualty, and others. There are many government Insurance companies that do insurance for different kinds of things like mortality, accident, sickness, disability, and retirement rates and construct probability tables to forecast risk and liability for payment of future benefits. So you can apply for this job post after 12th and Graduation.  Wish you all the best! You can visit here for the latest updates about the insurance job and many more

Insurance Job in India, list of job in India

Telecom job – This is called a call centre job too. The Government needs professional and technical students to assist the public on phone with health care, insurance care, security care, and many more. So you can apply for this post after graduation. The government announces this post vacancy from time to time. So keep updated with employee news always. or You may visit Indian Telecom's official website for more updates here

Telecommunication job in India, List of Job in India

Manufacturing job - The Government announces the vacancy from time to time for a different kind of Manufacturing like clothes, fertilizer, heavy machine, and others. So you have also taken care of employment new paper for this. You have to pass some exams after that you join this post.

Manufacturing job in India

Travel & Tourism Job - Government announce this post to manage tourists like ticket booking, tourist guide, and keep secure of historical places. There are many posts in Travel and Tourism, So keep update the Job announcement and apply. There are a nice package and a royal job.  So don’t waste time and prepare for this job post. For more information learn from the official website

Government Job list in India, How many job in India

NGO Job – There are many governments NGO to take care of disabilities, Wild animals, and orphans. So keep updating yourself with Employment news.

NGO job in India, Job list in India

Agriculture Job - There are many Job opportunities in the Agriculture sector. The government announces many jobs in these sectors too. So keep in touch with the related job portal website. You can visit the Government Agriculture official website for more updates

Agriculture Job in India

Aerospace Job - This type of job needs very highly qualified and technical students. You have to learn an aeronautics course for this. There are many posts in these sectors too. Keep updated in the official website

Aerospace Job in India, Government Job list in India

Research and Scientific Job – If you have the extra talent and are eager to do something new then you have good opportunities in the research and development sectors. Indian Government needs such talented students. The government offers each and everything for them. To learn more and do something new for you, for the country or for human life. Wish you all the best!! Visit the official website

Research and scientific Job in India

Media or Journalism - It is part of our constitutions and it is very important to connect people to each other. There are many vacancies in this field. You should learn the mass communication course to apply for this job. You should have extraordinary knowledge about history, geography, and the latest update; you should have the talent of writing and speaking. The government needs many such opportunities for talented guys.  So keep update yourself on the latest event. There is a nice package in media and journalism. I hope you fond of media and prepare already. Have good luck!!

Media and journalism job in India, Government job list in india

Coal Sector Job - There are many vacancies in the Coal sector too. In these sectors, the government announces many vacancies for different kinds of the post like technicians, engineers, labourers, and many more. You can apply after 12th and graduation. So keep in touch with the employee newspaper. All the best friends!

Coal department job in India, List of Government Job in India

Petroleum Job - In petroleum, there are many jobs, and Government announce the vacancy for different kinds of post from time to time. There is a nice salary in this sector. The student can apply after 12th and graduation. So keep in the update with Employment newspaper and apply for this post.

Petroleum job in India, Total types of Indian government Job

Electrical Job - There is a huge vacancy in the Electrical field. The Government announces each year for different-different posts. The technical and non-technical students both apply for this job as a post requirement

Electrical job in India, All types of Government Job in India

Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) - It is a very professional job and a respective job in India. The government takes a 1 or 2 times exam for this post. Passed candidates are joined as IAS, IPS, B.D.O. S.D.O, S.P, D.S.P, and many other respected post. If you have the dream to serve the country then it is the very respective field of job. For this, you have done very hard learning and pass the exam. Hope you know more and more about this. For more detail, you can visit the official website of UPSC.

Government Job in India, UPSC Job in India

Railways Job - Last but very important sector of Job Opportunities - As we know that there is more vacancy in the railway than in other sectors. Railway provides most job opportunities in India and announces 1-to 4 times or more times job vacancy state wises. So there are very nice opportunities to get a job after 10th, 12th, graduation, and master's degrees. Railways announce job vacancies for tech and non-tech both. So don’t miss this chance to get a job in Indian Railways. There are many vacancies like Railway police, Ticket Checker, ticket booking master, platform master, electrical master, senior and junior engineer post, and many more. For more updates keep in touch with the railway's official website or Employment newspaper. So wish you all the best guys.

Railway Job in India, All kinds of Vacancy in Indian Government Job

I think there are more other sectors in which central and state governments provide job opportunities. So don’t lose patience and study well. You must get a job in Government if you study for heart and soul. All the best for your bright future!

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