Single Word For a Group of Words In English Grammar, Useful Word Power Collection

Single Word For a Group of Words In English Grammar, Useful Word Power Collection

Single Word For a Group of Words In English Grammar, Useful Word Power Collection
Hello Friend, you learn here very useful word power which is very important for any exam, In all exam 5 marks question related to this word power, so learn and remember. here we want to say you that we always listen to this word and use but don't know the real or full meaning so that today we learn here all things.I think you enjoy this word power and use daily life Spoken English too. If you want to share any others words, Kindly Mail me. Thanks.
 So let's Start: - 

1. Agenda - Items of business to be considered at a meeting
2. Aggressor - One who attacks first 
3. Alien - One who lives in a Country without citizenship 

4- Atheist - One who does not believe in the existence of God

5- Anarchist - One who plans to destroy all government 

6. Autobiography - The life history on a man written by himself

7- Bankrupt -Insolvent, Unable to pay one's debt

8. Bigamy - The state of having two wives of husband one time.

9. Bilingual - one who speaks two language.

10. Catalog  - Lista of book or other articles

11. Carnivorous - Eater of flesh

12. Celibacy - The  state of being without the wife.

13. Cemetery - A place of burial

14. Democracy - Government by the representatives of the people.

15. Drought - Want to rain.

16. Epidemic - A disease that spreads over a large area,

17. Edible - That which is fit to be eaten

18. Egoist - A man who thinks only of himself

19, Exchange - Giving and receiving

20. Fatalist - one who believes in fate.

21. fratricide - Killings of one's brother

22. Foreigner- A man residing in  a country of which he is not a citizen.

23. Honorary- An office without pay.

24. Homicide - Killing a man.

25- Illegible - That which can' be read

26. Incomparable - That which can't be  compared

27. Incredible - That which can't be believe 

28.Inflammable -  Liable to catch fire easily

29 - Insolvent - One who can't pay the debt

30 illicit - A trade prohibited by law.

31 - Matricide - Killing of one's mother.

32 . Martyr - One who dies for a noble cause

33 - Maiden speech - The first public speech

34. Matinee - A film show in the afternoon

35. Narcotic - A medicine that induces sleep.

36. Obsolete - No longer in Use 

37. Optimist - one who looks at the bright side of life.

38. Orator. - One who makes an eloquent speech

39 - Omnipotent - One who is all power full

40 - Patricide - Killing of one's father.

41. Posthumous - Born after the father's death. or published after author death.

42 - Patrimony - Property inherited 

43. Parasite - That which exist by living upon other

44. Post-Mortem  -Medical examinations of the dead body.

45. Polygamy - Practice of marrying   more than one wife at a time

46 - Panacea - Remedy for all disease

47. Prodigal - one who waste money

48. Recluse - One who lives by alone and avoids people

49. Regicide -  Murder of king

50. Somnambulist - One who walks in sleep

51 - Unimaginable - Which can't be Imagined  

52. Veteran  - One who with long experience 

53. Wardrobe- Place where clothes are kept

54. Waterproof - That which can keep water out

55. Widow - A woman whose husband is dead. 

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