New Step by Step Guide For A/B Testing of Landing Page

Hey Friends, Do you know how to do A/B testing of your landing page? Here are the steps to do A/B testing of the landing page. A/B testing is also known as alfa testing, beta testing, split testing, multiple page testing or experiment testing. To do A/B testing you need the following things.

1. You must have a Google Analytics account
2. You must have at least two pages of the website. So that you can test which one is performing better.
3. You must have Google ads account to generate traffic on the website.

Ab Testing of Landing Page

Note:- Most of the guys test one by one landing for A/B Testing and then decide which one is a better page for advertising. but it is not called A/B testing. in A/B Testing Google sends half-half traffic on both pages through one ad.  You will have to give an objective to win the page on the basis of conversion.  It might be filling the contact form, call through the button,  fill newsletter or other as your requirement.

Google declares the winning page on the basis of your objective (conversion) within 24 to 48 hours automatically. 

So Let's start step by step guide with screen sort of A/B Testing of Landing Page.

To Run A/B testing

Most Important question on which page we implement A/B testing Code?

To understand it; Suppose you have already a Client website page like - and you want to design another customize userfriendly page on the same domain so that it might perform better than provided page and you created a page like this -

So you have to implement A/B testing code on the first page- below held tag.

Google A/B testing Code redirects half traffic on another page(

I hope you are now clear to implement Code. 

Now Step to Generate A/B Testing Code.

Just you have to link your AdWords account with Google analytics and I hope you already linked your Adwords with analytics.

Do the following steps in Google Analytics Account

1.  Go to your Google Analytics account.
2. Go to Admin
3 All Website Data
4. Click on Goal and Create a Goal (See the Screenshot)

Quick and simple AB testing

5. Click on New Goal Button
6. Choose Custom option
7. Give the Goal Name (I am giving my Goal Name "Adwords_Lead")
8. Choose the Type as = Destination ( Your destination will be thank-you page)
in my case, I am choosing
9. Click on Continue Button.
10. Give thank-you page URL like-  /p/contact-me.html (You have to give your thank URL)
 Note: Give /p/contact-me.html instead of full

What is A/B Testing

11. Click on Save .

Note: Goal is Work As Objective (it is called conversion)

Now you have to Create an Experiment. 

To Create an Experiment Click on the link below.

Click on this link: '  Google Optimize

 or copy and paste URL

Note: Login with the Gmail Id and password which you create Google analytics

Step 1. Create New Experiments

How to A/B Test your Landing Page

2. Give the Experiment Name
3 Click on A/B Testing Button

A/B test your page

4. Give the Variant Name and (as you Wish like- Test Page) and save it.

5. Now click on ad Url  Rule and give the home page url (

6. Now you have to add an analytics account.
7. Click on Add Analytics Account. Choose the analytics account on which you have created your goal.

Note: If you have multiple accounts on the same analytics then choose carefully the account on which you want to do an experiment and link your account. One your Google analytics account connected then you can see you analytic details: like below images

What is Split Testing

8. Now you have to choose your objects list.
9. Click on  Add objective Experiment.
10. Choose to add from the list the Goal and Save (You will see all the goal list)
11. Choose your Goals.
12. Choose the activation even as - Page Load.

How to Effectively A/B Test Your Landing Pages

Now you have completed all the steps. Now you can start your Experiment.

A/B Testing Tips for Your Landing Page:

13. Now Click on Start Button.

It will start and give you the winner result after 24 to 48 Hours.

A Beginner's Guide to A/B Testing

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