How to Choose Keywords for Website / Blog?

how to choose suitable keyword for website or blog
Answer- Friends you always face this problem that how to choose best and suitable keyword for your website or blog? So I explain here some guidance for you which is best for you. You always take help from Google Add - word for this. but I want to tell you that is good but if you choose your location website category and one keyword for it. I think it is not so suitable for your website as should be. Therefore I describe here some point for you. kindly read this carefully and mind it. it may be very useful for you. so let's start.-

.First off all think about your proper service what your service provider to the visitor. if you find the suitable category for your site it is best. after that don't think about another website keyword to copy.

Think self that how to find your website on the net, I mean to choose the keyword who mostly search by you and your friends and your location.

Decide first that where is your service provider, it's local or national or international. if your site belongs to a specific area then you can put that area name at the end of the keyword. 

Suppose you have a mobile shop which is situated in new Delhi Karolbag  area, then you should choose the keyword for Karolbag only, the keyword is Mobile shop in New Delhi is not good for website or service because this keyword has a vast competition and it is not suitable for you because you provide the only service in Karolbag. so if the visitor searches the 'mobile shop in Karol Bagh Delhi' then it is good for your business. so decide where is your service provided. it affects a lot. because Google has all information for a different keyword.

The keyword should not be one or two words, because it is a very high search competition. Google find this keyword in whole the world. so define the whole meaning of your site,

Choose the keyword which you provide the information on your website. If you choose the keyword which is most popular, then you do lots but unable to rank on that keyword so choose that keyword which you provide service in actually.

if your website or blog which is useful to all people of the world then never mention city or county name in your keyword because the people of the world never search by your country name or city name. suppose you provide the information about SEO. then you should never use the keyword belongs to your city or country, yes, if you provide the SEO service for India only when you mention your country name or city name.

The keyword which you choose should be hot topics which the people always search in life. if your keyword is not any relevance choice of the people then the keyword is useless.

you can choose the keyword as much as, but all should be related to the should not choose the same keyword for one website or blog.

you can take an idea from Google Ad word or other sites, but don't copy the same form the other site. many people copy all the keyword form the popular site which belong to their site and think his/her site also will rank like that. but this is not true. so don't do like this activity.

The keyword must have a clear sense of your website or blog. you know that each and every word is like a keyword for the search engine.

if your site ranks on a long keyword then website automatically rank slowly and slowly on the small keyword also. so use the keyword as your website information.

The content on your website must belong to the keyword.. if you choose the suitable keyword but unable to provide the relative content on your website then it is not useful for you. so the content must be available to the related keyword.

A lot of people choose the popular keyword which is very high searches. but they are unable to describe the all information in detail about the chosen keyword. then your website never comes rank on that keyword. so provide all details related to your chosen keyword. because the search engine finds the website or blog which is more relevant information or truth information and all details about the searched as much as possible you should provide all information and unique information about that related keyword.

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