Comparison Between Face Attendance systems and Fingerprint Biometric systems

 An Attendance System is an essential component of any organization. It helps in the proper management of employees’ attendance. Previously, companies have used the thumb-based biometric attendance system. This served as a good substitute for card-based systems. However, the truth is neither of them was perfect and faced many setbacks in reliability and security. With time and advancement in technology, the facial recognition attendance system was launched. It has gained significant attention in recent years. Several large size companies have been quick to upgrade to a face recognition attendance system. 

Comparison Between Face Attendance systems and Fingerprint Biometric systems

A short brief about-face attendance system!

The recent struggle with the pandemic has brought forth the issue of systems that require physical contact. A face recognition attendance system is a type of attendance system that makes use of facial recognition technology to identify and verify a person and mark attendance automatically.

This attendance system works with a contactless technology that provides freedom from any physical contact between the man and the machine. 

A short brief about-face attendance system

This type of attendance system can save business resources by automatic employee time tracking. Some of the facial recognition attendance solutions can be used on mobile devices making them more affordable for small-scale and medium businesses. Regardless of the business size, such an attendance system helps increase employee productivity, cuts down administrative costs, and 

saves supervision time, thus, helping supervisors with attendance control. 

How does the face recognition attendance system work?

The face recognition attendance system keeps a record of the database of faces. For the utility of this system, a screen, usually, mobile or tablet is placed at the entrance and employees must simply walk towards it. A match is automatically triggered with the database and attendance gets captured within a second. The best part is that no amount of change in facial features or fashion accessories affects its ability to return accurate results. 

Utilizing a face recognition attendance system automatically records the entry-exit time of the employees. Additionally, it also adds to the security of the workplace since the system can recognize which employee left the designated area and at what time, accurately. 

Difference between Face Attendance systems and Fingerprint Biometric systems.   

Both the facial recognition and fingerprint biometric attendance system are helpful for managing the attendance of a large number of employees. These attendance systems have simplified the process of attendance.  However, there are differences between the two types of attendance systems. Let us check out the difference between the two attendance systems!

1. While utilizing the conventional biometric device, an individual is required to touch the biometric fingerprint machine for recognition. However, in the case of face recognition, no such touch of the individual is required.

2. biometric fingerprint recognition is used only in the identification and authentication of individuals. But the face recognition system can also be used in surveillance and public applications apart from attendance purposes. 

3. The level of uniqueness is very high in fingerprints. In fact, even the twins may not have the same fingerprint. However, facial expressions may match sometimes. This is because identical twins might have the same facial features. 

4. An individual can be recognized from a distance using a face attendance system while in the case of a fingerprint system, the user must come in contact with the machine.

Face Attendance systems are high-performance attendance systems

Both the Fingerprint and Face Attendance systems are high-performance attendance systems. Although the fingerprint attendance system is more reliable the major disadvantage of using a fingerprint attendance system is that it requires contact with the individual. This is a big disadvantage as it involves the risk of the virus spreading. So, a lot of companies started looking for a touchless facial recognition device to minimize the spread of coronavirus. Moreover, integrating a face recognition attendance system with any other HRMS system is quite easy. These attendance systems are highly customizable, data such as the time-in time-out and date formats can be customized to be compatible with all the other systems implemented in an organization.

KENT Cam Attendance is a touchless facial recognition attendance device designed to simplify the attendance process.  It is a leading attendance solution for seamless time and attendance management that assures employee safety and confidence. This is a comprehensive solution suitable for start-ups and enterprises with varying attendance management needs. It is undoubtedly a smart and secure way to upgrade from the traditional ways of managing attendance.