How to improve page rank in Google, Yahoo, and Bing?

How to improve page rank in Google, Yahoo, and Bing?

The answer to this question is very long. I explain here step by- by step so read carefully all the following topics which I am going to post here.

You can find many answers through the search and I think you will not fully satisfy with them. So I am trying to solve your problems. So rest assured and read my all post. I think you will get here lots here about SEO tips and trick that will help you improve rank to your websites/blog. I explain here by suitable question and answer. So let’s start:-

How to improve page rank in Google , Yahoo and Bing

How to start to do SEO?

First of all, for SEO we have a unique website or Blog which explain or describe a specific category such as entertainment, business, History, Tour and travel, food, education, organization etc. The website or blog should be well designed that attracts for visitor and quick loading. It should explain all information in details and true. The content should be unique and easy for readable to all people because the visitor does not stay more time on the website which has a vast and lengthy explanation.

Therefore the content should be interesting and useful for the visitor. So you site content full fill all desired of the visitor which your site contains, the resource should be also available as described. If your site explains better and you are providing service as you explain then the visitor will understand you that you are false and they will not visit again on your site. So the service must have available as you mention on the website or blog.   

Now if all things that are mention above are available on your site then start to do SEO. 

Now I want to explain the followings things. You should be doing as I describe here.

If your site is ready Then you can do As following Activities Through Off Page SEO.

You can see about On page Activities Below directly.

You can do must these...

1. Classified -  For instance visitor and do business as soon as with the help of you certain website then you should post your addon classified sites. simply create a profile with the help of G-mail Id and Log in and fill the form as your business. Give the real address and real website address and mobile No etc. I think will help you as soon as---



2. Book Marking-  For Create Backlink for your site or Tell the visitor about your website You should be done Bookmarking On Social Site or Other Bookmarking sites. It helps too much in increasing ranking.

3. Directory Submission - you should be done directory submission for ranking the websites, these days people ignore it, but I think it also helps to improve the site rank if the web owner gives a link on their site. I think your site has a good page rank and suitable site category then they must share your link. you must remember that you submission category should be suitable as much as possible to your site category. The directory sites are available for premium or free. you can choose your wishing value. it is also free.

4.Article Submission - It is a very important part of off page SEO. It helps in Page Rank more so than other activities. Because it fully describes your website product or service. The article must have 400- 600 words long and unique for the Google or another search engine, it means do not copy the content from other site or your other article too. otherwise, it harms for your website.

5. Press Release submission-  Press release submission is also like article submission. it also helps too much to traffic and page rank. So you must do this for your site. it tells all update news about your site. so you should explain your product or service news though it. It also contains 400 to 600 words and should be unique.

6. PDF Submission - you can use  article content to do PDF Submission. simply convert it into PDF format and post the upload it on PDF sites. you can share it on social sites. it also helps to increase your site page rank.

visit here for Top PDF sites list.

7. Blog Submission  - Blog helps you too much to increase your page rank. It is just like your sub-site. you can create a beautiful blog and earn as a website. you can promote your site or business through Blog. The blog should be always updated as your service or product.

8. Video Submission - You can also upload a video about your business and product. it also a part of SEO. I think is an interesting thing. so visitor understands about your product very well through the video. you can describe live through the video so the visitor faith in your service or product.

9. Blog Commenting -  Friend blog commenting is also an activity of off page SEO. It helps us to increase traffic and link building. here important that which blog is suitable for commenting so I want to tell you that comment that blog which belongs to your website or blog category, suppose your website or blog belongs to story site then you must comment to story related site.

here I want to tell you how to find the related category of the blog, simply go to the Google search and write there as follow:    site:" love story"       here if get only blogger blog to comment so it is easy to find the blog site related to your blog. you can change or other blog site address.

 In blog commenting description never write about your blog or website..  you should write about their blog how is it. you should praise their blog and suggest do better.

if you want to comment on the link then you should not directly give website/ blog address. you should give the link on the related keyword. as follow.

 Suppose you are commenting for story website you should  write as <a href = "your website URL">Best love Story</a>

 Now I think you understood a better and easy way to comment blog. if any confused the email me or comment your question. you are most welcome.

10. Image commenting -  Image commenting is like as blog commenting. you should write in the comment description as I mention above.

 Now the problem is that which how to find the image for comment.

Don't worry like as blog find here as follow. "love story"    now you get flicker image commenting site list visit the site and click on the image and comment as you wish. you can drop your link as blogger or word press here too. ex -
<a href = "your website URL">Best love Story</a>

Note: for comment on the flicker image you must have login in to your yahoo account. if you have yahoo's email id then log in with them otherwise you should have created an email account in yahoo for this.

Note: I will tell you more about off-page SEO activities. kindly visit again and again or subscribe to my blog for new updates. Thanks.

How should be content on the site?

Answer- The content on the site is very useful for SEO point of view. The content must be well describing providing services with a related title. The content should be 500 to 600 words long and unique for the website, it means your content should not copy to other website or any articles. Google avoid this. If Google finds the copy content on your site then the crawler of Google never visit again on your website. So never copy the content from any sites. Write self-description or you can help form content developer for this.

The content should be easy to understand to all, so that; all visitors understand well what to telling you through your website. If the visitor finds their relative searches and full fill all the solution of their problem then the visitor again visit on your site for further information if they would be needed whenever.  If the visitor comes on your site again- again on your site then your site traffic increase and the page rank will automatically increase. 

What is a Meta Title?

