Idioms and Phrases Collection in English Grammar with Example

Idioms and Phrases Collection in English Grammar with Example, Phrases For Competition Exam

Idioms and Phrases Collection in English Grammar with Example, Phrases For Competition Exam 

I am going to share with you a nice collection of English Idioms and Phrases in English Grammar which is very useful for Competition Exam. if you are preparing banking exam, railways exam SSC Exam, Airforce, and another exam then I think this is best for you. so remember these phrases and pass the exam. we apply these phrase in spoken English and make an effective speech. Here we provide with Example so that you understand well uses.

I think you always search on the net but unable to find out such a collection, so I am providing you with a huge collection here. I think you will be happy to get this list. I want to say you that if you have more collection then share with me. I will Publish with your name. kindly subscribe my blog to get new updates always. thanks for a stay here. Now the Following Phrases, you should remember these list for success in the exam 

1. ABC - (little knowledge / Sadharan Gyan) - I don't know even the ABC of science.

2. Apple of discard ( Things of quarrel / Kalah ki wastu, jhagare ka chiz) - Kamsmir is an apple of discard between India and Pakistan

3. Apple -pie order - ( In right way / Bilkul thik halat me) - Everything is in apple- pie order.

4. Axe to grind - ( Do for self  / Swarth sidh karna) -  Many politicians have always own axe to grind

5.Bad blood ( Enemy mood / Saturata, dusmani) - There is bad blood between Russian and American.

6. Bear garden (Place of Noise / jhagre ka Astahn  ) - Our reading room is often turned in to bear garden.

7. Big gun - (Great person /  Bade Aadmi) - Pandit Nehru was a big gun in the world.

8. Bird'd eye view (Look light way / Sarsari najar se dekhna, jaldi-jaldi padna) - I took a bird's eye view of the whole place.

9. Black sheep (bad man / Nich Aadami) - There is black sheep in every society.

10. Blue - ribbon (super prize / sabse bara smaman) - The Nobel Prize is a blue ribbon for a scholar .

11, Blue blood - (Great family / bare kul, khandan ) - Don't be proud of blue blood.

12 Bone of Contention -( the things of quarrel / jhgare ki wastu) This piece of land is bone of contention between two families .

13. Brown Study - (The dream of  half sleep / ardh jagrat ka sapna) - My brown study was rudely  shaken.

14. Cast Iron - (stand on one word / jo bichlit na ho) - Patel was a man of cast iron will.

15. Castles in the air (make a building in wind / hawai kila banana, khayali pulaw)  -Don't  always build  castles in the air.

16. Chicken - hearted  - (stupid / darphok, kayar)- A solder  must not be chicken hearted.

17. Cold Blooded - (Cruel way / Akaran, Nirdyata purn) - There was a cold blooded murder of the child.

18 . Cold War - (Enemy Relation ship /  Amtripurn Sambndh) - There is cold war between Russia and America.

19 . Crocodile tears - (dublicate tear /  dikhwati Anashu) She shed crocodile tears over the death of her step son.

20. Cross - Examination (Nonsense / Jirah, Abkawas) - His case could not stand cross - examination in the court.

21. Curtain Lecture (wife Scold husband in bed /  Saynagar me patni ki dat dapat) - A certain lecture is the worst thing for a husband

22.Drag in the market (No value in Society / Jis wastu ki mang na ho, bekar) A graduate is a drag in the market in our country.

23. Dutch  Courage - (courage of wine / Nase ki josh) - Wine gives you  dutch Courage which goes down soon.

24. Easy virtue - (No follow society rule / Naitikatahin ) She is a woman of easy virtue

25 .Fair hand (Good writing skill / saph likhawat)- A good student gets credit for fail hand.

26 . Fine feather - (happy mood / prasann, parphulit, khushi mundra me)- He is in fine feather on his  birthday

27. Fair sex - (Women./ Nari, Istri) - The fair sex is tender in nature

28 - Fair - weather friend (friend in happiness,  sukh ka sathi) - A fair weather weather friend leaves us in trouble.

29 . Fancy Price - (wishing price /  manchaha kimmat) - one has to pay a fancy price in the black market

30. Fast Life - (Life of Happiness, Bhog Bilas ka din) - No any Religion encourage fast life.

31. Fish out of water - ( In bad condition / kast pard isthiti me partikul awasta me) - In the company old men I felt like a fish out of water.

