How Rani Lakshmi Bai Died? Death Story of Brave Rani Lakshmi Bai.

On behalf of British, Capt. Rodrick Briggs was the first person to see Rani Lakshmibai fighting with her eyes on the battlefield.
The horse rope was pressed with his teeth. He was running a sword with both hands and was battling both sides together.
Rani Laxmi Bai died fighting the British

Capt. Rodrick Briggs decided that he would go ahead and try to beat the Queen.
But when they wanted to do this, the queen's horsemen attacked them and surrounded them. Their best efforts were to distract them from their distractions.
After injuring and killing some people, Rodrick put his horse up and moved towards the queen.
At the same time, suddenly behind the Rodric, General Rose's highly skilled camel took entry This detachment was kept by the Reserve in the reserve.
Use it to make a counter attack. Junk in the sudden battle of this troop again came alive in the British camp. The queen was immediately scolded
Their soldiers did not run away from the ground, but gradually their numbers began to decrease.
John Henry Sylvester, who participated in that fight, wrote in his book 'Recollections of the Campaign in Malwa and Central India', "Suddenly the queen cried out loud, 'Come after me.' A group of fifteen cavalries took them behind them, and they got so fast from the battleground that the British soldiers took some seconds to understand it. Suddenly Rodricks shouted with his colleagues, 'That's the Queen of Jhansi, catch every.'"
The Queen and her companions had also traveled for a mile that Captain Briggs' horsemen came right behind them. The place was Kota's inn.
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The fight started fresh. On average, two British soldiers were fighting against one of the Queen's soldiers. Suddenly, the queen felt a slight pain in her left chest, as if some snake has bitten her.
An English soldier whom he had not seen, had barked in his chest. He turned sharply and broke the sword with full force over the attacker who attacked him.
The injury to the queen was not very deep, but she was bleeding very quickly. Suddenly, on a horse, a small waterfall came in front of them.
They thought they would make a leap of horse and the horse would cross the waterfall. Then nobody will catch them.
They put a stance in the horse, but instead of climbing the horse, he stopped so fast that he almost hanged over his neck.
They put the ax again, but the horse refused to move an inch even further. At that time, he felt that somebody was very quick on the left side of his waist.
They had a rifle shot. The Queen left the sword of the left hand and fell on the ground.
He tried to stop by pressing the blood that came out of his waist with that hand.
Antonia Fraser writes in his book "The Warrior Queen," By then, an Englishman had reached the queen's horse and raised her sword to attack the queen, the queen also turned her right on the right His sword caught up in his hand. The sword of that English took so much speed on his head that his forehead broke up and he almost became blind with the blood that came out of it.
Even then, the queen took full strength and counter-attacked the British soldier. But she only wounded her shoulder. The queen fell down from the horse.
Only then one of his soldiers jumped from his horse and lifted him in his own hands and brought him to a nearby temple. The queen was still alive
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The priest of the temple put his dry lips in a bottle and put the water on it. The queen was in a very bad condition. Slowly he was losing his senses.
On the other hand, the continuous firing was going on outside the temple premises. After killing the last soldier, the British soldier understood that he had completed his work.
Then Rodrick shouted out loud, "They have gone inside the temple, attack them, the queen is still alive."
On the other hand, the priests started praying for the queen. One eye of the queen was closed due to an injury to the British soldier's dagger.
He very rarely opened his second eye. They were seeing everything blurry and the words were coming out of their mouth, "... Damodar ... I leave him in your care ... take him to the camp ..." Take him away. "
Very hard they tried to remove the necklace of pearls from their throats. But he could not do it and then fainted.
The priest of the temple lifted his neck and put it in the hands of one of his bodyguards, "Keep it ... for Damodar."
The Queen's breath started moving fast His injuries were going out of his lungs and leaving the lungs. Gradually they were drowning. Suddenly they got to know about them again.
She said, "The British should not get my body." As they say this, their head flutters on one side. There was another setback in his breath and then everything became calm
Jhansi's Rani Laxmibai gave up his life. The Queen's bodyguards present there gathered some woods in the funeral and kept the queen's earthly body on fire.
Rifle pellets around them were getting increasingly sound. Hundreds of British soldiers had reached the temple wall until now.
Only three rifles were pouring pills on the British inside the temple. First, a rifle was calm ... Then the second and then the third rifle was also calm.
When the British entered the temple then there was no sound from there. Everything was cool. First Roderick Briggs enters inside.
There were dozens of bloody dead bodies of Queen's soldiers and priests. A single man was not left alive. They were only looking for a corpse.
Only then did his eyes fall on a Chita whose flames were slowing down now He tried to extinguish him from his boot.
Then he showed the burnt remains of the human body. The queen bones had almost become ashes.
Captain Clement Walker Hanny, who was fighting in this fight, later wrote describing the last moments of the queen, "Our protests were over. Only a few soldiers surrounded by soldiers and armed men tried to blow some of their soldiers. He repeatedly used to try to increase the morale of the soldiers who were defeated by gestures and loud voices, but they did not have any special effect. He got even overcomes girl. Had to speed up our blows his head military skewers and everything ended. Later revealed that that woman had no Laxmi Rani of Jhansi own. "
The Queen's son Damodar was taken safely from the battlefield. Ira Mokoti writes in her book 'Heroines', "Damodar surrendered in front of the British in two years in 1860. Later, he gave the pension to the British, he died at the age of 58. When he dies, They were poor in kind and their descendants still live in Indore and call themselves 'Jhansiwale'. "
How Rani Lakshmi Bai Died

Two days later, Jayajirao Scindia gave a banquet in Gwalior in honor of General Rose and Sir Robert Hamilton in the victory of this victory.
With the death of the queen, the courage of the rebels broke and the British were captured in Gwalior.
Nana Saheb escaped from there, but his estranged friend Navin's King with Tatya Tope was a debtor.
Tatya Tope was caught and hanged on hanging from a tree after taking him to Shivpuri near Gwalior.