What is Important Factors of SEO, How to do SEO of New Website

You are most welcome on this hot topic of SEO. Today I am going to Share Mystery of SEO. You will surprise to know about what I am going to share with you. Then I would like to tell you that I share with you really a wonderful trick of SEO. If you follow these step; I can tell you with confident that your website or blog must visible in search engine Google, Yahoo, Bing and others. So don’t be late and let’s   start:

SEO Hot Tips and Tricks, Super Rules For SEO, SEO Mystery

First of all I want to tell you that “Content is King” Google and other search engine always prefer to good and rich content. So your site is full of content on any keyword. Suppose you have a keyword “SEO Services provider in India” then you have to write about this keyword in details as much as possible, you have to tell history, benefits of SEO, what is SEO in India, how is your company is best for this? Why your company is best for SEO services? What to do you company for SEO services, you have to write in details of each and every questions answer about 1000- 5000 words, After that you can think that your site is best for this keyword otherwise not!! So write as much as you possible. Don’t think that visitor read your content or not, Google robots always fetch the well full fill answer of query.
Always write fresh content for your website - It is not depend that you are writing as deeply and hardly meaning. your content should be well understand . So try to always write in simple English and grammatically correct.

Know Google SEO Mystery ,Algorithm of SEO, Top 30 Rules For SEO

Don’t copy from other site - you can read others content and take an idea from that, but never copy and paste. Because robots already read or crawl that content, so you don’t make fool of search engine crawler at any cost. So avoid it completely.

Don’t write any personal Things -  if you write about any keyword, only your content focus on targeted key. I mean if you write about SEO service provider then you should not write about real estate or other services. Because visitor or search crawler terminate and drop reading that content. So take care of this mistake, always write related theme.

Never post same content of different Promotion sites-  Always write new content for article site, Press Release site social bookmarking site or directory site. Don;t submit same content on too much website. It will be spam for your website. 

Create Account with Full Profile information - If you post any types of content in specific article, press release, first of all give all details about your company or services. I mean you should be crate profile completely on that as much as possible. You should be use one verified Gmail address for each profile. Don’t use different id for single website. If you complete your all details in profile it is your 50% SEO Score .So don’t hide your identity on the any site.

Promote on only High PR website-  Create profile on well know and high PR website only, avid 0 PR 0, 1, 2 PR sites always. You should be post regular basis post on that website, don’t post same content daily. It is good only 1 post daily basis.  

Now I tell you about something about designing of website. SEO is not depend on website platform, you can develop your website as you wish, you can design in Photoshop, Dreamweaver , .net, ASP.net, Java, PHP flash or others. You should be always take care in designing that you site is well structured Content, Title, Heading, Image or URL. Your site should be navigated properly on any platform like internet explorer, Mozilla, Chrome, or such others. Your site opens properly in mobile device too. So design very carefully.

Google SEO Term and Condition, Best Way for  SEO, Short cut OF SEO

Website Should have the following things: 

  1. Your site should be load on server very fast.
  2. Your site has no W3C validation error.
  3. Your site has no broken link.
  4. Your site should be listed in DMOZ listing
  5. Your site should be listed in yahoo directory/ listing
  6. Your site should have Google webmaster too and Google Analytic code.
  7. You site should have Bing Webmaster tool.
  8. Your site should have sitemap.html file and sitemap.xml file.
  9. Your site should have Robots.txt file and ror.xml file.

Your website must have Meta tag like - Meta title, Meta description, Meta keyword, Geo Meta tag, Author Meta tag and others.

Do the following primary thing for new website

  • All images should be well defined by alt tag property.

  • You should create a blog for your website and always be updated about your business.

  • You should create RSS feed burner for your website. It is very important for any website, because it update all social sites if you update any news on your website, if the people subscribe your website then a message reach in their inbox regarding your site change or new updates.

  • You should create profile on Google + you should be tell all your information on Google right. You should be share all post or news on Google + profile.

  • You should create Facebook page to promote your website. Don’t share only link on Facebook page otherwise you page may be blocked, so you should be write separate information on page and upload new photo.

  • You should be also post video on You -tube , here you should be crate your profile professionally and describe  your video post well.

  • Your should also crate profile on high PR social media site like as twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, tumbler, digg, and others. You should take care that you should not post duplicate content on that. So write always fresh content and post as much as possible daily basis,

  • Your site should not have canonical issue, it must be open only with www or without www. If your site open with both then fix this problem, otherwise search crawler understand it two different sites.

  • You should create 404 Custom error page so that a visitor return back your site if not found any things.
Do the following Off Page Activity for new website

  • You should do some off page work activity daily basis on high pr website like as classified submission, Ping your website URL, Business local listing, Blog Commenting, PDF file submission, Press Release submission, Article Submission, and some others but I always suggest you that don’t post and duplicate content on any site, if not possible then better that you don’t post. Only if you wish then comment on others posting.

 SEO Mystery , Know Google SEO Mystery ,Algorithm of SEO

  • You should write about author content well defined on article and   press release site post. Here you must share your Google+ ID, LinkedIn Id, twitter ID, Facebook ID Blog Address, Website Address (link on any keyword that should be from landing page then better). It is great of super idea for you. So never forget this step. If Author sections is not available on the site then you should be write it below.

  • If any visitor contact you by mail then you must have positive reply and don’t forget to tell him thanks for visiting or contact you. If any visitor call you then talk him/her politely with professional way and if any query or suggestion about your services then you must take care of his/her suggestion and try to solve problem as soon as possible.

If you follow these guidelines then I think your business must boost and it appears in Search Engine Result. Thanks to stop here. If you have any query regarding this or any confusion, you can contact me by mail at amitsaxena0503@gmail.com or Post Comment below, I will reply you.

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