How to Add Flag Counter on Blogger?

How to add Flag counter widget on blogger blog or website

Hello friends, Today I am going to share with you how to add a flag counter widget on your blogger blog or website, It's a very nice tool to count your visitor country flag, this shows how many different country visitors visit your site. here I am going to share a third-party tool that is

Now open a new window and do the following:-
1. set the following check box which you want to like. this show preview below so you can easily change it as you wish. see the following Image;-

how to add flag counter on blogger blog or website?

2.Now click on the Get your flag counter button, it opens a pop-up. enter your blog email Id in this box.

how to add flag counter on blogger., Add flag counter on blog

Now you got an HTML Code-

how to add flag counter on blog

3.Now copy the HTML code and go to the blogger dashboard.
4. Add a new HTML/Javascript Code widget
5. Give the Title as you wish -  like as -  Visitor for Country.
6. Page the HTML Code in the content box and save it.
7 Arrange its sidebar.

Now you got the flag counter on your Blogger. Enjoy.