Eye Catchy Ideas to Use Print Advertisement to Inspire the Brand

 Print advertisements are advertisements that are printed and made available through hard copies. They include ads or promotional content included in newspapers, magazines, journals, and more. A print advertisement will help you promote your brands to the print media’s customers. E.g. If you have an online stationery store, a print advertisement in comic books or educational digests will help you reach more students easily. Even though many brands are moving to digital advertisements, print advertisement has prevailed over time. The right combination of digital and print advertisements can reach potential customers across different age, location, gender, and more.

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A few guidelines for effective print advertisements

1. The print must be clear.

2. Make wise use of whitespaces.

3.Try to be different.

4.The contact information and brand name need to stand out.

5.Stick to a fixed budget.

6.Use strong headlines or punchlines.

7.Insert high-quality and relevant images.

8.Include a call to action.

9.Describe the benefits in brief.

10.Keep it simple.

Latest ideas for Print Advertisements

Innovation is the key to reaching out to maximum people. You need to think differently and show people that your product delivers what they want. The branding companies in Chennai will help you think out of the box and create unique and effective print advertisements.

Make use of the page folds.

Adidas made use of this design in a famous magazine. The space and smooth surface of the magazine were used to print the photos of women exercising across the magazine folds. These women were wearing the Adidas exercise gear and could influence anyone who went through these pages.

Make your viewers take another look.

No one would like to ride a bike in a maze except for motorcyclists. Honda motorcycles used this strategy to reach out to their prospective customers. The print advertisement showed a road that looked like a maze with many vehicles planted on the route. Motorcyclists would enjoy buzzing through these obstacles with ease.

Augmented Prints

Augmented reality is slowly shaping our lives and taking over our day-to-day activities. The augmented print advertisement will have a picture printed on a magazine, newspaper or any print media. The prospective customer will have to point their cameras to these images and can inspect the item closely. Famous brands like Ikea and Apple have introduced most of their products on the print media through AR.

The brand name can become an adjective.

Nutella created a unique adjective for their brand- Nutellable. People had something unique and different to identify with the product taste. 

Use storytelling

People love to read stories. You can make use of stories with rich punchlines to promote your brand. Words can be used creatively to connect with people.

Use animals to generate feelings.

A famous print advertisement to portray the clarity of Ford’s rearview camera shows a dog staring into the camera. A line in the advertisement read “ So that our little friends become more visible.” This advertisement utilized a dog to promote how important this technology is for drivers and animal safety.

For food products- appeal to the person’s taste buds.

The world-famous tomato sauce brand, Ketchup launched a print advertisement which showed steak and fries made of cardboard. The core message that the brand wished to deliver was that your French fries will look tasteless without the sauce.

Show the customers what they want to see.

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A mountain of cheese can make our mouths water instantly. This is what Pringles Galaxy displayed when they showed a large chunk of cheese that carved out the words “ Cheese with extra Cheese and a side order of Cheese” Pringle made the right choice of promoting their product with cheese as it was their main ingredient that most people crave.

Be minimalistic

A single image that portrays the business USP can suffice your advertisement requirements. The photos will clearly define your features without using any words or taglines. The creativity lies in using the right images and graphic designs to target your product or service. An advertisement for the Eva Solo brand shows this minimalist feature. A series of print advertisements were released where different cookware was promoted using minimum recipes.

Make use of letters.

The Nestle advertisement recently showed many rows of Z. The Z stands for sleeping. Ultimately towards the end of the page, the Z gradually straightens up and becomes N. N stands for Nestle. The tagline for the advertisement read “ Nothing wakes you up as Nescafe”. 

Use bold colors

A monotonous bold color can help attract people easily. Use a color that will complement your product/service.

The essential advertising skill lies in using creativity to give people what they want. There are loads of advertisements seen in newspapers, magazines, and other print media. However, very few grab our attention. There are a few top branding companies in Chennai with great designers and marketing experts to help you reach prospective customers and influence them further.

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