First of all, to do SEO Meta title is very important for a website. The title should be 60 t0 70 char long. It should not be larger than it, because the search engine stops searching after 70 char long title. The crawler doesn’t go ahead with it. So we should express our wishing subject in 60 t0 70 char only. The too much short title is also not good for an SEO point of view. Suppose you are writing about the SEO Company in India that provides the SEO service then the tile is suitable for it that SEO service provider company in India. SEO Company, SEO India, India SEO Company, and company for SEO is not suitable for this. So take care of this.

it implements in both palace either you use meta title used in the source code of the website or write an article or Press release or any description, so we take care of it.

What is the difference between title and keyword?

Answer- As we know that keywords and titles are different but we use usually keyword as the title. We can use the keyword as a title but the keyword is smaller than the title. We can say that title is used in two or more keywords sense in a single title. The keyword may be one, two, three or more word collection

For example, we explain above about SEO Company in India.  One time more I want to say how to write to you both. See example

Title- SEO Service Provider Company in India, Company that provides SEO services in India.
Keyword- SEO Service, SEO services, SEO Company, SEO Company in India. etc.

What is the difference between Keyword and Tag?

Answer- The tag is used for Common things. It contains the whole meaning of Keyword example- SEO Service, SEO, SEO Company.  It meant all SEO companies in the World not in the specific palace of any organization. But keyword explains about specific palace thing or others. Example SEO company in India, Top SEO Company in India,   Service Provider. etc.

A little difference in both but if we take care of it then we get more traffic from the Search engine. Sometimes we see on many article sites or Press release sites that ask some keyword and some ask keyword. So-

What Is meta description?

Answer- Meta description explain the keyword that what to say through keyword. The Meta description should be 160 t0 175 char long. The meta description should be containing the whole meaning of the keyword.

In the search, the engine crawler comes and reads the title, keyword, and description. These days some specialist says that keyword and description do not affect the page rank and search result. I think so because thousands of websites use the same keyword and description.  Therefore the algorithm of the search engine crawler is dependent on other things of the site.

But the SEO point of view and visitor point of view title keyword and the description is necessary because the visitor will understand well about your site through these. So write these three to well what about your website.

What is heading Tag? Why is it necessary?

Heading Tag is very important for a website. Keyword and title should be under the heading Tag. It is defined by <h1> </h1> to <h6></h6> but <h1> and <h3> is most useful than others. The crawler visits first on the heading tag to finding the result.  So we should use this tag in our content source code.
What is Geo Meta tag?

Geo Meta tag means Geographical Description about the website. It may contain a region, Palace, Position etc. By Geo, Meta tag Search engines understand where this service provided. So it is also important for SEO.

What is Sitemap?

Answer – Many people have defined it in his ways. I also describe as- Sitemap is a collection of all links of the website. In the early days, it helps to the visitor to find easy the content in the website but nowadays the search engine spider also visits on a sitemap. Search engine index your all link by sitemap. You must create the sitemap for your website. It helps too much in search ranking. You can create it by many tools that are available free on the net. Search in Google sitemap Creator then lots of tool addresses will available to create it. After creation, you can edit as you wish.

What is PPC?

Answer- Friend you always hear about PPC but unable to understand the real meaning of it cause of hard meaning. so I clear you here a very easy way. so PPP stands for Pay per click. it meant The Google or other web search engine provides some ads on the net. you always face the advertisement related text or animated image. when you click on the moving or blinking image you go to the other site. which is any business or any service provider site. because a link on that image or animated text is available on that.

We earn through the PPC. suppose your website is very popular and thousands of visitors visit your site daily and get useful things. Now you want to earn through the PPC.. then you should be registered on Google Ad-word service that provides you add. Add is related to your website because any visitor clicks on that image or text that is related to adding. visitor click on that add which is provided by Google.

Suppose your site belongs to a mobile company and Google provides an ad for any mobile such as Nokia mobile, the visitor click on that add and go directly on Nokia mobile website and buy the mobile phone.

Now it means the visitor click on add through your site and buy the other product. It means you help the Nokia mobile company.

Then you told us what is beneficial for us of PPC. then I want to tell you that Google provides you the money per click. if any visitor clicks one time then Google pays the money for one click. in this way suppose thousand of visitors come on your site and click on that ad. then Google or advertisement provider website pay money directly on your account. in this way, you earn the money a lot.

Now I think you understand well the meaning of PPC. if any confusion the contact me by mail or comment on your wish.

what is RSS

Answer - RSS is just like bookmarking but it is quite a different form of bookmarking and directory. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary. first of all, I want to tell you about its benefit. it is a really great way to promote your site or blog. it is a collection of all social sites. if you update any news or article on your website or blog then all the information automatically updates and shares the link all over. if any visitor subscribed to your RSS feed then if anything you change or update on your website or blog they automatically get an email about this, so the visitor goes through the mail link on your updated information. 

RSS is very useful for SEO. so create your RSS feed burner from Google search and create it. you can create from here you give here all your information and after that, you give your website or blog URL for it and follow the next process. after its installation your updated information on your website or blog automatically send the email to your subscribed user. 

So I think it is good for a website or blog to promote if you create it once then you can submit your RSS feed on many RSS submission sites. It is better for bookmarking or directory because it is generated many links at one time.  visit here for the TOP RSS Submission Site list.

what is a Robot.txt file? why it is important for SEO?

Friends, you always confused that what is robots.txt file and why do we use it in on the site? so I want to clear you very easy way because you always search on the net and get confused. so don't worry.

Robots .txt is such a file/ technique that prevents to access unwanted search. It helps us because sometimes our site effect to unknown variables and malware. so it allows/disallows to a certain page or whole page to defines automatically who is using or who is harmful to the site..the code of the robots.txt file is

User-agent: *
Disallow: /

* it means it disallows whole the page from the robot's search.

 Search engine defines automatically for robots.txt to indexing page.

Note: Some people say it is not good for the website or blog, but it is not true. it is useful for our site or blog. so if you want to create a robot.txt file for your site then visit here and follow the step.

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