How to Disable Comment Link in Blogger Blog Post & Page

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I am sharing here how to disable comment link in blogger blog/website. We also tell you some important comment setting for comment too because these days many visitor or blogger post unwanted comment on your blog to increase their blog traffic or website traffic. they do so to increase back links too.  Some guys post unrelated category comment or Adult comment with adult website link. It may be harmful for your website or blog. So No body want to keep like these spamming links on the site. So Let see here how to manage it.

How to Disable Comment Link in Blogger Blog Post & Page, How to manage commenting on blogger

On the other hand Commenting is  good and useful for your website or blog ranking and your visitor review. If your daily visitor reads your post and want to ask something or want to give feedback about your website or blog then this is very useful. Google boot Like Website review and good positive comment.

Therefore I am telling you how to manage all things. Bad comment remove and good comment show. 

Let's start here:

First of all I am telling you basic setting of comment. 
So do the following step.

1. Go to the setting menu.
2. Go Post and comment setting
3. Select the Following as I mentioned in Image. See in the Image ( if not visible the download image and look in to)

how to set comment option on blogger, Customize comment setting in blogger

Note: In case -   If you do not get the Above setting then you have to do some other setting before it.

So Fist of all -  Google+ setting and set (check the box) as given Image below:

Enable or disable Google + Commenting on blogger, how to set embedded comment setting

Check only first check box and leave both below box.

Now I am telling in details about above setting option (what is meant by)

1. Showcase images with Light box  -  (Yes ) -  It means- when anybody  comment on your blog then show  his / her short  profile pic.

2. Comment Location -  this provide four option.  embedded, full page, Pup up windows and hide. 
so I think first option is best. because here you can see your Comment preview. It also looks nice and professional.

3. Who can comment -  It also has 4 option -  but you should keep first option =  Anyone - includes Anonymous Users (It means any visitor comment without any email id ) it is useful because may be visitor has no E-mail ID and want to post comment.. If you don't like to so then you can choose other option. there meaning is given in Side () sign

4. Comment Moderation  -  It has 3 option . Always, Sometimes and Never- Select Always. It means Comment will show after your check and verified it to live. Sometime means -  It automatically live sometime and sometimes after verification. Never means- Live without verification.

Note :  If you select first option Always the ask you Email moderation requests to   then Give a E-mail id on which you want to receive verification mail. When any body comment on the post. (better is that, give your blogger Email id.)

Note: After this setting, you receive an email. so open your email ID and read it. how is comment good or bad. if you like and want to live then click on publish link. if you want to not publish the delete it. or if anybody comment again and again in bad manner the you can click on spam link. it mean next time. he/she can not comment again on your post. So it's very good tool to save spamming comment.

5.Show word verification - set it yes/no - it means when anybody post comment the show verification code (Captcha) or not. you can keep it No. because sometime real visitor don't like to waste time to fill up word verification and leave your post. So in this case, you can not receive your valuable feedback.

Note -  if you not understand well these then you can simple click on  what Sigh (?) and read about all.

Now save it.

Now Very Important and your Important answer to. how to disable Comment link. so do the following step.

1. Go to the Template
2. Edit HTML
3. find the </body> tag with the help of CTRL +F 
and paste the following code just above / before it.

<script src=''/> <script>$('.comment-content a[rel$=nofollow]').replaceWith(function(){return ($(this).text());});</script>

see in the image below.-

How to Disable Comment Link in Blogger Blog Post & Page

4 Save Template.

Now if any body comment with link the link remove automatically on the keywords. It show as plan text.

5. Enjoy it.

Don't forget to give your valuable feedback.

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