7 Ways to Collaborate Marketers and Designers Together

The marketers of any brand have always an urge to get newer and refreshing ideas to put their brand to the forefront. They need the designing team to effectively communicate their ideas in front of the people. And the joint effort of these two teams in an important consideration to communicate the exact message. But hello! This is a task that would entail credit and acknowledgment. So the clash is bound to happen. But then how to balance things and get the job done? We at the Spark designs blend it the best with global reach, even at Graphic Designer Singapore. Here are seven ways you could employ to collaborate with marketers and designers and make the best outcome for clients. Read on: 

7 Ways to Collaborate Marketers and Designers Together

1. Announce to both the teams at once: Any team should not feel left out. So the best practice is to announce about the project with both the teams at a common meet up. This could let them do the required homework without any background grudges. Since both of them were told at once, they could employ their best brains at work.  

2. Know your end-user: It is the job of the marketers to develop and curate the relevant content as per the end-users. Because it is in accordance with the content that designers will create compelling designs. So as they say its content is the king, developing it right will make the end product to be relevant.

3. Tell them to make it short: So ultimately it is the foresight of the marketers that will go through the brains of graphic designers to get the final design. The marketers may be used to attending long meetings with the presentations doing their work and stuff. But on the other hand, the creatively stimulated designers may not be interested to sit for an hour-long meeting and go through the typical meetings like marketers do. So the brief which marketers have to give the designers should involve all the details but at the same time, it should be a short meet-up. And again, making things casual may keep the vision clear enhancing efficiency.

Collaborate Marketers and Designers Together

4. Exemplify: The marketers must be able to communicate their exact imagination to designers, any assumptions won't work. So proper real-life examples or products, prints or any such real thing which give them a true picture of the idea should be taken to get to the precise details of the perception of the final output. 

5.Progress check: Any little progress from the designer side must be discussed with the marketers to check the flow of the idea. This will get to a more accurate translation of the ideas of the marketers by the designers. 

6. Decide on the revision day: The marketers and designers must decide on a stipulated level of time required to carry out the necessary work. After this, a day to do all the revisions must be kept separately. This day must be a few days before the final day of making the outcome. This will give either of the teams the scope of a redo if there is a need.

7. Use software: Since both the domains are very different from each other it could be challenging for either of them to get to the technical details. So either of them could use the available simulation software to communicate the idea. This way, a lot of hard work, the materials used and the time employed would reduce to quite a less one. Productivity could be increased this way.

Managing the two extremes could be a creative and fun thing to do. So go create a brand image that makes the best of both worlds.  

Happy designing!

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