Personalised Rakhi Gift Ideas

No matter whatever your age is love between brother and sister never dilutes. It remains the same, in fact, when you grow old you love to discuss those time when you two used to share the best time with each other. Both of you reminiscence of the pranks you played with each other. Therefore this year you thought to add that kind of sentimental touch to the Rakhi day by choosing some kind of personalized gift for your brother. Hence, no more wasting time and go through the Raksha Bandhan gifts online jotted down below.

• Personalized heart shaped photo frame:

The personalized gift has always something unique about it. It is not that cliché type of gifts, which mostly you do search to buy as the Rakhi gift. Therefore, this year you have decided to gift him a personalized photo frame. These frames are in the shape of the heart. The beauty of the gift is that it has a heart shape in the middle attached with a string. And there are six sub hearts attached from the main heart.  If you are thinking about how to personalize it then simply put the picture of your brother. Now put some childhood pictures in the rest of the hearts. 

• Customized key chain:

Actually this year you got a plan that why not arrange a gift for your brother that will give him the best of both the worlds. That means it will serve his function and at the same time will remain with him as a memory from his sweet sister. Therefore to justify his wish you chose a keyring gift. It is a metal keychain but the best twist that you have given to the gift is by personalizing it with the childhood photo that you had with your brother. 

• Standing photo frame:

A photo frame is an all-time best gift for any occasion. In fact, when you can't get any idea like which gift to choose on. You can actually pick this one. The best about the gift is that it gives the recipient an opportunity to hold back all the memories and cherish them for a lifetime. Therefore you also thought to gift him something like that so you got a frame in the shape of a hut. It is also supported with a wooden stand as well. Now, as you have already decided to gift him a personalized gift so you attached a laminated photo from one of his childhood picture on that. 

• A memento with handmade chocolates:

You have a thought to make the Rakhi day a special one always. Therefore you decided to not to invest in things that just look too much materialistic and that true feeling is missing somewhere. Hence, you picked a wooden memento. But you wanted to customize that accordingly so you just embossed some lovely verses regarding your sweet brother. But along with this you also gave him two rakhis as well. Apart from all these, a gift that will certainly stun your brother is the set of 6 handmade chocolates. Honestly, these chocolates are unique and different from the regular chocolates. Moreover, it tastes so special as well. 

Customized pen with a beaded Rakhi:

Your brother is more into writing, at times he pens down lovely narrations. And you just love reading that. So you thought that it is a good idea to give your brother a pen. Again you thought, that instead of gifting him those costly normal pens you can present him differently. And honestly, you got the chance to do that. That means you picked the personalized option. In that case, you simply customized the pen with the name of your brother digitally imprinted on the body. The pen you chose is a black color pen with a golden color cap and has a golden layering. Frankly, the pen looks so classy because of the gold and black combination. Besides that, you should take a look at the Rakhi as well which is made of beads only. 

Customized caricature:

Your brother loves adoring cartoon characters. In fact, there are so many in his room. Hence you also geared up to make one more addition that is actually missing from the list. Therefore you picked a Charlie Chaplin caricature. But you gave a personalized touch to it by making the Charlie Chaplin cut out with his face. No doubt it looks funny but your brother will love to keep that for a lifetime as the best funny gift from his sister. Now as it is a Rakhi day so you thought to present him a smiley Rakhi as well. Altogether your gift this year for your brother is indeed funny. Your brother will definitely love to commemorate this year Rakhi always. 

Thus, these are some of the personalized rakhi gift ideas for your brother. Just choose any one of the ideas to send gifts to India.