Idiom with Verbs, Verbs Phrases in English Grammar

Idiom with Verbs, Verbs Phrases in English Grammar

Remember Important Idiom with a verb for Government Exam. Today I am sharing Idiom with Verbs which is very useful for the English Language. We use many times like this verbal Phrases in daily life. You should also use this to make effective Communication skill.  Let's learn here. wish you all the best.

Idiom with Verbs, Verbs Phrases in English Grammar, Idioms and phrases

1. Well of - ( Rich Man / Dhani Khushal) - Indian farmer is not well off.

2. A lucky star - ( born in well time / sub nakshatra me jam lena) -  if you are born under a lucky star you rise by leaps and bounds.

3. Red-handed - (catch on time / mauke par pakra jana) - The thief was caught red-handed.

4. At a loss - ( scared / gabra jana) - I am at loss to decide what to do?

5. wit's end - (the situation what to do or not / kinkartabya bimud hona) - when he failed, he was at his wit's end.

6. In a fix - ( fall into a bad situation / Sankat me ya ghabrahat me par jana) - The boy was in a fix when his pen broken in the exam.

7. In teen - (Age between 13 to 20) if you are in your teens you can't get a responsible job.

8. on the alert - ( Be careful / sajg rahana) The Indian Army on the alert.

9. Out of the temper - (Be Angry /  Krodhit hona) he is out of the temper even at trifles.

10. Out of Mind - (be mad /  Pagal Ho jana)She has been out of her mind since her husband died.

                                    Idioms with Some other words 

1. Acton - (Effect on / Asar dalana) - heat acts on metals.
Idioms with other word, Idiom with verb, Idoms with noun

2. Attend to -(Take care of / dhyan dena) -  You must attend to your work.

3. Backed up - ( go back / Khisak jana, piche hat jana) - He helped me in the beginning but backed out at last

4. back up (Help / madad karna) - You must back up your friends.

5. Blow Out - ( Phuk kar Bhujhana)  - Blow out the candle

6. broke the news - (tell Sad news/ dukhad samachar kahna) - I broke the news to him about his father death.

7. Bring down- (Niche le aana, nicha dekhana) - High prices have been brought down.

8. bring out-  (Prakas me lana) - This inquiry brought out hidden things.

9. Call a spade - ( saph saph kahan / khari khoti sunana) - he was bold enough to call a spade.

10. Call of - (dyana khicna) The cry called of my attention.

11. Carried the day . (win / jitna) Our college team carried the day in the match.

12. catch at a straw - (sankat me tinke ka sahar lena) - A drawing man will catch at straw.

13. Catch a tartar - (bare satru se pala paran) - America has caught a tartar in Russia.

14. Come to the light- (Parkas me aana) - The secret has now come to the light.

15. Come short off - (Asha se kam hona)- His Result came short of my expectation.

16. Cut a sorry - ( Bura hal hone , acha na hona) - She cut a sorry  figure on the stage.

17. Cut short. (Shanshipt karna) -  Cut short your speech.

18. Drive out -  (Bhaga diya jana / nikal diya jana) - The enemy driven out.

19. Egged on - (Ukasana) - Lady Nilam egged Rohan on to murder.

20. Face the music - (scold / dat sunana) That officer had to face the music for his negligence.

21. Foot the bill - (kharh kar bhar dona) - I had to foot the bill of the party.

22. Get over - (win / bijay pana ) - I got over the difficulty at last.

23. Get drunk. (sarab pikar behosh ho jana) - Don't get drunk on the duty.

24. Get wind off - (Aphwah sunana) - We got wind of the proposed taxation before hand .

25. Go hand in hand - (mail se ek saath rahana) -America and Russia can not go hand in hand.

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