What is SEO Strategy For new Website

What is SEO Strategy For new Website, On page Off Page SEO Strategy for website or Blog

What is SEO Strategy For new Website, On page Off Page SEO Strategy for website or Blog
You Always search on the internet what is main SEO On Page Off page Strategy or plan, you always face this types of question in an interview. it is quite simple but sometimes we confused a little bit. what to say or not. so today I will try to solve your suspense about this. As my 2.6 Years SEO experience, I can say the following SEO strategy which I do always for each new website or blog. I think you would also do like these activities for a new website. if you have more ideas please share in the comment box. I will be grateful to you for this. so let see, what are the main factors of SEO According to me.

First of all, I will start the following On Page activities and apply on the website site, as for example

1.    Create meta tag for all pages (in this, Write the suitable title, Description, and keywords)
2.    I will generate Google Analytics, Google Webmaster, Bing Webmaster Account for your website So that we could check what’s going on the website. These are a nice tool to check the website error message and traffic information.
3.    Generate Sitemap.html file and submit it on the Google Webmaster so that Google could Index all pages.

4.    Generate Sitemap.xml file. It also helps Search engine robots
5.    Create robots.txt file
6.    Create Geo meta tag
7.    Create Author Tag   (if need another meta tag I will create)
8.    Create Footer link (if not available)
9.    Create alt tag  property for All Images
10.    Check W3C Validation (it means any error on site then error could be resolved)
11.    Check 404 error and 301 redirect problems. (if site open with www and without both then it is not good for website)
12.    Check Broken links
13.    Check content availability 
14.    Check URL optimization
15.    Check site Structure

These are the main factors of On Page activity.  If need any more, we will improve.

Now I am telling about off page Activities. Which is very useful for any website or blog These are following.

Note: Content should be Unique for all these activities

1.    Article Submission on high pr sites.
2.    Press Release Submission on high pr sites.
3.    Make a blog on high pr blogging sites.
4.    Social Bookmarking submission on high pr site.
5.    Directory submission on high pr site.
6.    Classified submission.
7.    PDF file submission.
8.    RSS Submission
9.    Search engine submission
10.    CSS submission
11.    Image Submission
12.    Blog Commenting
13.    Video Submission
I will do some major SMO activities. These are the following:
1.    Create Google + Profile and promote it.
2.    Create Facebook Page and promote it.
3.    Create Linkedin Profile and promote it.
4.    Create a Twitter Account and Promote it.
5.    Create Pinterest Account and promote it.
6.    And other many social Sites that are useful, I will do.

All Above Activities are generally done in SEO. If you know any other activities then please share with us.

Note: I would like to say you friends the main factor is quality content If we share Fresh and Informative Content, we achieve all goals.

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