32 . Fool 's paradise - ( in false wish / jhuthi Aasa me) If you hope to pass, you are in a fool's paradise

33.Forty winks - (little sleep in day / Din me thori nid) - one likes to enjoy forty winks in Summer.

34. French Leave - ( leave without any information / Bina suchana ke chutti) - The student was fined for taking french leave.

35. Friend at court - ( help on time / samaya par sahayata karne wale) - At the time of my brother's appointment, I found in Ram a friend at court.

36. Gala day (the day of happiness moment / Anand - utasav ka din)- Holi is a Gala day for the Hindus.

37. Gentleman at large - (one who have  enough time and property to live ease life / jise ais aaram ke liye kaphi samay air dhan ho)- This boy does nothing, He is just a gentleman at large .

38 - Green Room - ( A room where the artist ready for play / jis room me natak ke patr tayair hote hai) - All the actors dressed themselves in the green room.

39 Hair breathe escape ( safe at last / Bal - bal bachna) - In the accident he had a hair breath escape.

40 Hen pecked husband - ( husband always listen wife nonsense /  Patni ke jhirki sunane aur rahane wala) A hen pecked husband can not help his brother.
 41. Hush money. - (Take money iliigal / Ghus )Even big leader of our country accept hush money today.

42. Iron Will (strong wish / dird nichaya) Hittler was a man of Iron will.

43. Jail Bird - (A thief who always in prison / Nami apradhi jo barabar jail me hi rahe) - You should not appoint a jail bird to guard your home.

44. Laughing stock (the thing / Majak ki chiz ) His foolish argument made him laughing stock of all.

45. labour  pain ( the pain the prgenancy / prasaw pira) That woman in labour pain was carried to a nurshing home.

46.Light sleeper ( sleep for a while / shwan nindra ) We should light sleep in summer day.

47. Man of letter (schoolar / bidwan. sahitik),  Dr Jha was a man of letter.

48. Man of spirit ( strong will man / sahasik manushya) One most be a man of spirit.

49. Mother wit - (cleave by nature / swabhawik chaturai) Birbal is well known for his mother wit.

50 . nick of time - ( on the right time / ain mauke par) He reached in the nick of time and saved the boy.

51. Open Mind - (Brillian / Tez dimag) - A reader must have a open mind about a poem before he has read it.

52 . Out of hand ( Out of control / Bas se bahar) - The situation is out of  hand

53  .  Petticoat government-  ( the government of woman in Home /  Ghar me patni ka sashan) There are people who have live under petticoat Government .

54 . Point Blank- ( By clear way / spast rup se) He refuses point blank to help me.

55. Queer fish ( mad man/ lazy man / jhaki aadmi, sanki) he is queer fish and so can not pull on with anybody.

56. Carpet welcome - ( super welcome / sahi , sandar swagat)-The prime minister of Russia was given a red carpet welcome 

57. Raw spirit-  ( bad wine/ nasili sharb) Raw spirit mad him almost mad

58. Ready money-  (cash / nakad rupya) There is no ready money with me now.

59 . Red latter day ( very important day /  The 15th August is red latter day in India)

60. Riff - raff -(simple citizen / Chote log )Most of our cinema films are meant for the riff- raff ,not for the people of taste.

61. scot free ( free without and tax . / Bina saza ke mult, bina jurman ke mukt)- The black marketer got off scot free.

62. Screw loose, ( mental problem)- There is screw loose in him.

63. short cut - (straight and simple way /  sidha aur saral rasta)- There is not short cut to real progress.

64. slow coach - ( lazy and mad man / sust and alsi aadmi)- Theis work cannot be done quickly by a slow coach like my servant.

65. Street Arabs  - (orphan child / Anadth bache)  Let's help these street Arabs.

66. Tall talk - ( talk with proud / Ghamand bari lambi chari bate)- one must work for more tall talk won't do.

67. Three R's - (study / padna likhana / )Most of villagers do not know even the three R's.

68. watery grave (dead due to sink /  Jal samadhi , dubane se maut hona) - when the  ship sank , several men met a watery grave.

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